Top Search Engines List: Most Used Search Engines

Top Search Engines List: Most Used Search Engines

It would not be wrong to say that the internet has opened a new era when it comes to communication and digitalization. Although it is a technology that opened a new era, it was not easy to use in the beginning. Especially in daily life, it was impossible to use the internet efficiently. Of course, compared to today. So what was it that increased the efficiency of internet use in daily life today? Of course, many factors contributed to this situation. However, we call the thing that emerges as the end product of these developments a search engine today. In this article, we’ll briefly inform you about the top search engines.

Search engines are now with us in every moment of our daily life. They are the first source of reference for almost everyone for the topics from the simplest to the most private. As humanity, our need for search engines has reached such a level that we often cannot help but consult it even while doing our daily work. While we often do this just to get a second opinion, the case is enough to highlight the importance of search engines today. Well, what do you think are the best search engines that can offer us the best opportunities in almost every subject? If you’re wondering the answer to this question, you should take a look at the list of the best search engines we’ve compiled for you.


The king of the market, Google, is at the top of our search engines list. So why is Google the king? Because Google’s search engine market share is more than 90%. This rate is clearly enough to make him the king of the search engine market. So, what is the most important feature of Google that makes it the undisputed dominion of the market? The answer consists of only two words. Those two words are user experience.

The advanced user experience offered by Google rises on two pillars. One of these pillars is the highly personalized user experience. The other is the algorithm that succeeds in bringing the most relevant results to its users in search results. Google’s unrivaled dominance of the search engine market comes with some disadvantages.

First, due to the convenience of Google’s position in the market, they’re quite comfortable about filling the search results with ads now. Another major disadvantage is the infographics, maps, and snippets that occupy the top positions of the search results. These items are, of course, quite advantageous for users. Now we’re back to Google’s obsession with user experience, as you can see. However, although this is quite beneficial for users, we cannot say the same for website owners. No matter how good the websites with the most organic traffic are, their visibility in the SERPs is reduced because of these items. These websites can no longer rank at the top of the search results or on the first page.



Yandex, one of the oldest in the market, ranks second in our search engines list. Everyone knows that Yandex is a Russian-based search engine. Although it is a much older search engine than Google, its market share is below 1%. The roots of the Yandex search engine date back to 1993. Arkady Borkovsky and Arcady Volozh, its founders, released it under the name Yet Another Indexer. Later, this name turned into the Yandex we know today. Yandex’s display of contextual ads on the results screen also took place before Google. Russia is the only country where Yandex can compete with Google in market share. The market shares of these two search engines in Russia are almost equal. In fact, Yandex had a clear advantage in Russia until 2019 in terms of market share.

Bing Search


In search engine market share, Bing ranks second after Google. However, its market share is quite small compared to Google. Bing’s search engine market share is almost 3%. Bing is the search engine developed and released by Microsoft. Bing isn’t actually Microsoft’s first search engine experience. The company entered the search engine world with MSN in 1998. However, with the increase of Google’s activity in the search engine market, MSN has been deleted from the market. So, Bing is the result of Microsoft’s determination in the search engine market. The company knew that this market was like a chicken that lays golden eggs. So, they had no intention of giving up. They developed the experience and knowledge they gained thanks to MSN. They first developed MSN as Live Search in 2006 and presented it to users. But when this move proved ineffective, they rebranded and announced Bing in 2009.

The event that helped Bing increase its competitiveness against Google took place in 2012. On this date, Yahoo offered to share its search platform with Bing. Thanks to this event, Bing has reached the position of the only search engine that can be an alternative to Google today. There are some important differences between Google and Bing. The most important of these are the differences in the search results. The main reason for this is that it has its own algorithm for crawling and indexing. Bing has also managed to become more popular than Google when it comes to the home page. The dynamic background images it presents on its homepage attract a lot of attention. Local search results and image searches are at the forefront of the areas where Bing excels over Google. However, Bing is also more successful than Google in terms of video searches, links, and content.

DuckDuckGo Private Search


DuckDuckGo is another search engine that deserves to be on our search engines list. Let’s explain why. Many search engine users around the world do not even know about DuckDuckGo. It stands out, especially with the high data privacy opportunities it offers. Gabriel Weinberg released it in 2008. Since then, it has proven to be a non-profit search engine. In this context, a feature that completely contradicts Google also stands out. Because Google uses your private data to provide an advanced personalized user experience. However, DuckDuckGo does not collect user data. For this reason, it does not provide a personalized user experience to its users. That means the SERP screen will be the same for everyone for every search query in this search engine.

Importance Of Privacy

Towards the end of 2019, it has crossed the limit of 50 million searches per day. This number of searches continues to increase day by day. The company has managed to double this daily number of searches so far. So, what is the secret of DuckDuckGo’s growing success every day? We have mentioned that the focus of this search engine is not to provide a personalized user experience. Instead, they are working to provide organic search results to their users. At this point, we can state that the secret of its success is the privacy concerns of search engine users. The most important factor that brings success to DuckDuckGo is that users’ concerns about data privacy are increasing day by day. Although it may seem modest, its search engine market share approaching almost 1% is a reward for its success.

We can even say that this effect makes search engine giants take a step back regarding third-party cookies. Now, they had to prevent these cookies from tracking user behavior. Here you can understand how DuckDuckGo worries search engine giants.

Search Engine Yahoo


Yahoo was once one of the giants in the search engine market. In 2001, it had more than a third of the search engine market. However, the fall of this giant made a big noise, just like its rise. Yahoo’s share in today’s search engine market does not exceed 2%. We have mentioned that Yahoo is actually in cooperation with Bing. Therefore, the SERP screen returns the same results for search queries in both search engines.

Because it didn’t originally have its own index, Yahoo bought Overture Service. The ridiculous part is that Yahoo used the Google Search platform until 2003 March. They probably didn’t foresee that Google would be such a big threat to wipe them out of the market. In fact, Yahoo wanted to buy Google completely in 2002. However, there were disagreements over the $1 billion amount to buy Google. I am sure that the managers who made this decision now want to travel in time to change it. What a great regret! Anyway, we can say that as a result of the obvious wrong decisions, Yahoo is no longer able to compete with Google today.

Seznam Czech


Seznam is a very widely used search engine in the Czech Republic. In fact, Seznam maintained its leadership here until Google entered the Czech market. However, Google’s global search engine market share also shows its effect here. Google is the leading search engine with a market share of nearly 90% in the Czech Republic. The rest of it all belongs to Seznam. Seznam, as a well-established search engine, dates back to 1996. The place of establishment is naturally the city of Prague of the Czech Republic. In fact, it has continued to exist as a simple platform since its establishment. Later on, it expanded its scope and managed to dominate the Czech Republic’s search engine market.

Ecosia Search Engine


The reason why we include Ecosia in our search engines list is that it has a special mission. Many users categorize Ecosia as a highly special search engine. Of course, there is a special reason for this. What makes it so special is that Ecosia spends all its revenue on planting trees around the world.

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This Berlin-based search engine also supports local economies. Why is this so important? Because by using only Ecosia, you can support those who protect the environment both financially and morally. For this, Ecosia states that the trees it planted all over the world are actually planted by its users. So, do you have any idea about how many trees this search engine can plant? Thanks to the support of its users, Ecosia has managed to plant more than 50 million trees worldwide. Moreover, Ecosia also includes a counter in its search engine showing all the trees it has planted.

Ecosia has many more advantages. It is also a search engine that attaches great importance to privacy. Ecosia is also quite successful in algorithms. It has developed search results and ads with its own algorithms. However, it’s also worth noting that Bing supports these algorithms. Returning to privacy, Ecosia does not share its users’ data with advertisers or other third parties. Besides, it does not permanently store your search history. If you aren’t sure about Ecosia’s attitude towards the environment and the local ecosystem, we should also mention that they’re quite transparent in this regard. Ecosia regularly shares its financial reports publicly on this subject.

Top Search Engines, In Short

Search engines enable easy and effective use of the internet today. So, many of them also have their own advantages and disadvantages. We have prepared a guide about the most used search engines for you. There are nearly 100 search engines in the worldwide search engine rankings. But we only covered the most popular search engines in this article. We evaluated each of the search engines in our search engines list, taking into account issues such as algorithm, user experience, and privacy. You can use one of them depending on your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google takes the lead in the search engine market with a share of more than 90%.

For this, it needs to collect user data and monitor user behavior.

Seznam was founded in the Czech Republic. And it dominated the search engine market of this country for a long time.

Bing is a search engine that Microsoft has rebranded MSN and Live Search.

This search engine is Ecosia. It dedicates all of its income to planting trees around the world and supporting the local ecosystem.

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