Marketing Website Design Templates that Look the Part

Marketing Website Design Templates that Look the Part

If you are a marketing agency that helps improvements of other companies, you should offer opportunities more than expected. When you create your prestigious and powerful presence, there would be no reason for other businesses not to make a deal with your company. Creating a professional website design is significant while enhancing your online presence. Below, you can check the important points of creating a marketing website design and which templates can be the best.

How should marketing of a website design be?

A strong online presence cannot be demonstrated with simple and unfunctional websites. You should show your clients that you are professional and able to make their wishes happen.

Clients may hesitate to trust each marketing company in the sector because they should share too much sensitive or confidential information about the company with people who are not from the company. Therefore, it is crucial to create a valid, trustworthy, and professional image. There can be some sections on the website to provide those necessary points.

  • List all your services and contact information, such as phone number and address. Clients knowing that they can reach you easily and anytime creates a reliable environment.
  • Create a portfolio that shows your previous and current clients. Potential customers would like to see who you are working with and how good the results are.
  • You can spread testimonials all over the website. They are valid proofs of your work and increase reliability. You can add testimonials to relevant pages. In the meantime, there can be a whole other page for them.
  • Including a photo gallery on your website is a perfect idea. You can show how is the work environment, what the processes are, and the jobs that you have finished.
  • You can prepare another section for blogs. Blogs are important to increase the website’s traffic, and you can share experiences that can help your readers. Suggestions also may be a good idea for people who are interested in your services and the sector.
  • The help, complaints, and suggestions section can have your clients feel heard. If you put a box there and request any comment or question, your clients can contact you easily.
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Why Should You Use Website Design Templates?

If you have never created a website before, you may not know where to start. You may not have any coding knowledge as well. In that case, instead of trying to learn to code, you can use website design templates via different tools. Even though you can learn coding or necessary skills, it requires time and practice to produce a powerful website. Without wasting time and effort, it is possible to include whatever you want in your website with templates.

Moreover, you may know how to design a website, but it still can waste your time coding from the beginning. Most templates listed above are flexible and customizable. It means that you can make changes to these templates according to your needs and wishes.

Websites that are designed with strong templates allow you to include different sections, images, or any additional content. Besides, since you are in the marketing business, you may want to sell from your website as well. It is possible to create online stores with various themes.

How to Use Marketing Website Design Templates

Marketing website templates are practical to use, and that’s why they are recommended that much. Usually, the process is similar or the same in all tools. Firstly, you can check the website templates given above to understand which template can fulfill your needs. Then, you can go to their website and register.

Most template websites will give you tutorials and support while you are designing. They have drag-and-drop page builders to make your work easy. After you add the sections and content you need, you may still want to add some parts and features. If that is the case, you can easily contact their customer services teams, or you can find tutorials in video or blog form.

Marketing Website Templates that Look the Part

There are various businesses and templates that can help and ease your work. Rather than spending effort and time with coding, templates can give products more functionality than you expected. Besides, most templates are available to make changes in the way you see appropriate.

Wix Website Template

The Wix Template

Wix offers its users more than 30 free templates with the greatest layouts and functionality for marketing agency websites. Their team guides users while designing a website. Customization and improvement options are available as well. They have created templates for various categories in business, such as health, beauty, clothing, sports, food, and healthcare. These are just some examples of their templates. If you are interested, you can go and check other opportunities. You can see their clients’ comments about templates and reply to them as well

Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro offers various opportunities, including free demos, flexibility, customization, high loading speed, different pricing plans depending on your business’ size, and SEO friendliness. Since you will be able to customize your website, you can show your creativity or just go with default designs.

Divi Website Template


Divi has useful templates, especially for beginners or marketers who do not have coding skills. Without prior experience, you can create fully functional and responsive websites. There are also customization options that you can benefit from.


Ryse is a good choice for digital marketing websites. It offers a drag-drop feature while designing a website, which makes the process as easier as possible. Additionally, the marketing websites that you create via Ryse would be compatible with all browsers. For a smooth experience and a little effort, feel free to choose Ryse.


With the great default features and design, Borgholm templates are excellent for beginners. You can customize a little with the drag and drop feature as well. Different language options are available, and the templates are compatible with each business sector or category. One downside is that customization options are limited, which means that sometimes you can have problems with flexibility. However, if you like the default templates, they can help you a lot with high functionality and responsiveness.


Digit allows you to create the perfect marketing agency websites with compatible templates with all browsers. It includes visually rich templates with animations and images. It facilitates your work via the drag-and-drop feature for creating pages.


Caspar also does not require coding or any other struggles due to drag and drop page builder. But it is not the best part at all. Caspar can work with e-commercial tools such as WooCommerce, which makes commerce activities smooth and functional, especially when you are in digital marketing.

Caspar also has a supportive customer services team. There are regular updates video tutorials for the use of templates, SEO suggestions, etc.


If you want to demonstrate your creativity, Quadra can be one of the best ways to do so. The distinguishing feature of it is that you can create multi-purpose websites with more than 70 ready-to-use templates. It has the most powerful layouts with high-speed performance. Slider Revolution is also available, which makes the experience high quality for you.

Casely Template


If you have a bit of knowledge about creating a website, Casely can give you the most flexible environment. It allows you to make as many modifications as you want. Even without any customization, you are indeed ready to go with your content. You can go to the website and check various responsive and fast templates. Since the templates are highly responsive, you can work with all browsers and devices.


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Regardless of the size of your business, Onum can satisfy everyone. Both beginners and experts in the sector love it and its easiness. It offers various templates that include more than 35 sections. It means that you can show each part of the business from different aspects. Of course, the templates also have the drag-and-drop feature and are highly responsive.


It does not matter which marketing services you offer; you can create strong and responsive websites via Digimon. They focus on producing professional and well-prepared websites for their clients. Therefore, your website will be compatible with all browsers and devices, in addition to being mobile-friendly.

Rather than these, Digimon offers SEO-friendly and fast templates, which makes your website carry a higher potential of getting organic traffic and high numbers of engagements.

Webify Website Design Template


Webify offers excellent templates for the marketing industry. Your website will be focused on your services, and there will be important attention to detail. Besides, you can include as much information as your clients may want to see. The professional image that you can create via Webify is leading the competition as well. Rather than the powerful visuality, the templates work fast, are responsive, and are compatible with other browsers.

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Brief Explanation for Marketing Website Design Templates

The marketing sector is a highly competitive area. There are thousands of businesses that want to go global and sell their products online. If you want to be a part of that competition, you should be prepared well. All your effort and budget will be necessary and beneficial for your goals. The first step would be to create a website to show your online presence and introduce yourself. Once you are done with the creation of a powerful website, you can start advertisement campaigns and other steps.

Since your clients will wonder about your work before collaborating, you should demonstrate your services via your well-prepared website. They should be able to examine each section smoothly, fast, and clearly. That’s the part where templates have significance. Normally, you should have coding abilities or an employee in this expertise to create a website. Otherwise, the product can be poor and inadequate. To solve that, designers in the sector created powerful website design Templates. Now, businesses do not have to put their own effort. They can utilize these templates and make customizations if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designing a website from the beginning requires so much effort, including coding skills. You should write and create each section and part of the website by your hand. With templates, you only add content and necessary information to get ready. If you want changes and make your design unique, you can utilize customization features.

The best experience that you will have depends on your needs because each template may have different main purposes. For instance, if your business is multi-dimensional, you can work with Quadra, or if you want to have customization features and visual strength, you may check Wix’s demos.

The Wix Template is not only compatible with all devices and browsers but also offers a highly smooth experience. Your website will have a high load speed with various customization features with all templates.

Basically, include as many sections as you can. Your contact and company information should be included. Besides, if you add your services, your clients will know if their needs can be fulfilled by your company. Rather than these, more sections as given above help prepare more powerful websites.

Testimonials are the most powerful tools for you to prove your reliability. They are different than reviews because testimonials include the name of your previous clients and companies that you have worked with. In the marketing sector, your clients would want to know whether they are trustworthy or not.

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