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Duplicate content is never a good thing for websites, especially for SEO. If you want to follow a good SEO strategy and rank high on the SERPs, you have to watch out for duplicate content. Unique and high-quality content is one of the musts in on-page SEO strategies. So, make sure that your content is 100% unique and of high quality.

duplicate content checker

Why Is It Important to Have Unique Content for SEO?

For Google's search engine algorithm, it is very important that your site is unique during the crawling and indexing processes. Duplicate content or categories can create various problems for Google. It does not know which content or category to include in its indexes, it cannot find the points where it will direct link metrics, it does not know which content to rank for search engine results.

The fact that your site is not original makes it very difficult for the search engine to understand you. As a result, you will experience various problems in crawling and indexing processes, and your site will fall to the lower levels in search results. When search engine bots show the same content more than once, that is, if your site is not original, you will lose traffic for each content or category.

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duplicate content checker tool

What Is Duplicate Content Exactly?

If the content on your site duplicates or the same, it is called duplicate content. Google search engine bots are constantly developing new algorithms to provide users with the most accurate and original information. These algorithms have hundreds of criteria. When we take this issue as a basis, site originality comes at the top of the criteria. The main reason because search engine bots don't want to show users the same information or content. It is almost impossible for a non-original site to rank high in search results. While testing your site to be original, the first thing we look at is your subheadings. In order for your site to be unique, you must not have duplicate content or pages.

Advantages of Duplicate Content Checker Tool

It is very advantageous for you to have a page originality test in order that there is no similarity or copy quality between the categories, content, the home page, and other pages on your site. Because having identical or duplicate pages makes it difficult for search engines to crawl and index. Here are the advantages of a plagiarism check;

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How to Use Our Duplicate Checker Tool

You should always check your site's originality in order to rank higher in Google search engine results. Checking the originality rate of your website at certain periods allows you to progress more healthily. Using our plagiarism checker tool is pretty easy;

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Duplicate Content Checker F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

Unique content is content that is not written anywhere else. If you are copying other website's content or at least some of it, it wouldn't be unique content.

Our tool is produced with secure software, and there is no risk in your use.

It is all free to use our duplicate content tester. You can use it however you want.

No, you can use our duplicate content checker tool as many times as you want.

If your website is not unique when Google or other search engines crawl your website, then they wouldn't rank your site higher due to the copied content.

You can easily detect identical or duplicate pages within your site and fix them.

With the duplicate content testing tool, you can maintain the originality rate on your site and facilitate the crawling and indexing of search engine bots.

If your website is open to freelance authors, it would be best to do it constantly. Also, doing it once in two weeks is a great idea as well.

With this tool, you can access the information of your identical or duplicate pages.

After clicking on our content category in the dashboard and clicking on the page uniqueness check or the website uniqueness check, you can easily do your testing.

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