Redirected Page Has No Incoming Internal Links Issue In Technical SEO

As websites evolve and content undergoes redirection, subtleties of Technical SEO become apparent in the “Redirected Page Has No Incoming Internal Links” issue. It’s akin to a newly constructed bridge with no connecting roads. This basically refers to a scenario where a webpage has undergone redirection but lacks internal links pointing to it within the website. In essence, the 301 redirected page becomes isolated within the website’s structure, as there are no internal pathways directing users or search engine crawlers to this particular page. 

Why is Redirected Page Has No Incoming Internal Links Issue Important for Technical SEO? 

For technical SEO this issue assumes pivotal importance. It fundamentally influences a website’s visibility user experience, and search engine performance. Internal links serve as the digital pathways guiding users and search engine crawlers through the intricate architecture of a website. When a redirected page lacks these internal links, it becomes isolated, hindering users’ ability to discover the content seamlessly. From a search engine perspective, the absence of incoming internal links complicates the indexing process, potentially diminishing the redirected page’s visibility in search results.  

How to Fix Redirected Page Has No Incoming Internal Links Issue? 

Addressing this issue is crucial for maintaining a cohesive website structure, optimizing user navigation, and ensuring that redirected content continues to contribute effectively to the website’s overall SEO strategy. To fix this problem, check the steps below: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of internal links to identify pages lacking links, particularly the redirected ones. 
  • Revise the website’s internal navigation to include relevant links to the redirected page, ensuring a seamless user journey. 
  • Include the redirected page in XML sitemaps to facilitate search engine discovery and indexing. 
  • Consider the overall website structure and hierarchy, ensuring the redirected page is appropriately linked from relevant sections. 
  • Maintain consistency in URL formats to avoid confusion and ensure proper linking to the redirected page. 
  • Implement breadcrumb navigation to guide users and search engines to the redirected page within the website’s hierarchy. 
  • Monitor the redirected page’s performance in terms of internal links and update as necessary during website updates. 
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