How to Make An Infographic

How to Make An Infographic

Do you want to create a catchy, compelling, striking, fun, and uncomplicated infographic? Then this article is for you! Through infographics, people can easily remember the subject you are talking about. The attractiveness of the visuals can make people more interested in the subject you are telling.

If you are talking about a particularly complex topic, you can make it more catchy and understandable by adding visuals. You can also shorten very long topics by using infographics and summarize them much better. 

creating an infographic

Creating an Infographic

To create a good infographic, you must first plan the subject you will tell. You have to decide the purpose of your infographic, what / where / how to use it, how long you want to extend the subject, and what idea you want to instill in people. Then, you can get an idea by looking at infographics that have been created previously and used by others. Looking at the examples allows you to have an idea for the infographic you will prepare, and it can also determine the path you will go.

Suppose you are a beginner or intermediate user. In that case, you can take advantage of the infographic templates available on the internet, where you can find other templates as well, such as top free ebook templates, poster templates, flyers, etc. You can find the templates and arrange them according to your subject through a photoshop program. You can use infographic programs if you don’t know how to use professional software while preparing your infographic. There are many programs and websites to design infographics. You can install infographic programs on your computer or use them online over the internet. Here are a few infographic tools for you that you can use without your graphic knowledge:

piktochart infographics

Piktochart, Canva, Visme,, Venngage, Cacoo, Adioma, Google Data Studio,, Edraw, Mind the Graph, Icograms.

The main purpose of infographics is to make information attractive, catchy, and simple. But to make it exciting and memorable, one should not use graphics or tables irrelevant. So, your writing style, the colors you use, and the tables should be in harmony.

After the tips and thoughts about creating an infographic, I think it is time to start working. In this article, we will explain how you can make an infographic in Piktochart as an example.

How to Create An Infographic

Firstly, you need to go over to and sign up. After signing up, there are a few templates where you can choose what kind of design to make. You can select a blank template or one of the ready-made templates. When you choose a ready-made template, you can also make changes to it. I will assume you have chosen a blank template. After selecting the blank template, let’s continue by explaining the buttons on the page that opens.

piktochart illustrations


  • Shape & Icons: You can select and use any geometric shape in the Shape section. When you come to the “Search icon here” section, you can search for the icon you want and choose from the categories right below it.
  • Illustrations: You can add the illustration you want from this section.
  • Lines: You can draw and use any line in this section.
  • Photos: In this section, you can select the image you want and drag it to the page or add your own image.
  • Photo Frame: You can use this section when you want to add a frame to the images you add.
design components

Design Components

You can add lists, timelines, or comparison charts to your infographic in this section.


You can add your own images that you want to use from this section. When you come to this section, it will be enough to click on the “Browse Images” section and select your image.

background feature


In this section, you can choose the background suitable for your design and adjust its color and opacity.


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You can choose a frame from the “Text Frame” section or write your text without selecting a frame. Also, you can create your text using subtitles and body text.

make an infographic


  • Charts: You can create your charts or tables in the charts area.
  • Maps: After selecting the map of the place you want, you can make arrangements and changes to the map if you wish.
  • Videos: You can add the video link you want to use to your infographic by pasting it into the “Video URL” section.

You can see the preview of your design by clicking the “Preview” button on the top right. Then you can click the “Save” button to finish your project.

What We Have Learned

In this article, we learned the essential tips that we need to pay attention to when making infographics, some tools that may be useful for us, and how we can use Piktochart as an example for us. We hope you got useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can list the infographic types as follows:
Statistical infographic
Informative infographic
Timeline infographic
List infographic
CV infographic
Process infographic
Geographic infographic
Comparison infographic
Hierarchical infographic

If you want your infographic to be good, you should avoid adding too much unnecessary information, choosing the wrong chart type, using inaccurate scales, and making it messy.

You should use as little color as possible, and you should not create confusion by mixing colors. If you’re having trouble, choose 3 basic colors. Use one for the background and two for your charts and highlights.

Your largest text should be the main title. You can use the same font for the subtitle, but you should write it in a smaller size. For body text, you should choose a simple and easy-to-read size.

At the end of your infographic, add the links to the resources you have used. You will provide an excellent convenience for those who want to access the data of the subject you are telling, which increases your infographic’s credibility.

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