Canonical Points To 4XX Issue In Technical SEO 

In the intricate realm of Technical SEO, where precision is paramount, the “Canonical Points to 4XX” issue emerges as a clandestine disruptor. Much like a compass leading astray, canonical tags are meant to guide search engines, but when pointing to non-existent pages (4XX errors), they become a navigational anomaly. We can say that it’s the equivalent of signposts leading to dead ends. 

Why is Canonical Points to 4XX Issue Important for Technical SEO? 

Canonical Points to 4XX issue holds significant importance due to its potential to disrupt the delicate balance of website indexing and search engine rankings. Canonical tags serve as guideposts for search engines, indicating the preferred version of a page. When these tags point to non-existent pages (4XX errors), it creates a misalignment in the indexing process, hindering search engines from accurately understanding a site’s structure. This issue can lead to reduced crawl efficiency, impacting the website’s visibility and potentially resulting in lower rankings. Addressing the misdirected canonical issue is crucial for maintaining a cohesive SEO strategy, ensuring optimal indexing, and upholding a website’s performance in search engine results. 

How to Fix Canonical Points to 4XX Issue? 

Let’s briefly look at how to fix canonical point to 4XX issues. Remember, you may need professional assistance for some of them: 

  • Conduct a thorough crawl of your website to identify pages returning 4XX errors. 
  • Verify the correctness of canonical tags on each page, ensuring alignment with existing, valid URLs. 
  • For pages with 4XX errors, either implement proper redirects to valid pages or remove the references from canonical tags. 
  • Establish a routine for monitoring crawl errors and updating canonical tags as new pages are added or removed. 
  • Leverage tools to identify and rectify any canonicalization issues reported by the search engine. 
  • If a page has permanently moved, implement 301 redirects instead of canonical tags to ensure proper indexing. 
  • Educate content creators and developers on the importance of accurate canonicalization and best practices to prevent future occurrences. 
  • Explore canonicalization tools and plugins that can automate the process of aligning canonical tags with valid URLs. 
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