Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Have you ever think about the main goal of the website that you’ve visited? Can every step of this website is have been based on to make you a regular customer? If your answer is negative, the actively used marketing strategies that we will discuss presently will change your entire perspective. We step by step compiled inbound marketing strategies for you.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

The strategies of the market developed from past to present and have become more effective. Without a doubt, the main causes of this are digitalization and globalization. We can see the effects of these in every other aspect of our life, and it is the same case for the marketing process. As one of the present marketing strategies, the term “inbound marketing” has been frequently used since 2006. It is a strategy that intends to create loyal and sustained mass customers while using some unique tools and principles.

what are these tools

What Are These Tools?

It is possible to see the change of these tools just by looking with a naked eye. Traditional marketing strategies comprise using radios, newspapers, journals, TV channels, etc., for marketing. They were aiming to reach potential customers by using e-mail lists. However, they were based on exposing the customer to the products or services, and the effectiveness of this oppression was open to discussion. Nowadays, internet-based inbound marketing strategies have been replaced this oppression with personal choices by using social media, blog posts, various applications, and search engine optimization. Thus, the person who reached products or services on her/his own will has more tendency to attach to the brand and has a more sustainable propensity to buy.

What Kind of Path Does Inbound Marketing Follow?

Inbound marketing has four important steps that follow each other. The main goal of these four steps is to turn the person that comes as a visitor into a fanatic of your brand. This process is planned and has various subheadings. First of all, let’s discuss the group that you want to turn into your customer mass. Above all, you should bring this group together with your brand. This should be all by their choice, and they shouldn’t feel any pressure.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to perform inbound marketing.

  1. Attract

    The first step includes seeking the attention of the group named as “buyer persona.”

  2. Convert

    Convert is the second step of the total of four steps of inbound marketing strategies.

  3. Close

    As a third step, close is the step that turns potential customers into customers.

  4. Delight

    This step allows you to turn your customers into fanatics of your brand.



We call this step “attract” because, as we understand from its name, this is the step that we firstly attract and interact with people. But how can you achieve this? The process of introducing your brand to a person who knows nothing about it includes a range of alternative tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization has a simple basis. You will be able to be in upper results in search engines by giving detailed keywords. At the same time, the quality of your content is equally important.

Social media

Social media is one of the crucial elements of the globalization of today. The possibility of present your products or services to a big masses expands with the extensive use of social media. You can go into an action based on your customers’ interests. You can expand your mass by using platforms that serve different targets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Blog Posts

Highlighting interesting and significant qualities of your products or services by using blog posts will be very effective. You can seek the attention of your target.

Landing pages

When somebody reaches you by using a search engine, social media, or a different channel, the first visual that they see on your website is named a landing page. This page should satisfy the needs of your target. It should be simple and contextually interesting at the same time.



Convert is the second step of the total of four steps of inbound marketing strategies. It can be summarized as obtaining data of the target customer group. Especially, it is important to have e-mails because it is a way to inform customers about the opportunities of your brand. As in the first step, there is a way to obtain these data.

Call to action (CTA)

The term of the call to action builds the first step to reaching the contact information of customers. It can exist on social media as well as the landing page. The phrases such as “Install Now,” “Swipe up,” or “Start shopping for %30 discount” can be given as examples to call to an action term.

Landing Pages

A visitor that has been directed to the landing page via a call to action becomes a potential customer when he/she fills up a form.
Forms: Forms have an important role in obtaining the contact information (especially e-mail) of customers.


It is important to have a qualified database to create sustained customer mass. Keeping contact information and other specific customer qualifications together in the database allows you to apply to potential customers.


As a third step, close is the step that turns potential customers into customers. Marketing tools of this step can be given as:


You can connect with the target group by e-mail connection.

Marketing Automation

If you have a grasp of the interests of your target group, you can use these interests as a context in your interaction with them.

Customer Relations Management

It contains the interaction of brands with potential customers. CRM compiles data by using social media, phones, websites, etc.


With this method, customers will demand your products or services regularly, and your profit will be sustainable. It has three basic steps:

Smart Calls to Action

It can be defined as making an offer according to the interests of a buyer persona.

Social Media

New trends will make your brand more visible. You should continue to follow them via social media.

E-mail and Marketing Automation

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It requires beneficial content and informing your target group about new products, services, or content.

what are the five inbound principles

What Are the Five Inbound Principles?

There are five core principles of inbound marketing. They are key to success as much as the four steps that we have talked about.


You should not lose the essence of your story. Even if, with time, your approaches might change, the core of your expression should remain the same.


The needs of your target group might change over time. Rather than changing the stance of your brand entirely, you should adopt the status quo while preserving your basic points.


Optimization is all about technical competence. It provides you the foresight that you will need in the future to make the strategy of your brand better. You should observe closely, update your data and achieve results.


You should make your target feel special. You have to reach them with different methods as you can. “Becoming ordinary” should not be in your dictionary!


So far, we talked about how important data is, but always moving with a data basis is not good either. You should show ways of your brand to your target humanly. At least, you have to make them feel this way.

Conclusion on Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing strategies are very important to adapt your brand to the requirements of our age. If you want to maintain your profit, you have to implement those strategies and steps that we have been talking about in our article. You should not forget that tools and timing are the keys. You should combine those two with your quality content to being successful. If you feel like you need to have a better background on Inbound marketing, you can take a step back and check out our beginner’s guide on Inbound Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standardize, contextualize, optimize, personalize, empathize.

You can never underestimate the job: That would be a big mistake! Even if creating a social media account or blog seems easy, marketing from those channels isn’t easy. You should make enough time for every step: Struggling is inevitable. Do not be impatient! You should be tirelessly innovative: You should continuously follow trends and adapt to them.

At first, you should build your persona and your goals. Detect the channels that you will reach your target. Feel certain to dominate the area of interest of your target group. Be aware of every struggle and start marketing by using inbound marketing strategies. There’s no reason not to succeed.

You can increase your inbound leads by developing your content. Follow new social media trends and, most importantly, optimize. Do not forget that everything must be improved. Call to action buttons, landing pages, and forms can be arrangeable by time.

Companies like Starbucks, UPS, Sony, and eBay use inbound marketing strategies effectively.

It refers to the marketing concept of any kind where the company is the side that sparks the conversation.


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