Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Digital marketing is evolving day by day. Tech developments have the biggest impact on this situation. These changes show themselves as different trends every year. It is quite important for brands to follow these trends closely. Running out of trend online campaigns or falling behind new ones may damage your brand’s online visibility. That will lead to the failure of these campaigns you’ve created by spending dozens of effort and money. So, you may have difficulty following new digital trends or managing these processes. In that case, we recommend seeking support from an advertising agency for your campaigns. We’ve talked about how important it is to follow new digital trends for the success of your online campaigns. So, would you like to know what new digital marketing trends are in 2022? Here are the latest trends that will make your online digital marketing campaigns successful this year. 

Innovative Searches

Thanks to web techs, search engines are also developing more and more every year. On the other hand, Google is the search engine that invests the most in these developments. These investments continue to bear fruit in 2022. One of the search trends of 2022 is semantic search. This innovative search trend gives users the most relevant results based on search terms in their natural language. In this way, Google becomes much more successful in meeting its users with the exact information they are looking for. Thanks to this development, Google will now present results based on purpose and context in searches.

Another innovative search is conversational searches. In this type of search, users perform their searches as speaking. Besides, they may return the results that the search engine will list as a dialog. For this reason, it may be beneficial to optimize your online campaigns to appeal to these searches as well.

While people today are surfing the web, they chase innovative websites rather than familiar ones. That makes targeting innovative searches for your campaigns in 2022 a necessity rather than a trend. Now, you’ll need to be open to more innovative ideas and work harder while determining the searches to target for your online campaigns. However, you may be sure that you will get a lot in return for your efforts.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has an important place among the 2022 digital trends. So, what are the tricks of good video marketing? To produce content suitable for 2022, start by making a good plan. In this plan, determine the target audience of your videos well. Then, go ahead by defining a concept for your videos. Make sure that the concept you define is suitable for your target audience. In the last stage, before starting to prepare your videos, get equipment that may help you produce quality content. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the power of music. Thus, you may produce videos that are more suitable for 2022 trends.

mobile compatibility

Mobile Compatibility as a Digital Marketing Trend

Mobile compatibility has long been important for online environments. It has become a necessity for websites to have mobile compatibility with Google’s move to mobile-first indexing. It’d be surprising if this development couldn’t find a place for itself among the digital marketing trends of 2022.

According to Google’s data, more than half of all web connections worldwide are via unique mobile devices. That may be too big of an audience for your online campaigns to miss. For this reason, if you’re targeting a successful online campaign, you’ll need to make sure that your websites are mobile-friendly. In this way, you may reach your campaigns to wider audiences. To create a mobile compatibility test for your website, follow these steps below:

  • First of all, you should have a device compatibility library.
  • Identify mobile devices with which your website is fully and partially compatible through this library.
  • Finally, you should test your website one by one for both partially compatible devices and fully compatible devices.

Predictive Modeling and Augmented Analytics

Data analysis is vital for successful online campaigns. Developing tech has taken the process to a whole new level by granting a new method called augmented analytics to data analysis. These processes in online campaigns are mostly carried out by manual methods. That consumes a great deal of time for data analysts in charge of the campaigns. So, online processes are analyzed with machine learning and AI today. At the same time, data mining has an important place in this process. These methods offer a more advanced lead scoring facility. You may also use these methods in processes such as personalization. Now let’s take a closer look at the predictive modeling. You may accomplish this process step by step as follows:

  • First, you have to clear the data. Focus on missing and outlier data here. These can have the effect of distorting the findings.
  • Determine your predictive modeling approach.
  • Process the cleaned data according to this modeling algorithm you have determined.
  • Identify a subset of the data you will use. That will allow you to train the model.
  • After training your model parameters, you may perform your performance tests. Based on these results, you may decide whether you can use your model or not.


The purpose of online campaigns is now much more than selling the right products to the right target audience. Today, you may sell the right product before potential customers at the right time and in the right place. Geofencing apps also create a virtual geofence for your online campaigns. The tech behind this is RFID and GPS. In this way, a notification is triggered when any mobile device enters or exits this defined virtual geofence.

That is not a brand new idea indeed. However, it is much more important than before due to the boost in mobile usage in online processes. The use of geofencing is likely to offer brands a market close to $2.5 in the next year. For this reason, you should start your work now in order not to miss this opportunity.

augmented reality

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality allows you to provide your customers with unique experiences about your products and services in your online campaigns. It opens the doors of providing extraordinary experiences to prospective customers. These opportunities are especially valid for the sectors such as tourism, real estate, tech, automotive and retail sectors. You can achieve more efficient results with your online campaigns powered by the augmented reality trend in 2022. So, how can you do this?

This tech combines the view of the environment you will observe with computer graphics. Devices that allow remote viewing of this environment are called AR glasses. Thanks to AR glasses, you may enable your customers to better experience what they are going to buy. For example, you may show your customers a house your teams have developed with AR glasses from afar. How cool isn’t it? You can be sure that your prospective customers will think so too. It’s a great convenience, especially for people who don’t want to leave their homes to buy something.

Omnichannel Commerce

Multi-channel marketing is among the important online trends of 2022. It aims to enable brands to provide a seamless customer experience independent of online channels or devices. In other words, interaction is targeted through many channels. For example, from in-store to catalogs, social networks to all other online platforms and even mobile apps. In this way, you may increase customer loyalty by providing a more advanced customer experience. Multi-channel online strategies allow you to reach your brand’s message to a much wider audience. In this way, you can increase your engagement rates three times. You may also double your purchasing activity. Besides, you may double the retention rates too by increasing customer loyalty.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is among the most influential digital marketing trends not only in 2022 but also many years before that. So why is it so important? Because it doesn’t try to market a product directly to potential customers. It aims to have an impact on their purchasing behavior. It provides that by informing potential customers who may be interested in the product, service, or sector in question. So, customer actions that will bring higher profitability are achieved by interacting with the target audience. Uninterrupted content production and distribution is the most important principle in content marketing. So, what’s new about it?

The instant access opportunities social media and the online world offer to the customers are quite attractive. So, it is also important that the content is now interactive. Text-based content is now obsolete and out of fashion. Instead, dynamic and immersive content is the new trend in the online world. This type of content is more memorable first of all. At the same time, interactive content makes customers feel more connected to brands.

Personalized Ads

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With the widespread use of AI in online environments, important opportunities have emerged for the marketing industry. Personalized ads are also created by evaluating the footprints of customers on the web. Among the factors that play the biggest role in personalized ads are the likes and interests of those customers. Their search histories are also one of the most important factors as well.

According to many studies, two-thirds of online shoppers like this type of ad. These studies also have revealed that these kinds of ads increase the traffic and conversion rates to websites by half. The same goes for e-mails. The rate of consumers engaging with e-mails specific to their experiences and interests is increasing almost three times.

social messaging apps

Social Messaging Apps

In today’s conditions, the need for mobile devices has reached the level of addiction. For this reason, many users now benefit from apps that allow instant messaging on mobile devices. That naturally makes social messaging apps quite productive markets for online campaigns.

Never underestimate the power of social messaging apps. The best social messaging apps have active user numbers that can compete with social media giants. In fact, more than half of those who use social messaging apps state they communicate with brands through these apps. That’s why we recommend including social messaging apps in your campaigns. Because they are among the most important digital marketing trends in 2022.

Digital Marketing Trends Bonus: Shoppable Content

As you know, e-commerce has radically changed all shopping habits. So, many ways have now evolved to make online content more shoppable. So, telling stories is the most effective way to create content that will persuade people to shop. That’s why you should make the content within your online campaigns more shoppable this year. Get inspired by more innovative ideas to produce story-driven content. However, it’s quite important that you stay true to your brand’s image and identity while doing this. There are some points that you need to be careful about expressing your brand identity while telling a story. First, you should optimize your online campaign and the effectiveness of creativeness there accordingly. Then, it’s also quite important that you stick to what you promise as well.

Digital Marketing Trends, In Short

The online world is developing. As a result, it appears like a different world every year. In this context, online marketing trends also differ every year. For brands, falling behind these trends can result in the failure of online campaigns. So, we have announced this year’s online trends by doing our duty as usual. Thus, you can keep your success in the online world in 2022. The digital marketing landscape of 2022 will allow you to create a synergistic consumer experience this year. We hope this guide was able to help you with this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media continues to take place in online campaigns, increasing its influence even more today.

For this, you should follow the marketing industry closely. There are also some tools to use to discover new trends for online campaigns. The best example of this is the Google Trends tool.

The most popular platforms you can use for this are Google Lens and Pinterest.

It highlights the products and services of the brand don’t harm the environment. In other words, it aims to highlight the nature-friendly attitude of the brand in online campaigns.

For this, you need to use HTTPS instead of HTTP on your website. HTTPS is a protocol that transfers information on the web by encrypting it. For this reason, website security is also among the 2022 digital advertising trends.

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