How to Create Facebook Ads

Did you know that you can use Facebook to advertise and grow your business on social media? Now that you have learned that there is such a way, it is time to learn how to do it. Understanding how to take advantage of Facebook Ads has become a key part of almost every social media strategy. If you want your campaigns or products to appear on Facebook online, Facebook ads are for you. So, how to create Facebook Ads? We are sure to find detailed answers in this article!

What Are Facebook Ads?

Today, interest in social media use has increased considerably. In parallel with the increase in internet usage, social media networks have become a platform for brands and customers to come together. Rapidly evolving social media platforms have even been at the forefront of traditional media. That’s why brands and companies changed their marketing strategies. Since advertising models began to develop on social networks, companies realized that it was more advantageous to advertise in these ways.

For any brand to reach its target audience correctly, it is necessary to work with a team that is experts in this field. Teams specializing in digital marketing are increasing your brand awareness by making the most of your company’s advertising. 

You can deliver a new product or a service you’ve already delivered to many people through social media tools. When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook comes to mind first. Given that millions of people and companies use Facebook Ads Manager, it’s clear that Facebook advertising strategies are the best way to turn the audience into potential customers. 

The advantages of ads on social media to companies and brands are very high. Millions of people see any brand or project that can bring new customers. In this way, companies are ahead of competitors and benefit from the benefits of Facebook Ads.

What Does Advertising On Facebook Mean?

How to run Facebook ads tho? Every brand and business wants the services or products it offers to be preferred by many people. For this, it evaluates the most appropriate ad options. It is important to implement the most accurate ad model to appeal to the audience they target.

Facebook ads are the main way to explain yourself best and your services to the audience you want to reach. With these ads, you can give for a fee, determine the ad model that best suits your purpose, and organize a comprehensive strategy accordingly. With Facebook advertising tools, you can achieve success regardless of your purpose. However, at this stage, you need to identify the targets accurately and take professional steps in this direction. Here’s how we can outline the objectives you can target in line with the strategies you create:

identifying your targets

Identifying Your Targets

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Strengthen your assets
  • To reach out to your potential customers
  • Increase your discovery rate
  • Increase your sales by creating loyalty

Facebook, a tool that accurately analyzes its users’ behavior and enables them to achieve targeted goals, has been the focus of the companies’ advertising goals. Interest in the option of advertising over the Internet is increasing day by day. In this context, Facebook always manages to be at the forefront of its advertising possibilities.

Facebook, a platform that has been used by everyone for years, has developed itself with each passing year and began to offer many different features. More than 900 million users have entered their Facebook accounts, especially every day, making this platform an important source of revenue. Thanks to ads categorized by people’s special choices and preferences, everyone can review ads for their interests. In this way, companies attract users more easily and reach the audience more quickly. Facebook Business is real for sure. And that’s why learn how to make a business Facebook page. For this matter, you can check our Facebook for business article to help you.

Strategies Tracked for Facebook Ads

You should choose the most appropriate advertising option to provide customer loyalty to your products and services by raising brand awareness. When you get potential customers for your business, your website’s traffic increases, and you take the right step for your purposes. You also need to implement some strategies to take the right step. First, you should set campaign goals and review the appropriate audience. By examining the ads of competing companies, you can determine the different types of ads that will take a step forward.

strategies for Facebook Ads
  • Make the most appropriate budget assessment for the campaign and start campaigning.
  • Create a baseline and similar audiences.
  • Check social media setup and identify the ad groups you’re targeting.
  • Prepare the most accurate images for advertising.
  • Edit an effective action call text to enable users to access your site.
  • After you run your ad, do your ad evaluation, and be sure to review performance tracking.
  • After performing the necessary analyses and evaluating the tests, you will be able to influence the audience you targeted.

Why Are Facebook Ads Important?

In light of technological developments, internet and mobile device usage has increased. In this way, even if there is no longer a computer, all kinds of transactions can be made by providing access to the Internet with the help of mobile devices. 

The fact that technology has progressed so far has allowed different advertising strategies to develop. The fact that everyone can access Their Facebook account from anywhere at any time is constantly increasing interest in Facebook advertising technology.

Both institutions and audiences meet in common through Facebook. Companies that use these facilities manage to reach their target audience directly with the most accurate planning. That’s why Facebook ads are so important.

How to Advertise on Facebook

Here are the steps for advertising on Facebook:

create ad

First Step and Ad Type Selection

To start your journey on Facebook advertising, first, click on the small arrow icon on the top right side of the Facebook screen, and then click “Create Ads” from the drop-down menu. You will find a page with ad types.

Here’s what the types of ads here mean, let’s talk about it briefly:

  • Sharing With Page Post: You can use it to advertise a post (photos, videos, links) you share on your Facebook page.
create new campaign
  • Page Likes: Increases the number of likes on your Facebook page.
  • Clicks on the Website: Aims to increase your website’s traffic.
  • Website Conversions: Aims to increase a specific action (membership, sales, etc.) on your website.
  • Application Installs: You can use it to increase the number of downloads on your apps.
  • Application Interaction: You can use it to increase the interaction of your apps.
  • Event Responses: You can use your Facebook event to increase engagement by announcing it to more people.
  • Bid Purchases: You can use it to promote your Facebook offers. 
  • Video Views: Your video exists to increase the number of views.

After selecting the ad type, select your Facebook page, and proceed to the next stage with the “Continue” button.


Determining the Target Audience

This is the area you need to care about most when advertising on Facebook. Here you will determine who you want to show your ad to. Here you have to remember this: The more you “accurately” determine the limits of your audience, the more your ad performance increases.

Optimize Your Audience

  • Locations: Choose your ad in the regions (country, province, county, etc.). For example, if it’s going to be an ad that only concerns people who live in New York, you can set the location to Just New York.
  • Age: Determine the age range in which you show your ad. For example, if you have a finance page, you can keep the age range a little higher.
  • Gender: Choose which gender group to show your ad to. For example, it would make sense to show only women the advertisement on your page about women’s shoes.
  • Languages: Add language options. For example, you can only show your ad to people who speak English and German at the same time.
  • Interests: Choose your ad specifically by pages, hobbies, or certain categories that everyone likes. For example, you have a page called The Liverpool Supporters who Love Nutella, so you can target users who like both Nutella and Liverpool.
  • Behaviors: Narrow your ad based on user behavior. For example, if you have a mobile app page, you can edit your ad only for people who use a smartphone and tablet.
  • Links: Show your ad to people who have somehow interacted with your page or never crossed it. For example, if you edited your ad as if you were promoting your page for the first time, it would make sense to select people who had never been linked to your page before.

After you make all the edits, you can see your custom audience details through the Audience Definition field on the right. You can also look at how well you set your audience with the indicator here, and you can see the number of potential access you’ve set based on your audience.


Set Ad Account, Budget, and Duration

In the field here, you will define the budget, ad time, and ad set that you will allocate to the ad.

  • Account Country: Choose which country your ad account is in.
  • Account Currency: Select the currency of your ad account.
  • Account Time Zone: Select your time zone.
  • Ad Set Name: You can use the ad set name to name a new ad set that exists under the campaign you specify.
  • Budget: You can set your budget to “Daily” or “Total Budget” from this section. If you have a limited budget, you can select “Total Budget.”
  • Plan: The area where you can set your ad time. If you choose a daily budget, you can choose an indefinite or specific date range. If you select the total budget, you can only select a specific date range.


This is where you organize how to spend your budget on advertising.

  • Bidding: Here, you’ll determine which criteria to optimize your ad (Page likes, clicks, impressions, etc.).
  • Pricing: You will determine how much you will pay according to the criteria you set in the bidding section. Like giving 30 cents per 1,000 impressions.
ad setup

Visual Selection

The first thing users will see in your Facebook ad is that you should be careful that the image is remarkable and quality, as it will be an ad image.

You can upload a maximum of 6 images for your page ad. The advantage of uploading too many images is that after you give the ad, you’ll get statistics for each image individually. For example, you can improve your ad performance by removing the least interacting images from the air during the broadcast.

The ideal size for visuals is 1200×444. If you install images of a different size, you can edit them using the repositioning feature.

Another thing to note here is that if your image contains a post, this article should not have more than 20% of the rate on the entire image. Otherwise, your image will not receive approval after the evaluation phase. This means that you can have a maximum of 20% of your image.

Text and Link Selection

In this field, you will choose the text you will use in your ad and the link that users will direct when they click on the ad. You can also preview your ad in this field.

  • Text: This means an explanation for your ad. You can type up to 90 characters in this field.
  • Title: The page title that will appear in your ad. You can type a maximum of 25 characters in this field.
  • View to open: When users click on your ad, you can select the area to which the user will be directed (timeline, photos, etc.).

On the right side, you can see how your ad looks in the news source, mobile news source, and right-column ad space. You can also edit your ad in which area you show it here. If you want your example to appear only in the news feed, simply click “Remove” on the right side of the mobile news source and right column tabs.

Completing the Order

When you finish all these arrangements, you can make your final checks and switch to the payment page with the “Order” option by clicking on the “Review Order” option at the bottom.

After finishing all of this, Facebook’s ad team will evaluate your ad. If no situation does not comply with Facebook requirements (See Facebook Advertising Rules), your ad will get a positive response!

After your ad is posted, you can be notified that your ad is being streamed, both by email and via Facebook notification. What you need to do next will be to improve your ad performance by observing status reports and statistics about the ads posted by the Facebook Ad Management page.

Advantages of Facebook Ads for Companies

Advertising is very important for companies that offer products or services. To increase sales, you need to advertise at the right time and to the right audience. You can increase your brand awareness by taking all the steps you need to win new customers and outpace your competitors. Here’s how to outline the main benefits Facebook ads will provide for your company:

advantages of Facebook Ads
  • Facebook ads are low-cost. This allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people by dedicating a small budget.
  • With other advertising tools, you can determine how many people you can reach. However, with Facebook ads, you can determine how many people click on and review your ad.
  • Facebook ads can be hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. You can have your audience review the campaign in advance by advertising via Facebook before your campaign day arrives.
  • You can control Facebook ads. So you can schedule it manually. You can also optionally change text, video, visuals, or audience after you run your ad.
  • The number of Facebook users is very high in the world. That’s why users have extremely easy access to products and services.
  • You can target demographics and locations. You can choose criteria such as gender, age, marital status, location, and education status so that your ad can appeal to the right audience. With Facebook ads offering more flexibility, you can say more. This allows you to make daily budget-appropriate ads. When a user likes your ad, friends of that person can see your ad in the first place. This allows you to reach more audiences in less time.
Facebook Ads Models

Facebook Ad Models

With Facebook ads, it depends on the expertise of the company you’re trying to achieve the success you want. Therefore, you must work with a team that is an expert in your work. The expert team conducts the most accurate and comprehensive analysis of your company and brand. As a result of these analyses, you determine the most suitable Facebook ad model for your audience. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

With this advertising model, which allows you to grow up to 6 times during the year, you can achieve statistical results. Being in constant communication with your customers who shop at your company increases this rate. Aim to track and keep in mind the brand awareness model that is important for visual use.

Dynamic Ad Model

To provide more sales of your products and services, dynamic advertising is the type of ad that is automatically shown to users who have previously purchased. With this ad that allows you to show similar products, you’ll be promoting it more comprehensively.

Page Interaction Model

This method is the method you can use to communicate with new audiences. You can prepare the most popular ads and content by making the most customer analysis. You are moving with the data obtained during the customer database creation phase and you get the most accurate results.

If you liked this article about Facebook ads, you may also like how to create Instagram ads. Facebook Ad Manager and other social media platforms’ advertising tools are here for you to properly advertise your business.


In this article, we explained how to create a Facebook ad. With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook is the 2nd largest social platform in the world. Facebook, which opens its doors to all large businesses with the conveniences it provides to individual users, has also been the platform that provides the most advantage in interacting. Over time, the advertising system has become more useful and more comprehensive than other platforms. That’s why all brands, whether small or big, can advertise through Facebook. At this point, where technology turns our lives into opportunities, you can create your opportunities and draw your map.

Frequently Asked Questions About

With two billion logins per day, Facebook is still active as a social media platform. And the business side of Facebook is a great advantage for people who want to advertise on social media.

If you have the passion and creativity to grow your business, you can give exciting ads on Facebook to achieve your desired success steps towards up.

Facebook is one of the most efficient advertising platforms. Between its billions of active users and the state-of-the-art advertising platform, there is no business in any industry that can not see a significant return on investing in Facebook ads.

If the amount is not too high, your ad account will freeze, but not your Facebook account. You’re still going to be able to use your Facebook account. But you’re not going to be able to move ads anymore. You’ll keep seeing a warning that you owe money, and they can’t charge you, so please change/update your payment method.

One reason Facebook advertising may not be working is that you’re approaching customers who would be the right client in the future, with the wrong ad where they’re on the buyer’s path. The ad copy is best suited for people a lot further down the marketing funnel.

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