Keyword Ranking Check For Mobile Devices

Keyword Ranking Check For Mobile Devices

There are many factors included within the umbrella of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Keywords are one of the most valuable sections of SEO. Through them, search engines know who to show your site to on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Therefore, it is essential for you to use a mobile keyword ranking check while deciding what content you should create. By researching, you can find underrepresented keywords, capitalize and then include them. Similarly, if you find some highly searched keywords, you can include them to appear in more SERPs. Keywords should give both search engines and readers a hint as to the content contained within your pages or articles. For example, if one of your keywords is ‘marketing,’ then your content should feature a section focused on marketing. This is because it would help you to increase your organic search results.

SEO Explained

Search engine optimization is a process undertaken by websites and content creators. Its purpose is to ensure that both the website and the content rank higher in search engines. The main objective for SEO is to improve the website’s rank on SERPs while limiting the reliance on advertisements. SEO encompasses virtually every aspect of a site, from the content to the layout. Even the naming of subdomains gets taken into account for SEO. This is because names that make less sense to the algorithm score lower in search engine crawlers. The field of search engine optimization is now widely studied, and many professionals have built careers around SEO. SEO helps to increase the traffic of search engines directly to your site, accounting for an average of 95% of all site visits.

How Search Engine Crawler Works

Keyword Ranking in SEO

Before we get started, here is our free tool for rank tracking. The goal of SEO is to organically rank higher in the SERPs without spending on advertisements. Using highly ranked keywords or keywords unique to your niche will exponentially increase organic traffic to your website. Keyword ranking is a method used to improve organic ranking in search engines by providing content that matches users’ searches. All businesses and website owners should be concerned with improving their SEO to increase traffic to their websites. The most crucial part about keyword ranking is that it is how pages rank in searches for those specific keywords. For a chosen keyword, web pages have a position within the SERPs that they appear. Keyword ranking in SEO helps to improve this position while also helping you appear closer to the top of search results.

Search Engine Crawler Algorithms

The algorithms search engine crawlers use to organize every website on the internet measure and review many different areas of each site. Here are the main areas that crawlers index:

  • Metadata.
  • Site content.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • The site map.
  • Navigation.
  • Keywords.

The crawlers indexing also includes many other areas. But you can see how efficiently set-up keywords can significantly improve the rankings in the search engines. Keywords play an even more prominent role if your business is within a unique niche. The best quality websites tend to have better keyword positions compared with lower quality websites that often have lower keyword positions. The individual pages of your site are also indexed and ranked for a keyword score. This means that pages that have a better keyword rank will achieve higher traffic and rank closer to the first page results in search engine queries. Therefore, understanding keyword placement and how it relates to SEO is vital for increasing traffic from search engines such as; Bing, Yahoo, Google, and more.

What is a Keyword Ranking Check

Keyword ranking checks are one of the ways you can check how well your keywords rank in Google before posting your content. Many online SEO tools include keyword ranking checks. By checking your keywords, in addition to choosing the words with less competition on search engines, you can achieve a higher organic ranking on the SERPs. The ranking on SERPs is vital as research shows that if users enter a query, they will usually only go through the first few pages of search engine results. This means that if you are not listed until the fifth page that the majority of internet users will not reach that section of the SERPs to discover you. To have high-ranking keywords, it is essential that you use a keyword ranking check and also thoroughly research all of the possible keywords that people could use to find your site.

Understanding Search Engine Results Pages

To fully understand how keyword ranking works, you should know how the search engine results pages work. The SERPs are made up of all of the search results that match the entered query. The results are organized in the order of relevance, with a few paid ads at the top. Sometimes results pages can include extra information such as shopping results, graphs, or a snippet. Keyword position usually refers to a chosen page rank in the organic search results. Each results page has ten results. So, every ten results is a new page. If your site ranks 14th, then it will appear on the 2nd results page after a search for that keyword. If the site ranked 34th, then it would not be viewed till the user reached the 4th page of the results for that keyword. This shows how vital keyword ranking check is for website traffic.

SEO Marketing and Tools

SEO Marketing

In SEO marketing, the goal is the ten organic spots shown on each results page. The objective is to achieve the number one organic rank, no paid advertisement, and appear directly underneath the paid ads. The spot of the first organically ranked page receives the most traffic. Many users skip past the paid advertisements because they are not as relevant to their initial search. The higher you rank in the organic results on search engines, the more traffic your pages receive. The top organic spots feature an extra bonus of over ten times higher click-through rates than results further down the SERPs. This again highlights why an SEO strategy with good keyword research is vital for online success.

Mobile Rankings Are Critical

Over half of the searches conducted on Google originate from mobile devices. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it will not achieve any rank for the SERPs shown to mobile queries. Therefore, your website will miss out on a large portion of searches, so it is vital that your site is apt for mobile searches. There is a tool available to help you check the position of your site in mobile searches. SEOprofiler has a built-in ranking monitor that can help you check your mobile ranking. As of now, being listed in mobile search results is virtually the same as being listed in desktop search results. The primary prerequisite is for your site to have a mobile-compatible version. Additionally, the keywords play a significant role in your position on the SERPs. Page loading speeds also influence mobile search ranks to help indicate the site’s friendliness to mobile devices.

SEO Checker Software

SEO checking software allows you to remove a lot of the struggle from improving your rank in the search engine results pages. When it comes to software to help your SEO, there are many useful types available. For example, Google offers many free online tools to check your website. Google can help you to evaluate the mobile-friendliness of your site and give tips on how to improve. SEO checker software has boomed, with digital marketing becoming an important consideration for many businesses. The main focus of digital marketing is driving more traffic to your site and landing pages, otherwise known as SEO. Below you can find a list of the most useful SEO software with functions to help improve every aspect of your site’s SEO, including keyword rank.

Keyword Ranking Check Tool


One of the best SEO analysis websites is Ahrefs and, it is only second to Google in the size of its website crawlers. Ahrefs features a keyword ranking tool and even a tool for competitor analysis, offering you a comprehensive list of features to help you further improve your SEO.

Google Search Console SEO

Google’s Search Console

GSC provides many SEO tools to any website owner for free. You can check your rank on search engine results pages using software created by the largest search engine, which should put your mind at ease. Having the software analyze your site from Google’s perspective is valuable. However, you still want to ensure you achieve a good SERP rank across other search engines.

SEMRush SEO Tool


Marketing SEO tools are full of helpful software and give you a lot of data as well as tips on how to improve every aspect of your site’s SEO.


In conclusion, keyword ranking is one of the most substantial factors for SEO. Improving each page’s keyword ranking will not only increase the traffic to your site from search engines but also direct more of your target audience into your sales funnel. By researching and doing keyword ranking check, you can ensure that your new content helps to improve your position in the search engine results pages. There are SEO tools available to help you track your keyword rank as well as your website ranking position. Rank tracking software is evolving all the time to provide you with even more advanced SEO tools. Hopefully, you have learned about the importance of ranking well in mobile search results and how vital a good keyword rank is for your site. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately, there is no way for you to directly tell the search engines which keywords a page should be ranked for. Due to the fact that the crawlers process the content of the page, decide what the keywords are themselves, and then index it accordingly.

No, there is no maximum or minimum number of keywords or phrases that a page can receive a rank for. Google itself defines keywords as being the vital phrases used in the written content of web pages.

There are many SEO companies that have developed their own software to help them track website ranking positions. The most popular paid service changes frequently. One of the best at the moment is SE ranking. The highest-rated free website rank tracker is currently Ahrefs.

There is massive competition for keyword rank, especially on Google. Simply look at the advertisement prices Google charges to judge how competitive keyword ranking is for the prices to have increased the way they have. Google knows the value of placing within the first few results, hence why the paid advertisements appear in the prime spot.

Google bots are what Google refers to their crawlers by, and they help the internet giant index every website on the world wide web. Each search engine designs a different name for its crawlers, but they all have the same function. Crawlers aim to read your content, decide on the key points and then report its rank back for when someone searches for related keywords.

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