Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

When you manage a WordPress website, you must remember to measure user engagement properly because it is essential to strategize the growth and determine its effectiveness. This is why users need Google Analytics Plugins in order to find their statistics directly from the dashboard. The analytics tool allows you to track your website visitors, their interaction with the website, location, and favorite content.

Many beginner website owners tend to guess what content to produce for their business. Analytics tools make it very easy for them. These Google Analytics help them collect data about their visitors and needs. There are too many plugins for WordPress for the realization of this purpose. Each of them has similar features, functions, and benefits. This article will discuss the best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress and guide the users on how to add them.

Top 10 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress



MonsterInsights is one of the best plugins that includes advanced tracking features. It makes it easy to practice monitoring tasks of a specific website. It is very effective for eCommerce reports. There were many versions of this plugin, but the latest offers users a high activation process and journey analytics. 

Key features: 

  • The user can compile vital web stats for reports. The process will be sent to the email inbox. 
  • The process is easy to set up. Go to the admin menu and activate the plugin to connect with the Google Analytics account
  • It is helpful to track events. You can identify your visitors’ goals when they visit your WordPress site.
  • Users can use customized reporting through the interface.
  • Users can track the performance of eCommerce sites to identify the top-selling products, average orders, and rates.
  • You can view Google Analytics reports right on the dashboard in real-time.
  • This plugin integrates well with other WordPress plugins. 
  • Users can track Google Ads and clicks on links inbound or outbound. 

But MonsterInsights can be pretty expensive for small businesses. The paid plan starts at $99.50/year. 



This is another popular plugin for WordPress website owners. Its features allow the owners to set up Google Analytics without help from a professional or code use. It provides reports that bring statistics to your dashboard. So it will enable the owner to check the performance of the website and its working strategies. 

It has many tracking features like custom dimensions, file downloads, scroll, and eCommerce tracking. Owners use these features for data collection without the event tracking feature mentioned in MonsterInsight. With this plugin, you can do tracking and collect data with some features like: 

  • eCommerce for tracking online store
  • Google AMP tracking
  • Detailed reports in the dashboard
  • Search for console reports
  • Google Analytics without coding
  • Event tracking of link clicks and downloads



You can use the HubSpot plugin for site analytics, marketing, and CRM for the best of your website. This is the best WordPress plugin for larger businesses. It allows you to engage with many visitors to your website—the current version of this plugin is Gutenberg block for image preview and event tracking. After the installation, users are given a holistic view of performance and detailed data collection opportunities.

Key features of this plugin: 

  • Analysis of content performance with filters. It is effective in traffic analytics.
  • Website owners can predict the ranking and score of side leads’.
  • Plus, to Google Analytics, this plugin opens space for integrating multiple (1000+) tools, sales, and marketing.
  • Owners can analyze the success of events when visitors take action. They can receive automatic emails and notifications. 
  • You can build campaigns using content pieces to analyze some aspects of blog posts and pages. Then you can improve them to reach larger conversions.

However, there are many non-analytics features on HubSpot. So some users can be overwhelmed with some tools.  

Google Analytics 

google analytics

Google Analytics can be considered the most powerful solution for WordPress mainly because it is strong and free to use. You can use various features to help you find your website’s visitor interactions. 

Also, it integrates with different Google marketing services, such as seeing your visitors’ actions when using Google Ads and Analytics. 

But to set up Google Analytics, you have to enter the tracking code manually to ensure that you are setting it up without a plugin. In addition, you have to set up all tracking processes manually, such as link clicks, form conversions, advanced trackings, and eCommerce. 

Here are some functions of Google Analytics: 

  • Custom reports
  • Find out the demographics of visitors 
  • Reports with details for understanding the visitors
  • Data exportation
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Check pages and posts to get a report about most visits
  • Report user fluency



Analytify is one of the most used plugins that are easy to install and has a clean Google Analytics dashboard. Users can access their website stats easily. It has 2 million active users and downloads. The current version, 4.2.1, allows practicing Fluent Forms integration. Also, several bugs were fixed. It offers a free version and premium starting from $59-$299/year. 

But there is some problem when it comes to glitch reports from users. They complain about having too many ads and other errors. 

This plugin offers: 

  • Monitor the campaign of social media performance. 
  • Short-codes for adding stats to many custom WordPress templates such as pages and HTML widgets. 
  • Displaying statistics on the website without logging in to the dashboard. It will show the web traffic accurately. 
  • Check stats of individual posts and pages.
  • Tracking of portfolios, testimonials, and galleries as custom post types. 
  • Monitoring bounce rate and cart abandonment for improving strategy. 

WP Statistics

wp statistics

WP Statistics helps you to track visitor activities as the best WordPress plugin. This plugin has no advanced features like MonsterInsights, but it allows you to find useful statistics for your business. Inside your WordPress dashboard, you can find the country, referrals, and other stats of the visitors. These key metrics will help you produce content that your visitors look for. With WP Statistics, you can email reports, build different graphs and visualizations, find the city and country of the visitors, and multiple filters for data sorting to sort IP, location, and keywords. 



Jetpack is a powerful all-in-one plugin that provides performance tools, CRM, and website security. It has Google Analytics Integration in growth tools that allow you to view website traffic and stats. 

Users who look for site stats and downtime monitoring can enjoy a free membership package. Users can buy a Security package for $10.95/month for more security features. 

Jetpack provides service and ease with these features: 

  • Protection of the site such as daily backups, malware scans, and spam
  • Suitable for new users with ease to deal with an interface that provides basic statistics
  • Handling multiple sites from one dashboard
  • Activity log for tracking site changes
  • Free CDN that provides static files. It saves bandwidth and costs since users don’t do it on their own but are provided by its servers.  

Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics Plugin

enhanced ecommerce google analytics

This is a free WordPress plugin to track your WooCommerce Store. It helps users to collect data from website visitors and optimize the store, and also it uses the eCommerce tracking feature of Google Analytics. It supports new reports such as product and sales performance, shopping, and checkout behavior. 

This plugin offers many website behaviors that allow you to analyze the shopping and browsing of your visitors. But there are some limitations. Firstly, beginners can have simple products, shortcodes, subscription products, and child themes. 

There is only one issue with this plugin. Some reports that this specific plugin deletes its settings, which causes problems for owners of websites.  

GA Google Analytics

ga google analytics

This plugin enables the Google Analytics tracking code on all pages of your WordPress site. It does not have the same power as MonsterInsights, but it is a perfect plugin for starters. It has a free version and premium for $10/year. 

You must log in to your Google Analytics account to access reports and data and disable the tracking of admin users, so your data will not be skewed by people during the work-related season. You have to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin to get new features. The Pro version of this plugin offers personal, business, advanced, and developer choices at different rates. 

10Web Analytics


This one is a popular plugin that is easy to install. With this plugin, you can use custom dimensions and view reports of Google Analytics from the WordPress admin area. Some features such as custom reporting, eCommerce reporting, filter tracked data, and goal management allows website owners to collect data about campaigns in one dashboard. It has strong customer support that allows you to resolve your issues. However, there are some reviews about functioning problems. 

How to Add Google Analytics Plugins to WordPress

Google Analytics is a service that allows website users to track their site traffic, such as customer reports, visitors, interactions, content in demand, and location of visitors. So gathering data about site visitors and their behavior is important to improve website performance. 

how to add google analytics plugins to wordpress

Here is how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress: 

  1. Make sure you have a WordPress site.
  2. Register an account on Google Analytics to WordPress.
  3. Choose and install Google Analytics. There are two ways:
  • Connect manually by inserting the tracking ID and code snippet into the header.php file.
  • Set up without any code editing by using Google Analytics plugin.

Best Google Analytics will help to improve SEO, produce content, and optimize the user experience and marketing efforts by building an audience on behavior, conversion rate, and demographics. 

What is the Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin?

After analyzing the Google Analytics list, MonsterInsights is the best one to track your website traffic. This plugin offers perfect features at affordable prices. The team behind it is always working hard on updates and improving the software. When it comes to eCommerce reports, MonsterInsights is the best plugin that offers sustain event tracking, customized reporting, eCommerce tracking, and email reports. So it is the best for advanced tracking. It provides a solution without any coding. You can collect data about website visitors and improve its performance with just a few clicks. It comes with advanced and simple features. Only the price is quite expensive for new starters. However, it has an excellent free version. 

But if you are looking for a Google Analytics plugin for free, ExactMetrix is the second best choice. And the third one is Hubspot which is best for large businesses with all-in-one growth. Whichever plugin you choose to use, you must know WordPress SEO tips for high-rank results.

Best Feature of Each Plugin

  • MonsterInsights– best for advanced eCommerce tracking.
  • HubSpot- is very effective for large businesses looking for all-in-one growth.
  • Analytify– best for producing detailed reports.
  • WP Statistics– best for producing geographical reports.
  • GA Google Analytics– best for Analytics such as reporting.
  • Jetpack– best for viewing overall analytics stats.
  • ExactMetrics- best Google Analytics without coding.
  • Google Analytics– advanced tracking, strong and free to use.
  • 10Web Analytics- filter tracked data and goal management.
  • Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics Plugin– best for tracking WooCommerce Store.


In this article, we explained the best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress. Website owners must install plugins to collect data about visitors and their behavior. With lots of features of these plugins, they can track visitors and collect data such as the location of visitors, their favorite content, and interactions with the website. We analyzed the 10 best Google Analytics plugins and explained what to choose by providing details and offers. Hands down, the best 3 plugins are MonsterInsights, ExactMetrics and HubSpot. These are for experienced website owners who have large businesses. They can get reports about website performance. These top plugins are quite expensive compared to others. But all of them offer inseparable features to collect data and improve WordPress. Each of these plugins has the best features for tracking visitor behaviors. So website owners must set up their WordPress and install one of these plugins. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

No, you have to install Google Analytics to WordPress. Register an account on Google Analytics to WordPress, then choose and install Google Analytics. You can connect manually or set it up without code editing.

There are free options like ExactMetrix and Hubspot or GA Google Analytics. However, you have to pay for the other Google Analytics plugins.

Some of the Google Analytics plugins are MonsterInsights, Hubspot, Analytify, WP Statistics, GA Google Analytics, Jetpack, ExactMetrics, Site Kit by Google Analytics, 10Web Analytics, and Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

You can find Google Analytics plugins on the website of WordPress plugins page. Write the plugin which you choose and search it. Click the “download” button and install it.

MonsterInsights, ExactMetrix, and Hubspot are WordPress’s best Google Analytics plugins. However, You should still research Google Analytics plugins and decide on the most suitable ones for your website.

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