What Is Moz? (Features & How to Use It?)

Link popularity score we call Moz. Having quality links to websites does not affect this score. The website with high link quality scores receives more Moz Rank scores. In general, the Moz Rank score values of websites we can call moderate quality are between 3 and 4 on average. It is quite simple to increase this score value of a website from 3 to 4. 

However, it is very difficult to increase the value of a website with a score value of 8 to 9. As the figure value increases, so does the difficulty. We value Moz Rank from 0 to 17 to websites. Websites receiving low Moz Rank value generally do not have low link potential, no social media accounts, no contact information, content quality is low, and receive a lot of links. On the contrary, websites with high link potential, social media accounts, and active use of these accounts, have contact information and have high-quality content. What is Moz, how to use, what does it do? In this article, we will examine in detail.

What Is Moz Rank

What Is Moz Rank?

The most important purpose of websites can be at the top of search engines. For this to happen, the feature SEO work is very important. Websites need Moz Rank scores to rank higher. Some criteria have an important place during the Moz Rank calculation process. Here are the following criteria:

  • The articles within the website are unique
  • Linking out from within the website
  • The year or age of the website

The fact that the articles are original and high quality within the website is among the processes that will increase the score. If the links are included in the articles, we will look at the spam value of this link in Moz Rank. If spam is low, linking is a plus one. But if you’re linking to a risky website with high spam value, it lowers the score. The age of the website is one of the factors that affect the score. The older the website is, the higher the Moz Rank value.

How to Use Moz

How to Use Moz?

Especially as a result of google’s analysis, the fact that the website is at the top of the website has an important place for website owners. Moz Rank is one of the tools that calculate algorithms for this measurement. Moz Rank uses three parameters when calculating. Here’s how we sort these parameters:

PA: Page Authority

This value measures whether the pages below the domain are quality.

DA: Domain Authority

This value is the criterion of domain evaluation. The domain name is very important in this criterion. It is possible to measure the answers to questions about whether the incoming links received links from which sources the article receives.

SS (Spam Score)

The website’s spam score is one of the most important criteria. A low spam score means the website is more reliable.

Calculating Moz Rank Value

Moz Rank calculation is plain logic. The authenticity of your content and how far your link from your site greatly affects your score. Don’t get this wrong. The links you provide won’t hurt you if Moz rank spam is low. One of the important issues is the aging of your site. Your Moz Rank value rises as you provide a healthier flow of your site’s age. An important detail is that if the site that links to your site has linked to your subpage, the DA and PA value of the page it gives will not have much impact on da value while significantly increasing the PA value of your subpage. When covering your entire DA site, pa value calculation is separate for each of your content.

Free Analysis With Moz

Moz Rank is an application that gives the score values of websites. Some websites are simple to learn from these scores. You can analyze the Moz rank for free by simply entering the URL of the website.

Moz Rank Value

Why Is Moz Rank Value Important?

The Value of Moz Rank is important for the credibility of the website. The most important purpose of each website is to take the first place in large search engines. Being in the first place means more users. To this extent, the Value of Moz Rank needs to be high.

How to Increase the Moz Rank Score Value?

You need to select the targeting keywords correctly before the Moz Rank score value can increase. There must be quality subpages. You can give powerful links from different websites. Content must be quality and original. The URL should not be complex.

Learning the Moz Rank Value of the Website

Yes, you can also learn the Moz Rank value of websites for free. Some websites give this value; you can easily learn the value of Moz Rank not only on your website but also on rival websites. If your Moz Rank value is low, then you should make efforts to increase it. Otherwise, the website falls to the bottom of search engines and cannot receive many visitors. The website cannot perform its function if it does not receive visitors.

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SEO is not just linked to content. For this reason, one of the important situations affecting your Value of Moz Rank is how well you tout that content and whether you share it on social media. Returning your links in social networking areas like Facebook and Reddit will help you fly your site’s Moz Rank values. You need to follow the broken links on your site. These links are quite lower. 

If you want to increase your DA value, you should get links to the main domain from sites worth a high Moz Rank. If you have an E-commerce site, it is the PA value that is important to you. We can say that this is like subpages categories. You need to make sure the content is at the forefront. To do this, you should get links to categories and product pages from relevant sites. Pages you make to the main domain affect the subpages, but the work on the subpage directly affects the content that is being done. Therefore, the PA value of the page you are working on will increase significantly. 


In this article, we have explained what Moz was and how it worked. In SEO studies, we need to do a variety of operations to take your site to the next level. We need SEO tools like Moz Rank to make these operations easier and healthier. Such tools help us measure the content and link the quality of our site and other sites.

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