Bing Webmaster Tools – How to Submit Your Website?

Bing Webmaster Tools – How to Submit Your Website?

Bing is the second-largest search engine that is important to be visible in the search results. Bing offers a range of different search services. That consists of web, image, video, and map search products. It also has advanced filters that refine search results. Bing provides website owners with the support they need by offering different services such as Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing webmaster is a part of Microsoft search engine that provides add websites to Bing index crawler. It also helps to monitor and maintain your website’s performance in Bing. As a result, anyone who wants to improve their website presence can benefit from Bing webmaster tools. 

How Does Bing Webmaster Work?

Bing webmaster tools inform users about what drives them to your website. Besides, you get information about how people find your site, and through it, you can focus on web traffic, and also get personalized recommendations. Furthermore, Bing allows webmaster tools to control the web crawling of their website on Bing webmaster center. Webmaster tools identify the problem with crawling and indexing the website, website statistics, submission and ping tools, in addition to sitemap, and many more. In addition, it offers multiple features as you verify the ownership of the website. 

Some Of The Bing Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools has different features to support and manage websites on Bing. With these tools, you can improve your site as well as rank in the search results. Here are some of the Bing Webmaster Tools:

●     Submit URLs

It allows webmasters to submit many URLs present for faster indexing.

●     Crawl issues

Crawl issues discover the potential problems with the website. Such as unsupported content types, file not found errors, and long dynamic URLs.

●     Backlink data

Blacklink data lets webmasters access data of referring links.

●     Data download

It allows accessing the first 1000 results to analyze.

●     Advanced Filtering

Advance filtering provides the quick extent of the results in a website that data they need.

●     Keyword search tool

It allows discovering new keywords.

●     Markup validator

Markup validator checks websites if they meet W3C standards.

●     Sitemap

It checks whether Bing views the sitemap accurately.

●     Outbound links

Outbound links allow reviewing the outbound links that Bing sees.

Bing SEO Tools

Why Should You Use Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing webmaster tools provide services to take care of your website. It allows you to see how people find you in search engines. Moreover, these tools report the keywords, clicks, impressions, and other website links to your site. Bing webmaster tools help you to monitor your website and also your content. Then you can work on your ranking to drive more web traffic to your website.

Here Are Some Things You Can Benefit From With Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Monitor your website performance
  • See the keywords that your website ranks for
  • See your website is crawled and indexed
  • Offer new content and pages to be crawled
  • Remove content and page you don’t want to be indexed
  • Disclaim links

How to Submit Your Website to Bing Webmaster Tools?

Submit Your URL to Bing

You can easily set up the Bing webmaster tools. Here are a few steps you can find on how to set up:

  1. Create a Bing webmaster tools account. Get into the Bing webmaster tools and then click for Sign Up.

    Step One

  2. You are required to create a Bing WMT account via your existing account for Microsoft, Google, or Facebook.

    Step 2

  3. After you’ve created your account, then there will appear an empty dashboard. You will then need to add a website to Bing.

    Step 3

  4. Submit URL to Bing. Add your website URL to the my site box and then click add.

    Step 4

Submit Sitemap to Bing

  • Add more information about your website. Find your sitemap and then add to the URL into the add a sitemap box.
  • Once you add your sitemap URL, then scroll down to save it.
  • At last, verify Bing webmaster tools.
Microsoft Webmaster Tools

How to Verify Bing Webmaster Tools?

For XML File

  • Download the Bing XML file
  • Upload to your domain’s root

For Meta Tag

  • Add a meta tag to your website homepage. It is like a meta description of HTML. 
  • When you use a CMS with a custom HTML section, you can just drop it there to publish. You should leave this meta tag in place for Bing Webmaster Tools to remain verified.

For Hosting Provider CNAME

  • This option allows you to add a CNAME record through the hosting provider. That is usually the fastest way to verify your profile. Though depending on your server, it might be the most difficult one.

How to Verify WordPress For Your Website?

The verification process for WordPress is straightforward. Set up one of the SEO plugins installed: Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, and Rank math. They approximately work in the same way and help your website SEO.

To Verify Bing Webmaster Tools For Different Plugins:

Yoast SEO


  • Sign in to your WordPress backend, then go to the SEO from the menu on the left. 
  • Click the Webmaster Tools tab from the main Yoast dashboard.
  • There will be a box where you can leave your Bing verification code.
  • Copy that code and then paste it into Yoast.
  • To verify, click Save Changes.
All in One SEO

All in one SEO-pack

  • Get into In One SEO
  • On general settings, scroll until you see Webmaster Verification. 
  • Paste the HTML tag and then scroll down the page
  • Click the Update Options in order to save it.
RankMath SEO Plugşn

Rank Math

  • Find Rank Math in General Settings
  • In the submenu of the Webmaster tool, click and paste your meta tag into the Bingo box.
  • Once you set up your Bing Webmaster Tools, let’s look at your new dashboard.

How Bing Webmaster Tools Improve Your Website?


Submit your URLs to Bing in order to crawl and index. Here is how to submit URL to Bing:

  • Go to Configure my site
  • Choose Submit URLs
  • Paste URLs and click submit to index your pages
  • In your Webmaster Tool control panel, you can configure your website by sending URLs to manage users and more.


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Here you can find the summary of your website activity in Bing. That provides a graph that shows your website activity.

Other tools and reports:

● Page Traffic, Index Explorer, Search Keywords, SEO Reports, Inbound Links, Crawl Information.

Index Explorer

Index Explorer allows you to see which pages Bing is trying or trying to crawl. It provides data such as the number of URLs discovered, the number of clicks, and inbound. You can navigate through folders and see data for specific features of your site.

Bing Webmaster Keyword Research

Search Keyword

Search keywords show your organic keywords that you are getting more impressions and clicks. Your top URLs will be on the top in Bing, moreover, you can see site performance CTR-wise.

Site Traffic

Page traffic will be shown the top URLs that appear in Bing search results, their position, clicks as well as click rates. To view your page traffic, you can click View for each URL.

SEO Reports

SEO report gives you basic suggestions so that you can ensure your SEO performance. You get access to view the review with a detailed explanation of any issues, so you can fix them. This feature of Webmaster tools automatically scan your verified website account.

Crawl Information

Browsing Information allows you to get an overview of the crawl errors on your website. You’ll see if there would be errors experienced when visiting a page, malware-infected URLs, and any other kind of issue.

Inbound Links

The Inbound Links report shows all inbound links that Bing finds pointing to your website. So, you can monitor the links that your website is gaining or losing in time. 

Diagnostics and Tools

Diagnostics and tools help you find solutions to any problem with your website and as a result, it helps to improve your site’s SEO. This tool provides more information about what people are looking for in addition to what you can work on your website.

Other tools:

Keyword research, mobile-friendliness test, markup validator, fetch as Bingbot, SEO analyzer, verify Bingbot, site move.

Final Thoughts

Overall, in this article, you can find many things about Bing Webmaster Tools. In order for you to improve your SEO, there will be many practical ways for you to choose. So, you can easily include Bing Webmaster in your SEO strategy. With Bing webmaster tools, you can understand the reasons that drive traffic to your website in addition to learning to identify the issues that you may have. Then, you will get suggestions from the tools to fix them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bing webmaster is part of the Microsoft search engine that further assists website owners with website improvement services. It also helps to monitor a website’s performance in Bing.

Create a Bing webmaster tool account, then add a website to Bing and add a URL to Bing.

Everyone can use Bing webmaster easily and benefit from the services. With webmaster tools, you can have a great insight into your website so that you can improve and increase your success.

Some Bing webmaster tools submit URLs, crawl issues, backlink data, keyword search tool, markup validator, sitemap as well as outbound links.

Some Bing webmaster tools improve website performance with bing indexing, page traffic, report and data as well as index explorer and search keyword, etc.

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