Best Website Ideas for Money Making in 2024

Every day, we meet a new method of making money thanks to the internet. Since the conditions are like this, there are many entrepreneurs who are after making money by establishing a website. Today, a large part of commercial life has moved to online environments. There are larger opportunities that may inspire you to set up a website to make money. Today, we have prepared a detailed guide on website ideas to make money for 2024. So, let’s get started.

Website Idea List To Make Money:

  • Start a Blog Website
  • Start a Dropshipping Website
  • Build an e-Commerce Website
  • Start an e-Learning Website
  • Build a Recipe Website
  • Start a Buying Guide Website
  • Build a Finance Website
  • Build a Website You Can Showcase Your Photos

Start a Blog Website

I am sure that almost every internet user has read a blog post before. Because they are one of the most common website choices and ideas when it comes to making money online. They also tend to be useful about much more than just generating direct income through an online channel. For example, a blog website can be extremely useful for building your personal brand. They are also perfect for helping brands to increase their online awareness and sales. Because they are quite adept at driving traffic to the brand’s websites. The most important thing to start a blog website is to find topics that will interest your readers. These topics also must help you to express yourself. So, how can you make money through a blog website? Here are some ways to monetize a blog website:

  • Placing paid ads on the blog website
  • Posting sponsored blog content on the website
  • Creating a paid subscription system for the blog website
  • Affiliate Marketing

Among these methods, there is one that has attracted a lot of attention recently. It is affiliate marketing. Because this is a method that can significantly increase the online revenues of blog websites. There are some tricks you can apply to grow an affiliate website. Let’s talk about them now.

The most important dynamic of a successful affiliate blog is specializing in a particular niche. Thus, you can increase the probability of ads you get from brands that do business related to your niche. The key to being successful in any online channel is SEO. That is why your blog website must have good SEO to make more money through affiliate marketing. This way, you can drive more traffic to your website and, as a result, generate more revenue from both affiliate ads and sales.

Make a Dropshipping Website

Start a Dropshipping Website

You can make money with minimal effort by starting a dropshipping website. Making money through this system is much easier than a regular e-commerce website. The reason it’s easier to make money is that you won’t have to worry about shipping or inventory. All you have to do is to promote the products you want to sell on your website. The better you promote these products, the more sales you will make. Of course, SEO is one of the most important dynamics in this method too. However, one of the most important issues that may affect your sales is gaining the trust of customers. So, how does the sales process work on a dropshipping website?

First of all, let me state that a dropshipping website is less profitable than other online websites. In fact, that is its handicap of being less troublesome. You determine the products you will sell on your website. For each product, make the pricing by putting your own profit on it. All you have to do is to send the sales information for each product you sell to your dropshipping partner. As we have mentioned, it may seem more inefficient compared to other online sales channels in terms of profitability. However, this method requires both minimal investment and minimal effort. So, how do you start this journey?

To start this business, you eventually need to set up a website. To do this in the simplest way, we recommend using WordPress. By using WooCommerce, you can build yourself a great dropshipping website. WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin. Therefore, it is highly scalable. Another important advantage of it is that it has many extensions, both paid and free. You can take advantage of them to increase the functionality of your dropshipping website.

e-Commerce Website

Build an e-Commerce Website

It is possible to earn a lot of money by actively trading online. That’s why starting an online store is at the top of the best website ideas for business. Of course, the potential gains of opening an online store come with challenges. For example, you may need to make a significant investment to open an online store. In addition, you will also need to stock your products and ship orders on your own most of the time. Naturally, all profit you will get from product sales will be yours, though. However, we will not discuss these issues here. Here we will examine setting up an online store in terms of building a website.

There are many platforms that offer an easy way to set up an online store. Shopify and Zyro are the leading platforms in this regard. There are many advantages to setting up an online store here. Above all, they have the best possible facilities in terms of customer experience. However, they also offer a number of tools to help you optimize your conversion rates. Moreover, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use these tools. All you have to do is decide on the products you will sell. Let’s explain to open an online store on these platforms now.


How to start an online store in Shopify

Setting up an online store on Shopify is pretty easy. You can start using it with a free trial version. The free trial version is 14 days. The first thing you need to do when you start using the trial version is to enter a store name. This name will also be your default URL. Note that you cannot change this name later. However, if you spend some money, you can buy a domain name later. If your business idea and name are ready, upload your logo as well. Finally, add photos taken from different angles of the products you will sell and start your store.

If you want to sell on Shopify, you might be interested in our article on Shopify SEO.

Zyro Online Store

How to start an online store in Zyro

You only need three things to open an online store on Zyro. First, choose a Zyro plan that is suitable for the size of your online store. Then, choose a template that will be the skeleton of your online store. Make sure it matches the theme of your store. Finally, you can set a domain name and open your store for online sales.

Start an e-Learning Website

The internet has radically changed almost everything in our lives. It still has the potential to change many more things. Education is one of these fields open to this great change. Many people have already realized this. For this reason, everyone is aware that they can learn almost everything online for free or at much lower prices. This situation has created an entirely new industry with high growth potential. It is called e-learning. Moreover, platforms like Google and YouTube pay educational websites and channels much more for ads. Therefore, by starting an e-learning website, you can earn much more than you think.

This potential has already captured the attention of many specialist educators and academics. For this reason, there is a quite high probability that you can find many educational content or videos on almost any topic. However, the human need to learn is like a bottomless pit. There is always something we can learn. And new things will continue to emerge that we always need to learn. So, if you are an expert in a subject, you can share your knowledge through an e-learning website.

In order to earn money while doing this, there are generally two options before you. The first of these is to transfer what you know free of charge to those who want to learn from you. In this way, you can make a good profit with the ad revenue of your website or YouTube channel. We need to note that these platforms pay 3-4 times more advertising fees for educational content than normal. Besides, you can make money by creating a membership system and selling educational content to your subscribers. Most expert trainers share beginner tutorials for free. Then, they sell the content of the next levels to those who want to buy.

Build a Recipe Website

Build a Recipe Website

Are you hungry? You may not be hungry now. However, you know as well as I do that you will be hungry soon. For this reason, the food industry is one of the sectors that will never die. Why not profit from its popularity online? Eating is not just about quenching hunger. It is a pleasure for many, a culture for many of the world’s population, and art for some. So, don’t just see it as a vital need. For these reasons, it is important for many people to cook their own food for themselves or for their families. With a great resource like the internet at your disposal, there’s no reason not to try something new when it comes to cooking.

Yes. You can be sure that many people think so. They need more than an unsustainable habit of ordering take-out every day. If you’re a good cook and smart enough not to ignore their needs, you can make money by starting a recipe website. Here are the most effective tips on how to do this:

SEO always comes first. Perhaps, it is the only thing you’ll need to know other than your professional knowledge to start a recipe website. However, there are many tools and plugins that you can get help with it. You have probably learned how to cook something from a recipe website. Have you ever asked yourself what the long introductions you see here are for? These are there to provide more search engine traffic, thanks to SEO. In this way, you can multiply your earnings from ads by attracting more traffic to your recipe website. If you can create your own personal brand this way, you can also earn money by selling your special recipe books.

Start a Buying Guide Website

When we’ve talked about the best money-making website ideas, we’ve mentioned that e-commerce websites can make a lot of money. That is why there are so many e-commerce websites exactly. So, how will people know if their products are of good quality without buying something from them? One of the cool website ideas for exactly this need is buying guide websites. These are popular websites that aim to help consumers make more clear decisions about the products they will buy. In this respect, we can say that they are unique money-making websites ideas. So what exactly can you describe on such a website?

First of all, it would be useful to present the popular products on such websites. Because this is an effective way to drive more traffic to your buying guide website. While identifying popular products, you can analyze what kind of products users have searched for recently through tools such as Google Trend. Once you find the right product, the rest is easy. Compare the features of this product with its counterparts. While doing this, do not forget to evaluate the price, which is one of the most important issues for buyers.

There are also many possibilities to make money with a buying guide website. First, make sure that online stores will start sending products for you to evaluate as your website grows. In time, you will start getting money from them over time to evaluate these products. At the same time, the income your website will generate from ads will also be worth mentioning.

Finance Website

Build a Finance Website

The most important feature of a financial website is to be up to date. For this, you should update it regularly, not once a week or every other day, but every day. It is inevitable for such a financial website to gain a considerable audience with a good design. The importance of such websites to readers is that they are often the first point of contact between customers and brands. That usually occurs in three ways. Potential customers come to these types of websites to learn about a particular fund. Besides, they often come here to obtain information that they cannot get through the website of the company they want to work with. It is a valuable consideration for them that often influences their decisions. Finally, they also visit these websites to learn about the teams they want to work with.

If you’ve set up a financial website, you should be able to generate an ideal customer base from these visitors. But achieving this is not an easy task. It is an even more difficult task, especially when it comes to financial websites. Fortunately, we have a couple of tips to offer that may help you achieve this.

One of the most important aspects of a financial website is to have a responsive design. Remember that people dealing with financial matters are busier than you think. Therefore, it is impossible for them to find time to go to their computers to deal with financial matters. That’s why your website should be with them at all times. The way to do this is to be on their smartphones. Another important issue for a successful financial website is to simplify the data as much as possible. Finally, we strongly recommend that you give high priority to the security aspects of your website.

Build a Website You Can Showcase Your Photos

Are you a person with an artistic soul? Then you’re going to want to monetize it. The good news is that you can make good money online thanks to your artistic skills. If you’re an artist who travels around the world with a camera, you should take advantage of this opportunity to earn money. So, how can you do this?

  • First of all, let’s say that photography websites are among the most used websites to create digital content.
  • You might also consider printing your interesting photos on mugs, t-shirts, or pillows and selling them on your website.
  • You can also sell technical photography and photo editing services for digital content producers on your website.

Let me point out that in order to monetize your own photos, you must own the copyright. However, you can also use your photography website as an online portfolio. Thus, you can show the quality of your photography services to your potential customers. We also recommend that you do some research on the photography website homepage ideas. Thus, you can make it a more interesting portfolio. You should not neglect to make use of social media channels to make money from your photography talent and expand your website.

Best Website Ideas for Money Making in 2024, In Short

Do you want to build a great website? Who wouldn’t want, I can hear you say. If you’re one of those who think like this, we’re sure that our guide about the best website ideas will be of interest to you. Here, we have examined different types of websites focused on money ideas for you. We’ve also shared some tips in this guide on how to bring these website ideas to life. We hope this guide has provided you with information that can help you build the wonderful website of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About

For beginners, posting about your hobbies and interests on a blog website is one of the best options.

The first of these stages is to determine the right platform. Then, you need to determine a suitable domain name for your website and purchase it. If the initial stage is complete, then it’s time to customize the appearance of your website. Then, install the tools you will need. Finally, set up your website by uploading your pages.

There are many website builders to use to build business websites. Three of the most popular among them are Webnode, Wix, and Ucraft.

We can say that this cost is an average of 200-250 dollars. Besides, the ongoing cost of your website will be around $50 per month on average.

It may be any price between $5 to $50.

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