Page Has Nofollow Incoming Internal Links Only Error In Technical SEO

As websites strive to build interconnected pathways for search engines, the enigma of this issue surfaces as a potential stumbling block. It’s like having internal roads that can be traveled but don’t contribute to the overall map. This issue in Technical SEO signifies a situation where a webpage on a website has internal links pointing to it, but these internal links are tagged with the “nofollow” attribute. The “nofollow” attribute is typically used to instruct search engines not to pass link equity or “SEO value” to the linked page. In this error scenario, the “nofollow” attribute is specifically applied to internal links leading to the page, which can impact the flow of link authority within the website. 

Why is Page Has Nofollow Incoming Internal Links Only Error Important for SEO? 

This error holds significant SEO implications as it disrupts the natural flow of link equity within a website. When internal links pointing to a page are tagged with “nofollow,” it signals search engines to withhold the transfer of SEO value to that page. This error hampers the equitable distribution of link authority, potentially impacting the affected page’s visibility and ranking. SEO relies on effective internal linking to establish content hierarchy and relevance, making the nofollow error a hurdle in the optimal site structure. Resolving this issue is crucial for maintaining a cohesive internal linking strategy, ensuring each page contributes appropriately to the overall SEO health of the website. 

How to Fix Page Has Nofollow Incoming Internal Links Only Error? 

This error can be bothering and here is how to fix it. You can follow the steps below: 

  • Identify pages with incoming internal links tagged as “nofollow.” 
  • Remove the “nofollow” attribute from internal links pointing to the affected page. 
  • Evaluate and optimize the overall internal linking strategy to ensure coherence and relevance. 
  • Educate content creators about the appropriate use of “nofollow” to prevent inadvertent errors. 
  • Ensure that internal links contribute to the SEO value of the linked pages by using “follow” attributes. 
  • Regularly monitor internal linking practices and update as the website evolves. 
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