How to Make a Logo

It would probably not be exaggerated to claim that a logo is the showcase of your brand and, by extension, of yourself. It even overtakes your products and services when creating a professional identity. In other words, having a trademark for your business allows you to enter and reside in people’s long-term memories.

Nowadays, for big or small businesses, knowing how to make a logo seems essential. Let’s look at the main options for logo creation that are available on the market for logo creation.

How to Create One on Your Own

Even if you don’t have any prior design experience, you may still want to create a trademark for your business. Keep in mind that this is a quite complex process, requiring taking into account a whole set of criteria, such as:

  • Originality and uniqueness
  • Simplicity, clarity, and message
  • Appropriateness regarding the target clientele
  • The adaptability of the terms of time, color/shades, a device used for display, etc.
criteria to consider when creating a logo

While trying to decide, you may want to turn to a design tool such as an online free trademark maker. Several alternatives exist on the web for those who intend to make a trademark easily and at a low price, if not free. Indeed, many of them charge a fee after the free trial period and/or for additional features (e.g., FreeLogoDesign). You can get and download your trademark quite quickly this way, though. Typically, this kind of online trademark generator offers a set of different trademark templates to choose from. The downside is that customization possibilities on these templates remain generally limited, and the quality may not always be optimal. Plus, the final product that you get through them may lack originality.

If you seek a more sophisticated option, you may also consider getting a logo design kit (e.g., Logo Creation Kit Bundle Edition). This method will increase your chances of obtaining a custom logo reflecting your brand’s specificity. The kits generally include a wide choice of templates and mockups, allowing you to be more creative and flexible.

How to Make a Logo

If you want to create your logo without any professional support, you can follow these steps for your brand logo;

Understand the Reason Why You Create a Logo

In the first step, you need to know your reasons for making a logo because you will create it in this line. It doesn’t matter whether it is for your brand or projects. You must attract your customer in any case. Many people choose the company by looking at its logo. If they like it, they find the brand sympathetic. Moreover, your logo needs to look professional for your business because your brand will be remembered with your logo.

Specify Your Brand

What is the thing that makes your company special? What do you offer your customers? How would you describe your company? All of these questions answer your logo because customers should understand your brand’s identity when they look at it.

how to make a logo

Analyze The Competitors

Your logo should be unique and original. However, there is no problem with taking some ideas from your competitors. You can understand what you need for your logo. You should analyze the concept, colors, and font, and you can see that most companies can meet at the same points. Analyzing these points can help you understand your audience better.

Sketch Your Ideas

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an art expert in sketching your ideas. It is enough to imagine your ideas, and then you will draw them. There is no need for perfect drawings. It will be just a guide for creating your logo on a computer.

Choose a Free Design Website for Creating Logo

There are many websites for creating logos. In addition, you can relax because basic knowledge of creating is enough. These websites are user-friendly and easy to use. Canva, Adobe Express, and Tailor Brands are some examples of logo maker websites.

Choose Colors

The colors of your logo will present your brand. You shouldn’t forget the meanings of colors. According to psychology, let’s say you have a food company, so choosing the red color is a great idea because it evokes hunger. You can use green or blue if you need peaceful colors for your brand. In other words, you should learn the meanings of colors, and you need to best colors for your company. Do you want to look calm or energetic;? These types of questions can be determinants of your color choice.

Find the Best Font

You need to create something memorable; in this situation, you shouldn’t use the most popular fonts. When you choose specific fonts, it may identify with your brand. For example, Google creates a special font for the company’s logo, and when people see this logo, they remember Google.

Now that you have created your logo, it’s time to start a business. See how to start a digital marketing agency.

Designing With the Help of a Professional 

Creating a trademark idea in your mind is often easier than actually designing the trademark itself. This is where collaborating with a professional can make a big difference. A design studio can meet your expectations by providing high-quality, specialized services.

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The task of such agencies is not only to make a trademark adapted to your needs. It includes many other branding-related strategies to promote your business and enhance your professional image. You may think of these as all-in-one packs or formulas. The expert designers working in these studios will consult with you during the different steps of the process. They will then make the necessary adjustments according to your requests. As for the trademark itself, you will most likely obtain a very high-resolution material. The designer can adapt it to various supports and purposes: your website, social media accounts, business cards, etc. (S). He can also provide you with vector files of the trademark to be used later.

A reminder: the term design studio is not confused with the trademark creator kits mentioned in the previous section. Indeed, some of those kits are also labeled as a studio.

Conclusion on How to Make a Logo

We have provided a short guideline on making a logo, hoping to assist you with your undertaking. You can create it free, or you may choose to take help from a professional. In both ways, you shouldn’t forget that your brand’s logo will represent your company, and customers tend to choose companies with quality logos.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Not necessarily. Nowadays, there are quite well-thought and professional-looking generators. However, their disadvantage is to offer a limited range of choices. Plus, there is a high chance of using a logo similar to those of other business companies. 

Not only can you, but you also should avoid piracy issues and minimize the risks of unfair competition. You may consult with your designer for further information. If you design your logo alone, you may seek assistance from an attorney or a trademark service provider. 

Yes, certainly. PDF is one of the vector file types, and these are the most commonly used ones in logo creation. Just make sure that you are working with vector files. 

Yes, you can take a logo design course. There are affordable options nowadays, including online lessons (e.g., Udemy). 

Once registered, changing your logo often or bringing major modifications is not recommended. This is why you should carefully weigh your decision at the beginning. Try to make it as timeless as possible. This is one of the secret formulas of world-renowned companies. However, you can still change your logo in the future year when you want to emphasize a new era or an innovation.

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