Best Free Logo Makers List

Best Free Logo Makers List

Your company’s logo conveys more than simply its name. It establishes credibility, communicates your mission and vision, and builds a relationship with your audience. Your logo’s ability to connect with customers and keep your business top of mind will increase with its memorability. For all this, finding a free logo maker can be a good start.

Creating a logo or hiring a professional artist to do it can be expensive, so this may be why you are searching for the best free logo generators online.

Investing in your brand logo may not initially fit your plans if you have a low budget or a tiny website or business. Do not overlook the significance of your brand’s visual identity, though.

In this article, the best sites for logo design are reviewed. 

Best free online logo makers

  1. Adobe Creative 
  2. Zyro
  3. Canva
  4. Looka
  5. Wix
  6. Shopify
  7. Ucraft
  8. DesignEvo
  9. Fiverr
  10. NameCheap

Let’s investigate those in detail.

Adobe Creative

Adobe Creative Cloud Express, The logo builder in Adobe Creative Cloud Express, is one of the best free logo maker apps in the industry. It is a fantastic free logo tool to design a logo for your brand and company. It offers a wide range of modification options to artistically alter designs, including fonts, colors, and texts.

adobe creative free logo maker

You can start with four styles and more than 100 icons. Additionally, a spinning wheel is available for simple style and placement selection. You do not have to start from scratch, which is a nice feature of the logo creator.

In addition to all these designs and contents, it is a preferred form of logo design for vectorizing images. If you are wondering how to vectorize an image, you can look at our article.

To get a selection of pre-made templates, you can specify your preferences for things like colors, aesthetics, or industry. Like other Adobe products, you will adore this free logo maker’s simplicity.


One of the simplest tools on the list to use, Zyro embodies simplicity in its purest form. Your innovative ideas can be turned into a logo design with our clever logo maker. The only things left to accomplish are choosing a startup logo, a color, and a form.

zyro free logo maker

You will get a ton of different logo concepts that you can easily modify and personalize to come up with your ideal brand. It is also free! You can make and download your logo in minutes without a professional graphic designer’s assistance.

It is the best logo maker for simple designs.


Canva logo maker is a comprehensive online tool for creating logos, which you are probably already familiar with. It is the most popular among free logo maker apps. Canva allows you to make unique logos in addition to making your landing page pictures and social media posts.

canva free logo maker

Users without prior design knowledge may quickly and easily create great logos using a drag-and-drop interface. By responding to a few questions about your company, you may begin using our online logo builder, which comes with more than 100 layouts. You can create a logo for business.

You will see a selection of logos from which to choose based on the name of your firm and your answers. Also you can alter the look, color, and text with just a few minor adjustments. What’s best? The high-resolution logo is available for download without a fee.


Looka has an excellent user interface and is a reliable logo maker for free. This logo design program allows you to save your logo designs as JPEG and PNG files and vector formats like SVG and EPS, making them easy to scale.

Looka walks you through the creation of a logo. You can include specific components that you want people to identify with your brand by adding icons and symbols for them. In addition, you can select the color scheme and general vibe you want to convey.

looka free logo maker

After creating your logo, you may use it in social media templates, experiment with color schemes, and even modify the entire design after the fact.


Wix is a specialized tool for making logos that assists you in producing eye-catching designs for your brand. After providing some basic information about your profession, industry, etc., you may select from a range of appropriate fonts, colors, and icons. You will then see various great, editable logo templates that include your company’s name.

wix free logo maker

When you are finished, you may quickly download the logo picture, and, more importantly, you will have full commercial rights to it. It is one of the best business logo makers


For e-Commerce firms looking to design a simple logo for their online store, Shopify’s Hatchful is the best option. You can create free logo, get a variety of original logo combinations by just typing your brand’s name into the search bar and selecting the icons, colors, and fonts you desire. And It’s easy to use

shopify free logo maker

You may easily alter the logo’s topic, vibe, and color to match your brand message because it is a DIY logo builder. The best feature of this application is that you can receive the logo in your email inbox in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios when you export it. On your website, in social media posts, on business cards, etc., it will be available for use.


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Nothing alluring about the AI-powered designs and logo templates you’ve seen? Ucraft is available to assist in building your distinctive logo from scratch. You may design your logo with this simple-to-use vector designer, which offers various options and versatility with icons, text, color, and shapes.

ucraft free logo maker

The best part is that Ucraft has over 220,000 icons, so you are sure to find the right one. You can freely export the high-resolution PNG image file once your design is finished. If you are looking for a logo png maker, you are at the correct address.


One of the most well-known logo creators, DesignEvo, has more than 10,000 templates to choose from when developing a gorgeous logo for your company. You can easily alter the background, text, color, symbol, shape, and other elements of any template by simply hovering the cursor over them to match the logo to your company’s overall design.

designevo free logo maker

The best aspect is that your website and other marketing items, such as t-shirts and business cards, allow you to see the logo. With any time, everywhere cloud access, you may modify the logo from any device while on the go.


The logo for your company is professionally designed using Fiverr’s logo creator. You can create a captivating logo for your company quite easily with Fiverr. Just type in your brand name and choose the design you want. You may obtain some beautiful ideas and possibilities for creating a logo that raises brand awareness by modifying the colors, symbol, design, and typeface.

fiverr free logo maker

By selecting this paid option, you can pay to have one of their designers analyze and refine your logo, enhancing your creative work.


The NameCheap Logo Design Tool is geared toward business owners and provides incredible capabilities for creating incredibly fantastic logos. By observing them in action on actual applications, you may quickly determine the ideal hues, typefaces, and symbols for your logo.

namecheap free logo maker

You can view lovely mockups to visualize the logo in real life by reducing your options from hundreds to tens. You can get the vector file of your finished logo to use however you wish.

Concluding Best Free Logo Makers List

So, it would be best to consider hiring an expert before using a free logo builder online. An online logo builder can ruin your design, but it can still be a helpful tool if you are on a tight budget. Just be sure you are entirely aware of what constitutes an effective logo. Remember the following five criteria for success: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Creative Cloud Express has the broadest range of use due to its branded components that are simple.

The first app that comes to mind is Shopify (Hatchful). It is one of the best free online logo makers using AI technology. On the other hand, there is also Tailor, which is straightforward to use and has a very user-friendly interface. 

As mentioned, there are five critical elements for a logo to succeed: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. 

A simple design, classic fonts, a color palette of up to three colors, and adaptability make a logo timeless.

Your logo should have a core concept. A brand’s message, beliefs, and vision should all be able to be conveyed through its logo. Do not fall into the trap of displaying what your firm does; make the logo design distinctive and memorable by using a core idea and a clear statement.

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    This free logo maker is a great way to create a logo without spending a fortune. However, it’s important to remember that the quality of the logo will depend on the effort you put in. Take your time to make sure it’s perfect!