How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel

The Knowledge Panel displays every data you search on Google. For example, movies, actors, stores, businesses. It updates automatically as the information on the internet is updated. It is very important for you to stand out in search results.

If you do not know how to get the Knowledge Panel, which is necessary for you to reach your target audience more easily and stand out, continue reading our article.

Getting a Knowledge Panel

In fact, there is no guideline for getting a Google Knowledge Panel because Google decides whether to show the Panel, but we know a few things that can help you.

First of all, local businesses have more chances in this regard. Since Google decides whether you will be on the Knowledge Panel, it does not make sense to apply for your brand or personal website because Google will not show this information in the Knowledge Panel unless you have an authoritative site.

open a google business account

Open a Google Business Account

Another thing you should do to increase your chances is to open a Google Business account. After you verify that you are the owner of the business, you can add and edit your business address, photos, location information, and hours of service. In this respect, it will also be useful to verify your site with Google Search Console and add structured data markup for businesses.

have the html 5

Having HTML 5

Other things that can help you are that your site has HTML 5, which is the latest version of the HTML language. By listing your site contents as tables and semantic information, you need to keep people away from confusion and make them easily understandable. Your site must contain information with high semantic value, and your content must be reliable and accurate. Also, if your site is mentioned in reliable sources, your chances are increasing.

It will also be very useful to use structured data written in a way that search engines can understand (so they can read the code). Using AMP, the coding method that enables mobile pages to open faster, also increases your chances. . In addition, on your site, you need to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies that aim to rank your site on the top of search engines. Finally, you should share content regularly and provide up-to-date and accurate information to your target audience.

What Have We Learned in This Article?

In this article, we briefly talked about what the Google Knowledge Panel is, who can benefit from it, a few tips that can help you even though there is no definitive guide to obtaining a Google Knowledge Panel, and things that may come in handy if you do.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

The presence of your site in the Google Knowledge Panel allows your target audience to view your content more quickly by bringing the content of your site to the fore.

First, you should log in to the Google Search page and make sure your Web and app activity is active. Next, search for your unit on Google and find the information panel and click Suggest edit at the top. After clicking on the information you want to update, an answer box will appear. In the answer box, clearly indicate your proposed change and why you want to change it, then click Submit.

The Knowledge Panel can take from a few days to a few weeks as they go through requests validation.

You cannot edit your information in the Knowledge Panel instantly. First of all, you must make an arrangement proposal, and your proposal must be approved.

The Knowledge Panel is located in the upper right corner of the search results page.

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