How to Increase eCommerce Sales: A Simple Guide

The internet has not only changed our daily lives. It also brought about radical changes in our economic life. The most important of these changes is eCommerce. Our world is fully connected now, thanks to the internet. We all can trade with each other much more easily. Moreover, the current pandemic has also created a catalyst effect for the spread of eCommerce. These conditions clearly show that e-commerce is starting to replace traditional commerce. As such, individual sellers have encountered new opportunities. Besides, many corporate businesses have to master the intricacies of e-commerce in order to maintain their profitability. In other words, e-commerce now has a scope that concerns a much wider audience than before. Based on the importance of this issue, we have prepared a guide for you that can help you be successful in eCommerce. So, let’s get started now. Here are the unique ways to increase eCommerce sales.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

According to research, two out of every three consumers prefer a brand they already know when shopping. That is a really big ratio when it comes to e-commerce. Traditional methods are based on building brand awareness through media such as tv, radio, billboards, and magazines. We need to note that these methods are quite time-consuming and expensive. At the same time, their efficiency is questionable. However, current methods are based on online environments. Search engines, social media, and messaging apps are good examples of turning brand awareness studies online. So, what are the tips to increase your brand awareness through these channels?

tips to increase brand awareness

First of all, you should strengthen your brand’s online presence in order to increase your brand awareness to increase ecommerce sales. SEO is the best way to strengthen your online presence in search engines. You should definitely optimize your website, which you have equipped with great content and quality images, with search engines. If your website is ready for search engines, you can now move on to strengthening your presence in social media channels. Do not forget that social media is in an important position to increase brand awareness. For this reason, most brands get help from professional agencies for their social media campaigns to increase their ecommerce sales.

Make Sure Your E-Commerce Website Is Mobile-Friendly

More than half of the world’s internet usage today is through a unique mobile device. These rates are almost the same for e-commerce shopping. Understanding how much these ratios mean will make something clear. In this way, you may understand why your e-commerce website should be mobile-friendly. You can learn how to check if a website is mobile-friendly to learn if your website is mobile-friendly or not. An e-commerce website that is not mobile-friendly will lose one out of every two potential customers. These ratios may mean half of your entire turnover in terms of profitability. What sane businessman could push such a huge turnover with the back of his hand?

have mobile friendly website

Having a mobile-friendly e-commerce website now means much more than just selling to customers who come to your website through mobile devices. Because Google has recently switched to mobile-first indexing. In other words, Google will now rank non-mobile-friendly websites lower. Consider that Google has a greater than 90% share of the entire search engine market. Thus, you may realize that having an e-commerce website that is not mobile-friendly can mean that you’ll lose much more than 50% of your customers. Let’s specify that it will be less costly to develop a website with mobile responsiveness in the first place. Dopinger’s mobile-friendly test tool may be helpful in this process.

You Can Increase Your Customer Satisfaction With Live Chat

Many experts agree that implementing live chat is extremely difficult. However, you can make it much easier with a few simple methods. First, let’s take a look at what live chat does. Potential customers may encounter some issues while shopping in your online store. Or they may want to ask questions about the products they will buy or other issues. In this case, the first thing they will do is connect to a customer representative from the live chat. If you don’t have a live chat feature, these customers may leave your online store by leaving their shopping unfinished.

The biggest advantage of live chat is that it saves customers from processes such as sending an e-mail or filling out a contact form. Because these processes consist of several steps. It may also take time to get a response. This process may turn your customers off from shopping.

Another advantage of live chat is that it allows your customers to contact you without leaving the page they are on. So, how can you add live chat boxes to your web page? Thanks to chatbot plugins, this process is now much easier than before. These plugins do not interfere with your online store in any way. In this way, your potential customers may contact you directly through these chat boxes without being interested in anything else.

Do Not Neglect to Take Advantage Of The Power Of Social Media

There are many ways to take advantage of social media for your e-commerce venture. For example, many entrepreneurs keep selling their products by opening a business account on many social media channels. Think about how great a revenue stream this could be. First of all, you don’t have to spend the effort and money you’ve spent creating your online store here. All you have to do is upload your products to your store. The only part of this job that may require effort and money is to gain followers for your social media business account. That’s quite little compared to what you’d spend setting up your online store from scratch.

The ads you can place on social channels can be quite target-oriented. That will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of your ads. So, what makes the advertising campaigns you will launch on social networks so efficient? First of all, these networks are highly scalable and analyzable. So, you can easily identify your target audience and which steps of your campaign are successful and which ones are unsuccessful. You can also advertise by collaborating with influencers on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. By collaborating with a micro-influencer, you can deliver your ad campaign and message to your target audience. Thus, you can both deliver the right product ads to the right person and gain the trust of your target audience.

why social networks are so efficient

Another way to leverage social media channels to improve your eCommerce sales is to increase brand awareness. In this way, you can ensure that consumers can trust your brand. Indeed, we have talked about this at the first step of our list. So we can move on to the next step of our list.

Build Your Sales Funnel Properly

Setting up your sales funnel properly is a must for increasing your eCommerce sales. Because in such cases, consumers cannot find the products they are looking for in your online store. So, how do you set up a sales funnel properly? For this, first of all, it is necessary to understand the stages of the consumer’s purchasing journey. Let’s take a closer look at how the consumer buying journey unfolds.

The starting point of a consumer buying journey is to realize the need. As a seller, you advertise to them in order to make them realize their needs. That is where the second step of the consumer buying journey comes into play. At this stage, the consumer sees your ad and clicks on it. In the next stage, the consumer conducts research on the product in question and checks its price from other websites. After the research, if the consumer likes your product, he or she will buy it.

As an online store owner, you should build your sales funnel according to the stages in this buying journey. Otherwise, customers who see your ads and come to your online store may leave without purchasing if they cannot find the relevant product. That means much more than just missing out on your potential customers. Customers who cannot find the products they want to buy in your online store will leave your page immediately. As a result, your website bounce rates will increase. That will cause your web page to rank lower and lower in the relevant search results.

A/B Testing May Help You Get Great Ideas For Improving Your Online Store

What is A/B testing good for? A/B testing provides important data for performing conversion optimization of your online store. So, what does this mean? These tests allow you to find out which of the improvements you have made in your online store have worked. Also, it provides useful insights about which ones have failed. In this way, you can identify the most beneficial solutions for your online store. You will also be able to stop relying on solutions that won’t work. Let’s take a closer look at how this test works.

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First of all, let’s remind you that you will need to make use of an A/B testing tool. You can use either free or paid versions. However, if you want to get comprehensive results on what works and what doesn’t, I would recommend you use a paid tool. If you have decided on your tool, let’s start our test.

  • First, navigate to the A/B testing in your tool.
  • Decide on two different elements whose performance you want to test. For example, these elements could be two different product descriptions or titles. Or you may also prefer to compare two different web page layouts in terms of performance.
  • Start A/B testing if you have decided on the elements to compare.
  • The tool will present the results of the measurements it performs for you in a report.

Why is A/B testing useful? Because it provides solid insights based on pure data that can help you optimize your conversions. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction to even better levels every time. The only important point you need to pay attention to while applying these tests is to use the right tools. It’s also a good idea to supplement your tests with data from other SEO tools.

Complementary Sales May Increase Your Profitability More Than You Would Expect

Complementary sales are one of the most effective ways to increase eCommerce sales, similar to in any physical store. Many entrepreneurs are able to achieve significant profits, large and small, through such sales. All you have to do is accurately determine which complementary products to offer to your customers. For example, you might ask customers who are about to purchase a tennis racket if they would like to purchase tennis clothing. Or, you can offer suitable running shoes to customers who want to buy running clothes.

There are many different ways to implement complementary sales. First, as we have mentioned in the examples above, you may simply ask your customers if they want complimentary products. Or you may recommend these products directly. It’s up to you. Besides, offering these complementary products to them at certain discounts can be a much more effective method. For example, you might offer to sell running shoes to your customer at a 10% discount who is about to buy running clothes.

A more comprehensive complementary sales technique is to offer complementary products to your customers as a package. Here, you may offer running clothes, a running shoe, and a running bag together for 10% cheaper. In this case, your customers will consider the discount you have made for the products. So, they’ll prefer to buy these products together instead of going through the hassle of purchasing these products separately from different places.

How to Increase eCommerce Sales, In Short

The most important goal of every entrepreneur new to e-commerce is to increase the sales of online stores. Increasing eCommerce sales is vital to growing an. Although increasing sales may seem like a difficult task at first, you can overcome this difficulty with a little effort. That being the case, many entrepreneurs look for effective ideas to increase eCommerce sales. In this article, we have prepared a list of the most effective methods that can help you generate sales. We have also talked about the tests you can apply and the tools you can use in this process. We hope that these methods that we have included in our article can help you grow sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Upselling is persuading a customer to purchase a better-featured version of a product. Entrepreneurs can increase the profitability of a single sale through upselling.

Some free popular A/B testing tools are Google Website Optimizer, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, Vertster, Performable, and Genetify.

For this, you first need to identify the consumers who visit your social media channel. Then, you may target your paid social media ads to these visitors.

Some of the most popular live chat plugins are Sendinblue, Olark, LiveChat, Zendesk, Tidio, Formilla, and Pure Chat.

Opening a business account on IG is completely free, and it is really efficient for increasing e-commerce sales.

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