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Landing pages are generally web pages that appear from users’ actions, such as clicking on an online advertisement, marketing promotion, or marketing email. According to users’ activities on landing pages, companies’ conversion rates arise. Creating landing pages can be struggling for some companies. Therefore, landing page tools can be helpful to deal with the difficulties of creating one.

Difficulties of Creating Landing Pages

Creating landing pages seems too difficult for site owners, especially if they do not have technical experience or no landing page examples to examine; also, they take too much time even if they have technical expertise. After marketers struggle with this process, they generally cannot obtain the conversion rates as much as they expected. Hence, they might think that it is not worth it because they also do not know how to enhance their landing pages.

In order to prevent these issues, marketers and site owners are encouraged to use landing page tools. Even they think that it is not worthy, creating them in an easy way and achieving good conversion rates makes the landing pages efficient to utilize.

the goal of landing pages

The Goal of Landing Pages

Users can encounter different terms for landing pages too. For instance, users can also use “static page,” destination page,” or “lead capture page” for landing pages. Besides, they are accessible via social media, email campaigns, or search engine marketing campaigns. Marketers aim to higher their advertisements’ effectiveness with these pages.

Time needed: 15 minutes

This effectiveness can be provided in two ways:

  1. Leads

    Leads are potential customers for companies. Consequently, they need additional information or encouragement to take action. Companies generally add contact information, email address, or phone number into landing pages to make visitors their leads.

  2. Sales

    If companies expect sales from their static pages, they generally add links to direct them to a shopping cart.
    After determining their goals and creating their destination pages, they can examine the analysis. These analyses show the success rate of advertisements by giving the conversion rates.

the best tools

The Best Tools

It is significant to use landing page tools to avoid the problems that marketers can encounter and higher the quality and effectiveness of these pages. Thus, companies can carry their conversion rates at higher levels and get many profits over time.

Site owners can create their static pages in minutes and with less effort with the help of the templates that are offered by these landing page tools.


Unbounce is one of the best options, especially for beginners. It is because they have a drag and drop feature, which makes any process a lot easier. They have side menus that include text boxes, images, forms, and many other options. Users can drag the options on the landing page template and fill them according to their needs. Firstly, users can start the free 30-day trial and then subscribe to a paid plan which is $49 per month.

Besides, responsiveness is crucial in these times because users access the websites via different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop devices. If destination pages are not responsive, users might not be able to reach the pages via their mobile phones or tablets. Even though they can reach, the pages may not show up correctly. Consequently, the conversion rates can be affected significantly.

Another excellent feature of Unbounce is that you can add forms in any format. Companies generally utilize these static pages to collect the data of users. These data contain email addresses or phone numbers of users. Therefore, being able to create and customize these forms are essential for website owners and companies.

Rather than these features, there are various templates of landing pages. Besides, Unbounce users vote for these templates. Hence, beginners can have ideas and suggestions for these templates.


LeadPages is one of the most well-known tools. It has prices for each template in addition to its monthly fee. Even though there are free templates, generally, they cost $10-15. Besides, you can subscribe for higher tiers in order to have advanced features.

LeadPages have mostly similar features to other tools. However, they have some other unique features that carry them to higher levels. Firstly, they have a wide scale of templates. Moreover, they are sorted according to the conversion rates they have achieved. Nevertheless, it does not mean that your destination page will get the same conversion rates. It is because the conversion rates are also affected by other factors such as value proposition.

Like other tools, you can examine your pages’ analysis by LeadPages too. They offer detailed analysis to show the performance of your campaigns. Additionally, this tool enables you to create your landing pages as pop-up pages. It means that the pages appear on visitors’ screens once they reach your site. Of course, with these features, it costs more than most of the other tools.

landing page tool hello bar

Hello Bar

Hello, Bar offers an excellent feature by adding a bar on the top of your website that will direct your visitors to your landing page. It is beneficial for websites’ traffic, and it creates an attraction. Hence, conversion rates and actions increase.

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You can freely create your account and add a Hello Bar to your website. Once you register, the tool will show different goals for you to choose from. It can be collecting email addresses or showing announcements. Then, another page will appear to edit your Hello Bar. You should add a headline, and you can customize it by adjusting the font and color. After these steps, all you need is to click the “Save & Publish” option.

5 Second Test

This tool has a different goal from other tools. It basically measures the effectiveness of your landing page. Usually, visitors do not think deeply or search. Thus, they should be attracted by your ads in the first 5 seconds. If they cannot understand the message at the given time, it means that the message is not clear enough. Hence, you should make adjustments.

Users see ads for five seconds and then, they disappear. After that, users are asked to complete questions about these ads. If they answer correctly, your ads are evaluated as clear. If they do not, your ads are not straightforward enough.

It is also a very cheap tool. You can participate in evaluating other companies’ ads, or you can pay $1 for each test. It would be best if you also kept the fact that your target audience in mind because the people who evaluate your landing pages might not be from your target audience.

Shortly, Landing Page Tools

Destination page tools are the most effective ways to create landing pages. They save site owners time and effort. Even though some marketers struggle while making them, they will get the best profits if they utilize these tools. They have various templates with various features. It means that any marketer with any goal can use them.

Besides, there are other tools to measure the effectiveness of these landing pages. Marketers can efficiently utilize them to get a second opinion in a cheap way. If they create their static pages carefully and design them according to their leads’ needs, site owners will not struggle with them, and also, they will take a practical step to increase their websites’ traffic. If this post has caught your attention, then we believe you will also enjoy reading the best blogging platforms on which you can display your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Landing pages are created for specific campaigns to take action from visitors. However, websites are not designed for specific campaigns. They consist of different information, campaign, and/or data about a company or a blog. Thus, landing pages are linked to websites to obtain actions from visitors.

These two terms are not synonymous because they have totally different meanings. The homepage is the page that a visitor sees first. Landing pages can be connected to the homepage; however, a landing page’s main goal is calling visitors to action.

If you use the given tools, you can create them for $50-100 dollars per month. However, depending on their complexity and the time that they require can increase the price to $2000 if you are collaborating with some agencies. Thus, the landing page tools are the most affordable way for your static pages.

It depends on the message you want to give. Firstly, they should be appealing with their headlines, fonts, and colors. Besides, you can customize them according to your needs. They can include contact information such as an email address or a phone number, or a link to direct visitors to the checkout area.

Creating a basic landing page might not be as effective as you expected. However, how you customize it influence it positively. For instance, visual stimuli help increase the focuses of visitors. Therefore, they are more catchy and easier to remember.

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