How to Make Animated GIFs

How to Make Animated GIFs

There are some steps that people who want to create high quality, colorful, fun, interested in social media by somebody, high megapixel GIFs should follow. In today’s social media world, funny GIFs are very popular and attracted attention.

These entertaining video-style contents prepared by people for themselves, their friends, and sometimes to be funny, enliven the social media. It is especially preferred over applications that provide communication. As well as ready-made GIFs, people can also make animated GIFs with their own means.

in what areas are gifs used

In What Areas Are GIFs Used?

Today, GIFs, which attract great attention, are used for various purposes in social media. While sharing photos, it may have a purpose such as to color the shared photos and make them interesting and make the chat funny and entertaining in chat applications. Also, GIFs can be prepared as a different and meaningful way of celebrating birthdays in a world where everything is digitalized.

GIFs can be prepared to motivate people, make them laugh, entertain or create some kind of awareness. In general, it is the main goal to gain people’s admiration and make them laugh. People can also do this job to spend time and sell GIFs. Today, people who appeal to a certain audience seek help from this business’s experts to prepare GIFs that can be found directly and attract attention when searched. It can be beneficial when used correctly. But for this, it is necessary to practice a lot and prepare new GIFs by using the most accurate applications. This fun and actually practical formation make sense for people. Therefore, people can prepare extraordinary GIFs using this method when they need to spend time or when they aim to make a gesture for their relatives or prepare for themselves.

make animated gifs

Making Animated GIFs

One of the most asked questions today is how to make animated GIFs. People may want to prepare GIFs as an amateur or professional. Of course, it will not be possible to create professional GIFs all at once. Therefore, people should not start thinking that they will produce amazing things within a few hours. This can only be achieved over time. However, using these tools, it will be possible to create amateur but impressive GIFs in a matter of hours.

GIF Maker Applications

There are GIFs maker applications compatible with both Android and Apple devices today. People can create amateur GIFs using these apps, even if they’re not professionals. These applications, which make things very easy, are very effective as they will help big things to come out in a short time. People whose aim is to prepare GIFs in a short time instead of making money should definitely apply to these applications.

How to Make a GIF in Photoshop

It is one of the most preferred options for making a GIF. Animate in Photoshop is one of the easiest options to choose from for making GIFs. It is possible to create GIFs on paid or free versions of Photoshop. For this, the following steps should be followed.

  1. To create GIFs, people first need to decide which file to create the GIFs. It is possible to create GIFs for an image file or video file.
  2. After opening the application, drop-down menu, the file is selected. File sizes must be eligible to create an animated. The dimensions determined by the applications are usually written in the drop-down menu.
  3. After making a click file, if people are going to write on the GIF, they should write it. People can also select the file by dragging and dropping; this is a more accurate option in terms of image quality.
  4. Then the window timeline is selected, and the duration of the GIF is determined.
  5. GIFs from a video are easier to create and attract more attention.
  6. After the GIF in photoshop is prepared, people can click one of the saves for web legacy or export save for web options to save the file.
  7. Now the GIF file is ready; people can upload the file to any application by drag and drop.

YouTube Videos

This is another option that users who want to create animated GIFs can prefer. People who want to prepare more professional GIFs and profit from this business can get help via YouTube Videos. However, a certain fee is required to prepare professional GIFs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create professional GIFs from free apps.

faq about making animated gifs

FAQ About Making Animated GIFs

Conclusion on How to Make Animated GIFs

To create amateur or professional GIFs, people should get help from some applications. These entities, which will create entertainment on social media, can also make a gesture, laugh or earn money. Our article, which provides brief information about GIF-making tips, will give beginners great practice.

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Information about the tools that can be used is presented. Especially for those who want to prepare amateur GIFs, information is included. Information gives by that article about how to evaluate GIFs, how to prepare GIFs, and get ideas. It will benefit people. Besides, it is an application that should be evaluated by people who have this job with pleasure. It is a process that can pass the time and will make people enjoy it. Now that you know how to create a GIF, why stop here? Keep improving your design skills by learning how to make an infographic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, it is not possible for people to earn a high income by preparing GIFs at first. People should constantly improve themselves, produce new things, and be recognized. It will be beneficial to enlarge his social media accounts and announce his work to people.

Making professional GIFs is not an easy task. Especially in the early days, the person must learn, constantly work and follow innovations. Attention should be paid to the issues on the agenda in social media, and the GIFs to be created should be designed accordingly.

People who want to create GIFs should follow funny posts, videos, and phenomena. Funny GIFs are always getting more attention.

Of course, it is possible; people can prepare GIFs suitable for the photos and videos they want. However, certain file sizes vary from application to application. These issues should be considered for amateur GIFs, but it will be possible to prepare GIFs for each photo and video in applications used for professional GIFs.

People will be able to upload their GIFs to any social media or communication application they want. However, sometimes competition between applications prevents the same GIFs from being loaded into two different applications. These situations need attention.


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