1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Category Edits and Content Entries 
  3. Detection and Removal of Empty and Duplicate Categories
  4. Harmful Backlink Analysis
  5. Title and Meta Description Analysis 
  6. Heading Analysis
  7. Structured Data Analysis 
  8. Site Audit 
  9. What's Next for Vira Electric? 

Vira Electric Success Story was a website that sold electrical materials over the internet. They needed professional support to improve their search engine rankings and increase their digital visibility. For this, they contacted Dopinger in June 2023, and then we started working together. Before fully beginning the process, we listened to the customer's requests and goals and directed our work toward these goals.
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We are currently heading towards the 5th month of our work together, and during this period, we have achieved a 188% increase in clicks and a 403% increase in impressions. We achieved a 37% decrease in our average position across all keywords. 

Now, let's examine how we handled this entire process and how we achieved this success! 

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Keyword Analysis

First of all, since this is an e-commerce site, it was very important for us that the categories were named correctly. First, we examined whether the categories were targeted with the right keywords. We examined the competitors for these pages, made the right keyword choices, planned the relevant pages around the keywords we determined, and built our SEO process on these keywords. We determined the most suitable keyword as the "main keyword" and identified other keywords that would support this word through "side keyword" analysis. 

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Category Edits and Content Entries 

After performing keyword analysis, we first changed the permanent link structures of the categories within the "main keyword" planning we determined. Editing the permalinks appropriately would not be enough because there was no content on the page containing the keywords. Apart from the "main keyword" we chose, we also included the versions that would support this word, in other words, the keywords we identified in our "side keyword" analysis in the category contents we created. 

We entered the contents, which were structured with a proper heading structure, into the category pages by planning keywords and internal linking.

Detection and Removal of Empty and Duplicate Categories

While examining the category pages, we came across many empty and duplicate categories. We knew that empty categories would harm the site. We immediately removed these categories from the website. In addition, we noticed that up to 4-5 items were opened in some categories. We have removed these categories to reduce them to only one so as to not harm the website. 

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Harmful Backlink Analysis

When we examined the website through Ahrefs, we found many harmful links. The quality of links to the website is critical. We requested removal on the Search Console to prevent these harmful backlinks from damaging the site. 

Title and Meta Description Analysis 

A website has a certain character limit for the title and meta description. In addition, for the site to receive clicks in the SERP, it is important that these sections are arranged correctly, especially the meta description section consisting of call-to-action statements. We completely redesigned the meta descriptions and titles of category, product, homepage, and brand pages. We also paid attention to using keywords for our target pages, both in the title and meta description section. 

Heading Analysis

Heading analysis is a critical issue in terms of technical SEO. Both title tags must be given correctly and hierarchically, and there are some limitations at this point. There were some errors on the website, especially regarding this limitation. On an SEO-compatible site, only 1 H1 tag title should be on each page. However, we noticed that this issue was omitted on some pages. We analyzed these pages with multiple H1 errors one by one and arranged them to have one H1 tag.

Structured Data Analysis 

One of the most important issues on the website is structured data. We paid attention to the use of structured data on the website, which is important in helping search engines make sense of the data. We added organizational structural data for the home page. We used the Frequently Asked Questions section on the pages where we added content. We also added the structural data of the FAQ section to the page source codes. 

We solved the display of the number of stars received by products in the SERP, which was an issue that attracted our customer's attention and requested from us, by adding the "Review" structural data to the site. 

robots.txt optimizasyonu

Site Audit 

Site Audit is very important, especially for the technical SEO side of websites. We regularly identified and attempted to resolve technical SEO errors on the website using Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. In this section, we examined redirect errors, 404 errors, meta description and title errors, orphan page errors, and many more. 

What's Next for Vira Electric? 

We plan to continue the technical website audits that have been carried out so far to ensure that the Vira Electric website continues to rise. We aim to attach importance to external SEO studies to continue increasing the target keywords we rank for. Our main goal in all SEO work we will do is to increase the website's authority further so it will rank higher in the search engine results for all target keywords.