Best PPC Management Companies

PPC (pay per click) is a strategic action for companies to get impressions. Rather than getting organic traffic, companies buy visitors for their websites. Best PPC Management companies create and publish ads for companies, and they get paid according to the number of clicks to these ads. Besides, cost per click (CPC) means the particular fee for a click. It can vary depending on the advertisement campaign or impressions that the ads get. However, CPCs are between $1 to $2 usually.

Advantages of PPC

Using a PPC strategy can be beneficial for your company from different aspects. It is because you determine your target audience in a very cost-effective way. More specifically, You do not pay for anything unless your website gets clicks. You only pay for the clicks that you get.

You can reach your target audience. It means that people who may be interested in your company and services see your ads. They can be selected according to their location, queries on search engines, age, etc. It is one of the most effective ways of advertisement since your ads’ success rates would be higher.

You can see analyzes of your ads and understand which of your ads are successful and which of them are not. Therefore, you can adjust them depending on their success rate and increase your traffic. Besides, PPC is one of the fastest ways to get traffic. If you aim to get organic traffic, the process may need more time. However, with this strategy, you can reach the people who would be interested in your work more and in the fastest way.

best ppc management companies

Best PPC Management Companies

Best PPC management companies can differ in terms of some aspects. However, since overall ratings are similar among all of them, the differences are mostly about companies’ service scales, not their qualities.


SmartSites is a ten-year company that aims to give full digital agency services to its customers. They are mostly focused on PPC marketing, organic traffic, and web design for their customers’ websites. Since they have a problem-solving team, it is easy and fast to solve any issues in case of emergency. Moreover, they have pretty famous institutions as customers, such as the Harvard University and Porsche.

Savage Global Marketing

Savage Global Marketing is one of the most famous companies for pay-for-click management. They collaborate with different-sized businesses and various industries. Hence, they have a wide audience. They also work with successful companies, such as Ford, Taco Bell, and Cadillac. Since their customers are different-sized businesses and from different industries, they focus on most parts of digital marketing. You can reach web design, advertisement, and commercial services there.



Monsoon is a German company that offers its services to small and medium-sized companies. They are more affordable compared to U.S.-based bigger companies. Their services are mostly focused on social media marketing solutions, strategies, and digital marketing strategies. Thus, they might be one of the best companies for developing businesses.


JumpFly is one of the most experienced companies in the industry. They are in business for more than two decades and still very famous. Customers mostly prefer them due to their high-quality advertisement services. They make implementations and managements of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other well-known platforms.

Hanapin Marketing

Hanapin Marketing makes their name heard with their quick responses in real-time. They are enthusiastic about communicating about any issue. Hence, problems can be solved easily and quickly. They give SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategy services since 2014.

Client Boost

Client Boost is focused on PPC marketing %90. The %10 of their services include conversion optimization services. They have one of the highest rankings among pay-per-click management agencies, and their minimum project size consists of $1000. Thus, it may seem affordable and high-quality PPC company for most customers.

pbj marketing

PBJ Marketing

PBJ Marketing is a more high-ended company compared to the others listed above. They set the minimum project size as $5000+. However, they offer comprehensive SEO and PPC services for their customers. That’s why the company was rated as one of the best ones in the industry.

AdHawk – Out of Business

AdHawk is a New York-based agency since 2015. Their specialization is in digital marketing and PPC services. Their implementation of SEO strategies to PPC campaigns brings success in all aspects. Therefore, they get 5-points of overall rating out of five.

PPC Management Companies in Short

PPC is an efficient and strategic move to get clicks, and it has so many advantages, such as time-saving. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages. PPC can seem more temporary than SEO strategies. It is because organic traffic occurs from search engine queries. Hence, they are more permanent.

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Customers that are gained via PPC can be permanent too. However, it is a lower chance of that. Despite that, it is a less risky strategy. It means that the impressions can turn to sales more possibly. Thus, it is significant to interpret PPC as an investment rather than an expense. There is a high chance of success, and the chance would be more possible with the best PPC management companies. Speaking of PPC, if you need more info on PPC, you need to check out our guide on what it is.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Pay-per-click agencies are usually similar in terms of quality. Their target audiences and industries differ mostly. Some of them are more proper for small and medium-sized businesses, while some of them are not.

Firstly, you should keep in mind that PPC expenses are investments for your business. Hence, there is no way of not paying. If you have a small business, a budget between $250-$750 would be enough for a campaign. If you have a big-sized business, the budget may need to climb up to $5000-$10.000.

PPC may seem like an expensive method for traffic, but it is not. You only pay for the actions you take, unlike other advertisement companies. It means that every penny that you spend worth a click.

Views to an ad and clicks that come from an ad have a huge difference. Approximately less than %10 of views turns to a click. That is the reason why the PPC strategy is efficient for advertisement campaigns.

SEO and PPC differ from each other, especially in terms of time periods. SEO aims for more organic traffic; therefore, the process is longer. On the other hand, PPC basically means buying clicks. Hence, it is not organic, and it may be more temporary than SEO.

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