Submitted URL Has Crawl Issue

Submitted URL Has Crawl Issue

Submitted URL has crawl issue is one of the errors that users encounter. This Google search error indicates that you submitted an URL through your XML sitemap. However, Google encounters a crawl error while requesting the URL. There are not many solution methods for this error in the Index Coverage report. Why is that so? Because the basis of the solution of this error isn’t similar to the solutions of other kinds of errors.

Crawling errors may have many causes. However, you should know that crawling problems are often temporary. That is, by their nature, they find solutions on their own. However, Google may recheck for these crawling issues. As a result, it may classify these issues as a different Google 404 error. For example, Google may classify this error as a Soft 404. In this case, you encounter a “Submitted URL Seems to be a Soft 404” error warning.

fix crawl issues with gsc

How to Fix Crawl Issues with Google Search Console

GSC allows you to reach a wealth of information about your website. This tool provides you notifications about problems with your website. It also allows you to make requests to Google about these issues. Crawling errors are also one of the problems that you may solve in this context. So, you may fix crawl issues by using the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console.

Time needed: 1 hour.

We may explain how to fix them now. Follow the steps we listed below to fix crawl errors.

  1. First of all, go to the Index Coverage Report in Google Search Console.

    Go to the Google Search Console. Then, navigate to the website that has crawling issues. Click on the Index menu. Under the Index menu, you will see the Coverage. So, click on it.

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  2. You will see four types of data in the Index Coverage Report.

    Here, you will see the web pages on your website in four categories. These categories are valid pages with warnings, excluded pages, pages with errors, and valid pages. The Pages With Errors category is where you will detect the crawl errors. The pages listed here are not indexed. That’s why you should primarily deal with this list.

solving crawl issues

Solving Crawling Issues

Every crawling error has a different solution. We will explain the solution of the Submitted URL Has Crawl Issue error, which is the subject of this article. That is a generic error message. This error is not included in any error category. Javascript, blocked resources, or a long loading time of the webpage may cause this error message. You may try to update the javascript to solve this error. Or, you may review the resources you have blocked. Working to increase the loading speed of your web pages may also prevent this error message. You may also solve the issue by using the URL Inspection tool in GSC.

FAQs About Submitted URL Has Crawl Issue 

How do you notify Google that you have solved this crawling problem on your website?

Fix all erroneous URLs in the list. After completing these steps, go to the top of the page. Then, click on the Validate Fix button.

How many days does it take for Google to approve the wrong URLs after I fix them?

This process may take a few days.

How do crawl errors affect my website’s SEO?

Crawl errors have a negative effect on your website’s SEO. To avoid this bad influence, you should troubleshoot your web page’s crawling issues.

What does Crawl Anomaly mean?

This error indicates that Google is having trouble while requesting a URL. In this error, users encounter failed: crawl anomaly message.

What happens if I don’t fix a webpage with crawl errors?

Google marks and deindexes this page. That is not good for your website’s SEO.

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Submitted URL Has Crawl Issue, In Short

That is a more general error message, unlike other errors. Therefore, this error is not included in any error category. So, it is the error with the least information about its solution. However, you may solve this issue with the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console. You should solve such problems soon so that your website’s SEO is not damaged. Otherwise, Google will flag and deindex your faulty web pages.

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