SEO-Friendly Website: Why And How To Make It?

When people try to find something, they look at the first page of the search results. There are typically ten organic results on each page, which means those that appear on the first page are good with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves your website visibility. It helps your page list on the top of the search engine result page, and it is also crucial for your website to have higher visibility and website traffic. To provide that, you need to optimize your website in order to boost its popularity. SEO-friendly websites can easily be discernable on search results as they rank high in search engines. As a consequence, people can easily access your product or services with simply relevant entries.

Creating an SEO-friendly website means attracting more people looking for your products or services online. SEO-friendly websites improve the success of your business in search engines. That also proves why some websites can differ from other sites. Search engine optimization is essential for anyone who wants to grow their business. You should use search engine optimization to help your site rank higher than other websites and to get noticed. Try to boost your SEO and become better at SEO-friendly content to attract potential customers to your business. In this article, we talk about how to make your website SEO-friendly which can easily foster your website.

How Does Google Determine What to Show On The First Page?

Reviewing the website for SEO can vary and can consist of many components. That reflects why this process can be complex and misunderstood. However, there are a few main aspects that Google focuses on which affect a website’s ranking on the search engine result page. Here is a brief description of what Google focuses on and what optimizations can be made based on it.

how does google determine what to show on the first page

Relevance In SEO

One of the most important things for Google is whether the page is relevant or not for users. One of the most critical factors for search engines is relevance. In SEO, relevance is about making sure your website is exactly what the person is looking for. Many other factors also decide how relevant a website is. Since there is no specific way to make your website relevant, you should always take multiple factors into account while creating your website.

User-Friendly Website

Another major factor that Google looks for in a website to rank in search engines is user experience. What visitors think, how they find the site, or if they have a positive or negative experience of your website are all important. Google focuses on improved user experience and wants to maintain that high quality for its users. As in relevance, a user-friendly website requires many other aspects. Think about how you can build a good user experience for your website. You should try to make your website appear on the top of search results and display the information people are looking for. You can create your website and content in a specific format in order to make information easier to find for a user-friendly website.

How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Create an SEO-friendly website to appear at the top of the search engine results. Drive more web traffic to your website by optimizing your site. As it turns out, SEO is essential for anyone who wants to be successful. The better you integrate SEO on your website, the more you get known and rank high further in SEO.

how to make your website seo friendly

Multi-Device Design

Responsive design allows your website to adapt to whatever device people are using. Since each device is different, you need to adjust for them. Whether they access your site on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, they will get the version of your website that is best for their device. Maybe one of the most used devices is mobile, do not forget the adapt to fit your website on the screen. Responsive design allows people to encounter the site from different devices and to adapt designs according to the device. It has a practical issue to change the appearance of the websites, screen size, and orientation depending on the device.

People will struggle to engage with your website if it is not responsive to other devices. They will have a hard time reading your text and seeing images. Moreover, people are most likely to leave your website if it is not optimized well for their devices. Users staying longer on your website create great opportunities to rank higher in SEO. To achieve this, you should try creating a good customer experience on the site. Create responsive designs of your website for different devices to a better SEO-friendly site.

Speed Up Page Loading Time

Page loading time affects SEO experience and is strongly associated with user experience. Besides that, page speed and SEO relation are really important for website rankings. Having a fast-loading website potentially decreases the bounce rate. People will stay longer on your website and don’t leave the page for another page due to the short loading time.

How to Improve Your Page Loading Time

If the loading time is taking too long, you should then check your images on the website. Images are great for any website and create engagement with the content. However, the image also can drag your page loading time, which affects your SEO.

how to improve your page loading time
  • Update images with SEO-friendly images on your website.
  • Resize your images as required on your website. Compress the image size in order to increase your website load.
  • Choose the right format and quality for the image on your website.

Meta Descriptions Of The Page

When you search on Google, you will see the meta description underneath the title. The meta description is a preview of what the page is about. It gives you an idea of the page and what to expect. It needs to be about 150 characters and be relevant to the page.

Create clear, descriptive, and around 150-character meta descriptions that bring more web traffic to your page. Meta descriptions are mostly about creating web traffic so that people will engage with your page. Reading the article and knowing what the page is about will allow real readers to reach your page and decrease bounce rates.

Add Internal Links On Your Website

Internal links are links from a page on one domain to another page on the same domain. You may be wondering how internal links help to create an SEO-friendly website. This allows discover different pages on your website for target audiences and search engines. Internal links also allow people to spend more time on your site and find other content they are interested in. Use internal links on your site and add relevant links to your pages for those pages to be indexed. Internal links inform Google about your other pages and content on your website. Google may not find all your content, so add internal links for Google to discover your other relevant content.

Add Target Keywords to Your Website Content

Website content is essential in many ways to make sure that your site remains relevant to target audiences. Create content that brings new visitors and gets engagement. Add target keywords that people are looking for in relation to the content that appears on the top of search engine results. Adding target keywords will help your content to attract more people.

Start creating your content with a specific topic. Then you can choose valuable keywords. Search for relevant keywords and conduct keyword research. Look for the vital keywords that can deliver your content to your SEO listing on the search engine. Keywords are useful for your website to appear in relevant search results.

There are also long-tail keywords that are more than three or more words. Because long-tail keywords are more specific, they are more likely to draw more web traffic to your website. As a result, they lead to better results for your website content.

After you decide on phrases, find out the format in your content that you can create. Try out a format that is appropriate to your content. These can be blogs, infographics, videos, etc. Make sure to create content that can be easily understood. Since you want to reach your target audience with content, you should know how to make it simple and easy to understand.

Target keywords in your content help your website appear in the most relevant search results. It is one of the ways to drive web traffic to your site as well as rank higher in search results. Add keywords to your site for better SEO-friendly results. That makes sure your site will show up in the relevant search results. Your website traffic will also improve.

Optimize Header Tags

Optimizing your website is also about having a clear and well-conveyed purpose for your site. You can achieve these in different ways, but you can use them, especially when creating content. People want to easily skim the content so that they find what they are looking for. That’s why the header tags are one of the significant aspects of the content. Header tags give structure and context to your content, and they refer to the concept of the following text. It may seem simple, but optimizing header tags is also very important and helpful in optimization.

How Can Headlines Help Create an SEO-Friendly Website?

Headings make it easy to read and stay organized, which keeps the reader on your website and makes them more interested in the content. Moreover, Headers show people what to expect next. You divide your content into different sections that make it easy to follow and understand.

Header tags can be one of the first things that you can start optimizing your website. To optimize your header, you need to include the most important keywords. Here are a few things to do about your header tags:

  • Integrate relevant and significant keywords into your title.

That leads Google to understand your content and get higher rankings.

  • Small headings like H2s and H4s
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Add other keywords to other titles to help you create SEO-friendly content.

Check Your Content Readability

What you offer people with your content is significant for SEO. Creating an SEO-friendly website is not just about making changes to the technical parts of the site but also about working on your content. Remember to focus on the overall appearance of your site while making these optimizations. If you want people to stay on your site, people need to be able to read and engage with your content. You should make sure that your target audience can read your content without difficulty.

SEO is more about the positive experience for users than only the technical parts. Google seeks to promote websites that offer improved user experience and satisfy the users’ needs. When people visit your website, the first thing they will decide is your page design. Once they discover your content, it will leave a positive impression on people that is provided that they find it simple. To make your website SEO-friendly, work on the readability of the content to make sure many people can understand. You can not have SEO-friendly content if your target audience experiences a difficult time reading it.

Make sure the content on its page is easy to read. Here are how you can work on your readability:

how can you work on your readability
  • Choose the right text size for the page; it should be readable without zooming the page.
  • Have the right color; some colors make it difficult to read. Choose the fonts that stand out and increase readability.
  • Follow the format that makes it easy to engage with your content.
  • Break the long pages with headings.
  • Add bullet-pointed lists to increase readability.

What Should You Avoid When Developing An SEO-Friendly Website?

Not Having An SEO Strategy

Do not start optimizing your website right away. The first thing to do is to analyze and then determine what you need to optimize your website. There are tool checks for your SEO that examine your website for errors. So you can monitor the SEO issues that you can change. Before you start optimizing, consider your target audience and how you will create relevant content for them.

Neglecting User Experience

User experience is perhaps one of the most comprehensive in SEO. Many different variables can affect the user experience and can be overlooked. User experience is bad for contributing target audience and making them leave the page quickly. If the visitors are not happy about your page design or content or have difficulty viewing your page, are also negatively affects site popularity.

Slow Page Loading Time

Page load time reflects how much time it takes when users reach your website. It affects your website’s SEO rank and user experience. The time that it takes to get into your site impacts bounce and conversion rates. Google can not crawl or index a slow website.

Having A Poor Content

Apart from the technical changes you can make for an SEO-friendly website, what you offer people is also significant. Creating SEO-friendly content is not just about conducting certain rules; it is also about the quality of your content. One of the SEO principles is the relevance of the content and whether it is appropriate for the audience. When people search for something in the search engine, they need to find sources that are relevant to their inquiry.

Conclusion About How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

In this article, we talk about what you need to know about SEO when creating a website. We hope this will help you to create your SEO-friendly website. While creating an SEO-friendly website, consider two main things as relevance and user-friendly. If you think you need help with all these steps, you might consider getting SEO services from an SEO agency.

Frequently Asked Questions About

SEO is search engine optimization, and it refers to the process of optimization. Optimization consists of technical content relevance that possibly impacts the website’s popularity.

Search engine optimization improves your website visibility among other websites. Working on your SEO helps you to attract more people to your products and services. So optimization is for anyone who needs to reach out to their target audiences.

An SEO-friendly website means that search engines can crawl the website and then analyze the content. SEO-friendly websites are one of the first ten results that list on the first page of the search result. Most importantly, they are popular pages and draw more web traffic.

SEO-friendly content is structured and well conveyed so that people can easily understand and find what they are looking for. SEO-friendly content is valuable that answers the audience’s questions and also attracts new audiences.

While it depends on what type of site you have, in general, you should avoid not having an SEO strategy, neglecting user experience, in addition to having a slow page, and poor content.

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