International SEO’s Day

International SEO’s Day

Happy September 27th, International SEO’s Day! Happy SEO specialists day to all SEO experts/proles who carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ensuring that websites reach their organic traffic goals and aiming to increase their sales and brand awareness; in short, those who set their heart on this job!

Why is September 27th Celebrated as SEO Day?

September 27th is known as the birthday of the Google search engine. Since the Google search engine is the cornerstone of the entire SEO industry, where SEO is carried out most intensively, SEO’s Day is celebrated on September 27th. As Dopinger, we appreciate the value of all SEO specialists, and we acknowledge how they adapt themselves to the ever-changing systems and how they develop their search engines in this way. We find all these efforts admirable.

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Where Did the Idea for SEO’s Day Come From?

The word SEO and SEO optimizations have taken their place in terminology since the search engines entered our lives. First, the idea of ​​bringing web pages to the fore in the search results developed within the framework of the Altavista search engine, later on Yahoo!, and finally found its place on Google. Later, thanks to Google, which dominated the search engine frenzy, the focus of all analyses shifted to Google Search. In this way, the word SEO and its development have a history of about 20 years.

Unfortunately, despite the 20-year history, there hasn’t existed a day celebrated on behalf of SEOs that feels special until 2022. However, with the idea that emerged on September 27th, 2022, the Dopinger team took humble steps as a tiny spark to celebrate this day (September 27th) as the day of SEOs around the world.

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