What Is Voice Search Optimization? (& Its Strategies)

What Is Voice Search Optimization? (& Its Strategies)

When you are in the business of online marketing or advertising (or if you have your website where you make money), you have probably heard of SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. As you can understand, it is about getting your ads or websites seen when people search for related things. It allows the viewers and search engines to find it easily. Nowadays, searching online is not only done by typing, but voice search had also arrived a while ago, and it is used more and more each day. Here comes the VSO, voice search optimization. 

If you are making money online and using SEO techniques, you should not skip the searches done with the voice search feature. The online assistants and the dialogue system have improved vastly. As a result, not only young people but also children, adults, and seniors also benefit from the easy to use technology. Therefore, we will understand and figure out how to get our results with voice search.

Voice search is also used a lot from mobile devices, making it easier to search and get things done on the go. It also gives more precise answers to questions like “What is the best sneaker?” or “Where is the closest coffee shop near me?”. Long story short, it is important to optimize your content for voice search since it is very different from searches done by typing. 

How to do Voice Search Optimization

How to do Voice Search Optimization?

The mobile assistants and voice search have become so much easier to use from the launch of Siri. One thing to know before beginning is, people who use voice search do it differently than typing. It is not based on short keywords and more likely to be fully constructed questions with long-tail keywords. And because of these differences, you need to do the VSO with slightly changed basics than SEO.

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Whether you are selling something online or have a website that needs more views or a small business, it will be in your advantage to make your website friendlier for voice search. If you are already familiar with SEO compatible content, this will also not be hard to do. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

User Intent

Since voice searches are very specific, you need to keep in mind the user intent. The voice search results are usually very precise as the information of a restaurant’s opening hours or a product’s price. To optimize while considering user intent, you should answer these kinds of specific questions about your store or products. Do not keep any information hidden so the search engines and the customers can get a hold of your website easier.

As long as you are thinking around user intent and optimizing according to it, you will have no problem getting a higher rank in voice search results too.

Longtail Keywords

The voice search queries show that voice search contains longtail keywords. Make sure to include long tail keywords related to your business or what you are selling in your content. Short and understandable answers to FAQs also is a good idea because the searches are done with questions. Try to think of possible questions about your content and make sure to include them on your page. 

Your answers shouldn’t be too long since home assistants such as Google Home answer questions approximately 30 words.

Getting Your Business Listed to be Found by Voice Search

Before coming to all the tips and strategies, if you have a business that you want to be resulted by voice searches, there is something you should know: Business listings.

Websites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business helps you with this. Your presence on these websites determines when you come upon search results. Make sure to be present and give all the needed information about your business, such as the opening hours, telephone number, website, address, and maybe even price list. Also, adding pictures and descriptions will portray a more trustable page.

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The more reviews you get, the more likely your page of the business will appear, do not forget to ask for reviews. 

Make Your Website or Business Page Compatible for Mobile Devices

Voice search is especially used with mobile devices on the go, as we have already mentioned before. So if you want your page to appear on mobile search results, make sure to make your page’s design compatible with mobile screening. 

Voice Search Optimization Tips

Tips and SEO Strategies on Voice Search Optimization

We have cleared out the basics, but there are many more things to do to optimize in the best way. Here are a few more tips to go by.

Optimizing Featured Snippets

Let’s start by saying what a featured snippet is. A featured snippet, also known as position zero or answer box, is a summary from a website of the searched question’s answer. It appears right under the ads and before the regular results. It is a piece of the website where includes your question’s answer. And that piece -the snippet- shows just the answer part of the page. To optimize your content for a featured snippet, make sure to include 30-word summaries of questions that are on your website or blog.  

Improve the Loading Speed

Just like normal search results, Google gives priority to websites that load faster in voice search results. Make sure your page doesn’t have a loading problem and use a plug-in if you need to improve it.

Natural Language and Conversational Language

Home assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and many more use a conversational language system when asked a question. This means if you include natural and conversational language in what you publish on your website or page, it is more likely to come up after a voice search. Again, knowing user intent will help you with determining exact questions and answers.

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Optimizing Structured Data

Unlike normal searching, voice search answers with only one option from the web. To take place as one of the results of the voice search, the main aim is to make Google bots comprehend your content. Also, making your content relevant is important. To help with this situation is to use structured data – schema- markup.

This means identifying your website and what’s in it for the search engine’s picky bots. This will not put you in the first rankings immediately, but it will give you a boost for sure. It is telling your content with small words for Google to identify. This is a bit tricky to leverage, but if you know your SEO ways, it would not be a problem.

Optimizing Near Me

Optimizing “Near Me” Voice Searches and Local SEO 

We talked about business listings a little bit, but if you own a local business that needs to be heard of, you need the attention online. Most of the voice searches are the “Near Me” questions such as, “Where is the closest hairdresser near me?”. For example, in this case, if you own a hairdresser, you want your business to show up as a result of this question. Being present and active on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Google, and any other platform you can think for your business to be on, is very important. You must put your number, address, and a website link. The reviews and comments will help you appear on a higher rank. If you are using Google Ads, you can get help from its Location Extensions. Google Maps Local Search Ads will also be very efficient. 

Getting a Google Business Listing is very important for the Near Me results. Once you get it done, try to aim for local keywords in your content to know about your business when they are near.

And to say one last time to optimize your Google Business Listing, make sure you add all the information needed and throw in enough pictures to give the potential customers an idea of your business place.

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How do I post Q&As on Google My Business page?

On your My Business Location page, under Questions & Answers, there is an Ask Question option. You can add yours to explain your business better.

What happens if I don’t optimize for voice search?

More than one-third of searches every day are done with voice. It would be for your benefit to try and get a higher ranking on voice search results.

Do different home assistants get different results with voice search?

It depends on each one’s performance quality, but when the answer is definite, and the search engine is the same. Presumably, it would give the same answers and results more or less.


We have covered voice search optimization. To sum it all up, the major things you should keep an eye on are the user intent, longtail keywording, and local natural language using. The other details are also going to affect your rankings when done correctly. We tried to help you to optimize voice search in this article. Hopefully, you will manage to get to appear in the results faster.

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