How to Edit Google Domain Names?

Building a website is a process of making decisions from planning to designing and coding to launching. Without question, one of the most important steps in creating a website is choosing a domain name. Without a domain name, you cannot have a website or an online presence in search engine results. If you have a website, it indicates that you have registered your domain name with Google to establish your website. However, we might want to implement this change to our website and seek ways to change the domain name simply because our interests and occupations have changed. As a result, you might ask if changing your website’s domain name is possible or can be done for free.

To address your concerns, we will first review everything you need to know about Google domains, including their names, why they are significant, and how to register a Google domain. To assist you in learning how to change Google domain names, we will go into our core topic and explain how to change the domain.

What Is A Google Domain Name? 

Your way to sign up for Google Workspace and a crucial component of websites is to use a domain, sometimes referred to as a website’s unique name. It serves as physical proof that your website is real because it represents your website’s physical address and name. Domain names are the names that users type into their browsers to find your website quickly.

Let’s look at an example to help you understand what is a domain if you find it confusing. Imagine that there is a website with the address “”. You can see that the URL in this instance is “”. Therefore, the website’s protocol is “HTTPS”, and the path to the particular page you are viewing is “/x.” However, the domain name you enter in a web browser while looking for a website is “”.

This illustration demonstrates the two components of a domain name—the name and the name extension (com, org, net). When you use Google Domains, your domain names will end in “com” for US extensions and “” for UK extensions.

Why Google Domain Names Are Important

You may be unsure about the advantages of registering for a domain name. You might even question whether investing money in domain names is required. If you’re not sure why a domain name is important, consider the following factors, which we’ve listed below:

why google domain names are important
  1. Having a memorable domain name helps internet users remember your website. Otherwise, visitors might have to type in your IP address to find your website, which could take time and be difficult to remember.
  2. It has been established that websites using Google domain names are more reliable. Eventually, this can assist you in increasing the number of website visitors.
  3. Having a domain name enables you to sign up for Google Workspace and to have a business-oriented email that promotes your brand.
  4. When you combine important keywords with a powerful and distinctive domain name, it boosts your SEO.

You have it now! You now understand the potential benefits of using a Google domain for your website. Now that you know its significance let’s look at the procedure for registering a Google domain.

Registration for Google Domain: How to Do It

If you are considering registering for a Google domain, you should first see if it is offered in your nation. Most of the European Union, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, and the United States are among the nations where Google domains are accessible. It also supports a wide range of languages.

You must pay the price to use a Google custom domain name, so keep that in mind before we continue. You should first look for an available domain name to use as your starting point for the registration process for the Google domain. So, check whether the domain name you want to purchase is available. Click the domain name in the cart after that.

google workspace

Following this, you must decide how many years you wish to keep that specific domain name registered. Then choose your privacy settings to modify them and enable privacy protection. It should be noted that Google offers an auto-renew setting for your domain name to keep it safe from being taken after its yearly registration expires. You can disable the auto-renew setting if you’d rather renew it manually or consider changing your domain name in the future.

Finally, enter the public contact details for your domain at the checkout. Then decide on your payment option and complete your purchase. Your registration for a Google domain will then be complete.

How to Change Domain Name

You might wonder if there’s a chance to change your domain now that you know how to register for a Google domain name. There are several possible justifications for changing your domain name. You might change your mind, regret your choice during your domain name search, discover that a different domain name is available, or change your business plan, which includes your domain name. Therefore, how do we change the domain? You may inquire.

Remember that until your domain name’s registration time expires, which lasts at least a year, depending on your purchase, Google won’t let you modify it. You can delete, update, or renew your domain name once this period is over.

Therefore, if you already have a domain name from another supplier or a Google domain, you can change it. Whatever your motivation is, you’ll want to be able to change your domain name without jeopardizing your website’s ranking and organic traffic. The first step to avoiding losing anything crucial throughout the procedure should be backing up your website. To back up your website, you can utilize third-party services or plugins. The next action is to modify your principal domain, which is covered in the section that follows this one.

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Steps on Changing Your Primary Domain on Google

You can manage your primary Google Workspace domain by changing your domain name directly in the Google Workspace Admin Console. To change your domain name, follow the steps we mentioned below:

changing primary domain on google
  1. Use your domain email address and password to log into your Google admin page.
  2. Select the “Domains” option
  3. Tap on Add/Delete Domains and select the Add domains > Add another domain option.
  4. Select the new domain name you wish to have. Consider the domain name’s relevance to your content and business. Try to choose a new domain name that is short and memorable. 
  5. Once satisfied with your choice, click “Continue and Verify Domain Ownership”.
  6. Verify the domain name you chose.
  7. A window will open with Google asking if you are giving permission to verify your domain ownership and clicking on “I accept”.
  8. Click on “Continue” and you will be back to your admin console page.
  9. Select More Options > Add/Remove Domains > Make Primary.
  10. Select “Change Primary Domain” to make your new domain name your main one. 

After this, you need to let Google know that you changed your domain name so your visitors can find you by your new domain name. To do so, follow the steps we mentioned below:

  1. Select the menu option and click on “Users”.
  2. Click on your username and select Account > Edit > Update User
  3. Select the new primary domain you chose in the list of domain names, then click “Update User”.


As simple as they may seem, domain names are a crucial component of your website and are required to build a reliable and eye-catching website. Because of this, changing domain names demands your attention and effort regardless of your motivation. Nothing about it ought to be taken lightly.

In conclusion, this article helped you understand the meaning and significance of Google domain names and how to register them. We first provided you with the essential information about domain names before describing how to change domain names. We hope that by outlining the procedure for doing so in this article, we have cleared up your doubts about whether it is even possible or a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions About

A URL is a web address that includes a website’s domain name, protocol, and path. However, the domain name is the specific name of the website that a user types to access your website.

You should choose a custom domain, for which you must pay a fee each year, to keep your domain name secure. You will receive a reminder from the registrar before it expires to renew it since you must pay annually and you may safeguard your domain name by doing this as well.

If you believe that changing your domain name will make your business more relevant and that the new domain name will be more memorable and appealing, you can consider taking a chance. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be concerned about it. By informing your customers and clients beforehand via email or social media and selecting a name that accurately describes you and your content without alienating your visitors, you may improve the transition process.

You might have to spend time and money to change your domain name. Additionally, you risk losing your brand awareness, your website’s online traffic, and your Google ranking.

The size and complexity of your website may require a fee because changing the domain name entails changing a significant portion of it. However, using domain name transfer or registration services is another approach to changing domain names for free. These services could aid your search for new hosting options and a new domain name.

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