What Is Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) & How to Use It? 

Millions of new information emerge on the Internet every second. In an age where information spreads so quickly, it becomes very difficult to access accurate and efficient information. Google adds new web pages and new information to its index every second. To best present this information to users, Google has introduced its search productive experience strategy. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, people carry out many business processes with artificial intelligence, from content production to analysis. Google also announced its SGE strategy by integrating artificial intelligence into the search experience

It recently introduced SGE at the Google I/O event. SGE is an artificial intelligence-powered search tool. Thanks to this tool, the search experience becomes very efficient. 

In this guide, “What is the search productive experience and how to use it?” We will answer questions like you can start reading our guide to explore SGE in-depth and answer all the questions you wonder about SGE. 

What Is SGE?  

SGE is a project implemented by Google to integrate artificial intelligence technology into Google Search. SGE meaning is the search generator experience. It can be briefly thought of as a combination of Google Search and Google Bard. 

Google’s large language models generate automatic answers to users’ questions. Thanks to SGE, these answers appear directly on Google search results pages. Complex questions that users search on Google Search are answered reasonably thanks to SGE. 

Users can make multi-step conversational queries and get effective results instantly without having to make multiple searches or visit multiple websites. 

google sge

Thanks to the Google search productive experience, when users search, artificial intelligence creates an image, and this image is instantly displayed in the search results. In the visual, users see a summary of important information about the search. In this way, a user can obtain very qualified information in a single search. 

Search results include features such as links, images, and next steps in SGE. It also has a conversation mode where users can ask follow-up questions. What’s more, you can hover over specific words to preview definitions and related diagrams and images. 

SGE is now available in Chrome browsers on desktop devices and Google applications in the United States. 

SGE History 

Google has been using artificial intelligence for a while. Launch Band as a competitor to ChatGPT in 2023. Band is capable of giving users all kinds of AI-powered answers. 

Google has increased its post-band services and artificial intelligence quality to the highest level with Search Generative Experience

SGE is an artificial intelligence-supported feature added to the Google Search interface that users are accustomed to. In this way, artificial intelligence technology is used to improve search results, perfect the internet browsing experience, and perfect the SERPs. 

Google recently announced SGE at its I/O event. You can now use SGE in the IOS and Android versions of the Google Search application as well as the desktop version of Google Chrome. Only English-speaking US users can use this feature. You can start using Google SGE immediately by manually activating it. 

How to Use Search Generative Experience 

The search productive experience is currently only available in English. Moreover, to use this application, you must live in the USA and speak English. 

To use SGE, you need an Android phone with the latest version of the Google app. You must also have a personal Google account. Chrome sync must be enabled on your Google account. Additionally, web and app activity must be turned on. You must activate Chrome history and activities on sites, applications, and devices that use Google services. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the search productive experience: 

  1. Sign In to Gmail in Google Chrome: First, log in to your web browser. Prefer Google Chrome as your web browser. Sign in to the Chrome browser with your Gmail account. 
  2. Introduction to Search Lab Icon: As a second step, you will see the “Search Lab” icon in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser, right next to the Images options. Find this icon immediately and click on the icon. 
  3. SGE Activation: In the third step, after clicking on the search laboratory icon, it is time to activate SGE. After clicking the search lab icon, you will see a new window asking you to enable SGE. To activate SGE, you must click on the “Enable” button. 
  4. Accepting Terms and Conditions: To activate SGE, you must accept its terms. You must accept the terms and conditions by pressing the “I Accept” button on the screen that appears after the activation button. 
  5. Sample Search Experience: Once you accept the SGE terms, the “Try a Sample Now” button will appear. Click this button and experience Google Search using SGE. In this way, you can see whether the SGE feature is active or not and understand what kind of experience it offers. 

How Can Google’s GGE Impact SEO? 

Google SGE is still a project in the experimental phase. Google is still in the testing process of this feature, which it has activated in the USA. Therefore, it would be wrong to say anything about the effect of Google SGE on SEO

Our experts shared their experiences on this subject with us. In this way, we will briefly explain to you the effect of SGE on search engine optimization. 

Ranking Will Be Difficult for Keywords Based on Standard Questions 

Google is announcing many new features to make users’ experience on SERPs perfect. Rich Snippets were announced recently. Search Generative Experience was also recently announced by Google. The main purpose of this project is to make the search results practical and to answer all the questions of the users. 

ChatGPT and Google Bard offer chat robots for instant solutions in their latest versions. SGE also provides you with information and snapshots of the search result pages. These instant results have much more informative content than rich snippets. 

If you use SGE, you can get simple answers to frequently asked questions on the relevant topic without leaving the Google Search pages. In this way, you can easily get answers without clicking on the sites in the results in SERPs. Thanks to SGE, it will become very practical for you to get answers to all questions on the relevant subject in a single search. 

You Will Need to Rank at the Top of Google Search 

Under normal circumstances, it is very important to get the best ranking in Google search results. However, when SGE is involved, getting the best ranking will be more important. Thanks to artificial intelligence, users will be able to find answers to all the questions they are looking for in the first or second-ranked content. Therefore, top SERP rankings for your keyword will become very important to reach users using SGE. 

We think that in the future, SEO will focus on providing the highest level of visibility rather than achieving the top five results. SGE users will submit snapshots. If users find the answer they are looking for in these images, they will not go to the following websites. 

Search Intent Will Become Much More Important 

User search intent is very important in SEO processes. SEO experts focus on understanding search intent and developing SEO strategies accordingly. Since SGE offers direct, result-oriented information, search intent for websites will become much more important. 

In order to stand out in the snapshots created by SGE, strategies appropriate to the search purpose should be developed. 

SEO experts, digital marketers, and website owners must focus on search intent to stay at the top as SGE continues to evolve. 

The Implications of SGE for Businesses 

SGE will also closely affect businesses. Businesses should also understand SGE and develop strategies to protect and strengthen their digital assets. In this way, they can seize new marketing and advertising opportunities. 

By understanding the specific needs of their potential customer base, business owners can deliver personalized content briefs accordingly. In this way, your business can get more visibility and click-through rate with the SGE feature. At the same time, you can improve the customer experience. This gives you greater satisfaction and returns in search results. 

The effects of SGE for businesses are generally as follows; 

  • Content should be designed to be suitable for working with artificial intelligence.
  • Competition will become stronger with SGE, and it will become difficult to rise in the rankings. 
  • Businesses will receive less organic traffic.

Content Should Be Designed to be Suitable for Working with Artificial Intelligence 

As SGE, an artificial intelligence-supported project, begins to become widespread, businesses should start to develop their content strategies. First of all, your content, structure, and organization should provide more conversational and informative content. 

High-quality materials will be brought to businesses through SGE. At the same time, content producers and SEO experts will have to produce content that will respond to the new demands of users and adapt to the SGE search experience

Competition Will Become Stronger with SGE, and It Will Become Difficult to Rise in the Rankings 

Since SGE is currently in the testing phase in America, many businesses do not develop strategies for this area. As SGE becomes more widespread, it will be adopted by more businesses. In this case, competition in SERP visibility will become stronger, and it will be more difficult to rise in the rankings. 

Users will be interested in content with the most informative and interesting summaries. This is why businesses will always have to focus on producing better-quality content. 

Businesses Will Receive Less Organic Traffic 

With SGE, organic traffic of businesses will decrease significantly depending on their sector, business model, and keyword type. When the SGE feature is activated, users will be able to see the answer they are looking for in the SERPs when performing a search. Therefore, they will not feel the need to click on your website. This will lead to a decrease in your organic traffic. 

SGE promises a more efficient and effective search experience for users. Businesses can gain greater visibility by producing quality digital content. However, they will also need to convert this visibility into clicks. 

The Future of Google Search Involves AI 

Artificial intelligence is becoming more powerful every day in the world. Google is investing heavily in artificial intelligence to offer users a more qualified search experience. 

Google tries to offer the best results to users who have a search experience on Google Search pages. It uses different artificial intelligence technologies to provide users with the most effective results in a shorter time and with less effort. 

Businesses, personal website owners, digital marketers, and SEO experts should definitely determine an SGE-based strategy to improve the Google Search experience and achieve higher rankings in SERPs. 

SEO Tips for SGE on Websites 

We have also prepared some SEO tactics for you for SGE, which we think will be activated by Google in the future. Let’s take a look at the strategies you can adopt to make your website stand out in an AI-driven search engine experience. 

seo tips for sge on websites

Share Quality, Valuable Niche Content 

Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT write high-quality content in seconds. However, the content written by artificial intelligence has still not reached the depth, accuracy, and factual accuracy of the content written by experts. 

Artificial intelligence tools produce shallow content, which is general information about a topic. To stand out in SGE, you must produce niche content. At the same time, produce content that includes every detail and has depth on the subject you write about. 

Harness the Power of Social Media 

After SERPs, social media is the most important area for websites to reach their target audiences. You would be making a mistake if you did not include social media in your SEO strategies for SGE. 

Thanks to social media, you can make up for the traffic you lose in SERPs. Direct your audience to your website from social media. 

Research Key AI Tools 

Artificial intelligence is developing day by day. SGE is an artificial intelligence-supported project. For this reason, SGE is constantly developing and changing along with artificial intelligence. 

Follow the developments in artificial intelligence to get stronger in SEO for GGE. In this way, you can immediately optimize your SEO strategy according to developments. 

Brainstorm Your Content Using Artificial Intelligence 

Although artificial intelligence tools give you quality content in seconds, they cannot replace content written by real writers. You can use artificial intelligence to find content ideas and shape your content. You can use artificial intelligence tools to brainstorm ideas to outline your topic and come up with SGE-compliant content ideas. 

Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Keyword Research 

You can benefit from artificial intelligence when doing keyword research. Artificial intelligence-supported keyword research ensures that your content fits your SGE-compliant SEO strategies. You can use artificial intelligence to create additional auxiliary keywords in addition to the keywords you target. You can search generative experience Google to get more information. 


In conclusion, the internet is constantly evolving and updating, making it difficult to access accurate and efficient information. With Google’s introduction of their search productive experience strategy, they are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to improve the user’s search experience. The integration of AI in all aspects of our lives, even in business processes, shows just how powerful this technology has become. And at the recent Google I/O event, they unveiled their latest tool – SGE – which takes search efficiency to a whole new level. We hope our guide on SGE has answered all your questions and piqued your interest in exploring this game-changing technology further. So why not give it a try and see for yourself just how much more efficient and accurate your searches can be with the help of SGE?

Frequently Asked Questions About

Google is a search engine that uses generative artificial intelligence. Google started using SGE to present information more easily in Google Search and improve the search experience. Currently, SGE is used in Google IOS and Android applications and the Chrome desktop version. However, it is currently a project that can only be used by people in America. 

Generative artificial intelligence is a technology developed by Google. This technology is currently Google’s most advanced artificial intelligence technology. You can provide information to your potential visitors in the fastest and most efficient way. Google search productive experience is a project that you can use for free. 

Google analyzes and understands the content of your web pages thanks to artificial intelligence technology. It then identifies patterns in user behavior with the help of artificial intelligence. Then, your content understood by Google is delivered to the most appropriate users according to their search intent. In short, thanks to artificial intelligence, Google makes sense of your content, understands the users, and shows your content to the right people in Google Search according to their search intent. 

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