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Parties of this contract are Jengal Yazılım A.Ş.(hereinafter referred to as JENGAL YAZILIM) and Customer Name (hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER). Parties acknowledge, declare and represent that they have agreed on the following terms and conditions and that they have reached a complete agreement.


List of authorized signatures is deemed to be an appendix and inseparable part of this contract in the event that CUSTOMER is legally deemed as a merchant. 


Website/websites: refers to the website/websites addressed as that belongs to CUSTOMER and for which the subject matter service of the contract will be performed.

SEO        : Search Engine Optimization, process of optimizing websites in a way that they are well-listed on search engines and organic searches Search Engine: Program or software that enables the information searched on Internet to be found.

Customer    : refers to the company or person that uploads the service provided in the context of this contract to JENGAL YAZILIM.

Contract    : refers to this contract and all of its appendices.

Appendix/Appendices: refers to the texts or documents mentioned under the title of contract documents, which are an inseparable part of this contract.


Subject matter of this Contract is establishment of parties’ rights and obligations in the context of search engine optimisation (SEO) that will be conducted by JENGAL YAZILIM regarding the optimisation of search results of two websites (website/websites) in the address of website/websites that belong to CUSTOMER on search engines stipulated in Contract in order to make it/them reach more people.


5.1. CUSTOMER is obliged to supply the website contents such as design, software developments, images, videos and texts that are needed for SEO operations by himself/herself and to add the data to the website/websites.

5.2. CUSTOMER acknowledges and represents that copyrights of service techniques and data provided by JENGAL YAZILIM belongs to JENGAL YAZILIM and that these techniques, software and data can not under any circumstances be shared with third parties, copied or used for commercial purposes.

5.3. CUSTOMER can not see, reach or under any circumstances share with third parties the information as to the content of the operation and operation techniques unless authorized by JENGAL YAZILIM. 

5.4. CUSTOMER can not interfere in any way with JENGAL YAZILIM’s SEO operations and techniques and methods used by JENGAL YAZILIM.

5.5. CUSTOMER acknowledges and represents that all opinions, thoughts, and writings that are in the website/websites belong to himself/herself and that JENGAL YAZILIM is not in any way responsible.  


6.1. JENGAL YAZILIM is obliged to carry out operations to improve the search results of searches made on search engines, in which website/websites appear. But JENGAL YAZILIM does not guarantee that website/websites will ascend to a definite place at searches made for a specific word as a result of the SEO operation it carries out.

6.2. JENGAL YAZILIM represents that it will provide necessary operations within the period that it determines after the completion of necessary study required for the additional SEO operations requested by CUSTOMER in return for an additional fee.

6.3. JENGAL YAZILIM guarantees to provide the subject matter service of the Contract (which is mentioned in article 7) over the course of the period stipulated in article 8.

6.4. JENGAL YAZILIM reserves the right to share information as to the content of the operation that is carried out and operation techniques with CUSTOMER.


7.1. Following services will be provided to CUSTOMER by JENGAL YAZILIM in the context of this Contract:

7.2. Details of the Service



8.1. This Contract’s duration and duration of the service offered in the context of the Contract have been determined as 6(six) months.

8.2. Duration of the contract starts when CUSTOMER pays the service fee. JENGAL YAZILIM is not obliged to provide contract’s subject matter services unless the service fee is paid.

8.3. The contract prolongs ipso facto for the duration for which the fee is paid starting after the date in which the payment is made in the event that any of the parties not demanding changes on Contract terms until the date in which the duration of Contract ends and CUSTOMER continuing to pay service fee after the expiration of duration of Contract.

8.4. Both parties may demand changes on Contract terms in the matter of renewing Contract for the ensuing months by giving notice over the e-mail or postal addresses stipulated in the 1st article of Contract before the date of expiration of Contract’s duration. Contract prolongs for the determined duration with the new agreed conditions upon the parties’ mutual agreement. Contract expires when the service period for which the fee is paid ends in the event that the parties do not reach a mutual agreement on requested Contract condition change. 

8.5. JENGAL YAZILIM can not be held responsible for adverse results such as website/websites falling behind on search results or losing visitors due to Contract not being prolonged after reciprocal meetings or Contract being terminated at the end of duration or Contract expiring after the duration.


9.1. Subject matter service of Contract shall be executed on website/websites stipulated in the 4th article of this contract. Service fee is determined by JENGAL YAZILIM according to contents of websites for which the optimization will be performed and is sent to CUSTOMER in the form of proposal form prior to Contract.

9.2. Standard service fee is in the form of monthly payment. Standard service fee for website/websites is 6.000(six thousand) TL+VAT in total.9.3. Whole of service fee is paid by CUSTOMER to JENGAL YAZILIM in return for an invoice at the start of the performance for each period. CUSTOMER must make payment at the start of each period within the scope of the service period stipulated in 8th article. Service period is not renewed if the payment is not made.

9.4. Service fee is paid in the bank accounts stipulated in 16th article or with instruments of payment. JENGAL YAZILIM has the right to delay, stop or cancel the service that it offers if the payments are not made. Subject matter services are stopped until the payment is made and service period starts on the date in which the new payment is made in the event that the payment is made late.  


10.1. JENGAL YAZILIM guarantees that, in planned SEO operations time, reporting will be made in the intervals stipulated in article 7.2. All details that take part in all of these reports will be organized transparently and only real data will be passed on.

10.2. CUSTOMER may directly establish contact with SEO experts over communication channels of live support line, phone or e-mail throughout the service period for a reasonable time within the working hours of JENGAL YAZILIM SEO team in weekdays in the event that it needs support as to the service that it bought.   


11.1. This Contract expires ipso facto 6(six) months after the date in which it takes effect unless it is renewed under the conditions set forth in 8th article.

11.2. In the event of the renewal of Contract, Contract is terminated by termination notice of one of the parties sent by means of post or e-mail stipulated in 1st article 5 days before the date of expiration/renewal and is not renewed for the following month.

11.3. Service fee of the month in which the termination is done can not be demanded by CUSTOMER in the event that the Contract is terminated by CUSTOMER before the expiration of Contract duration. JENGAL YAZILIM continues to provide the subject matter service of Contract for the month in which Contract is terminated.


In the event that Contract is terminated by CUSTOMER prior to expiration of guarantee period after the purchase of 6 (six) months’ period service with reduced fee, reduced amount will be collected from CUSTOMER by calculating difference between reduced fee with regard to the passed months until the termination and standard fee.  


Parties can not assign the rights and obligations arising out of Contract to a third party without obtaining the other party’s written approval. Solution partners that are worked with in the context of internal relations regarding the service provided by JENGAL YAZILIM are not subject to this prohibition.


14.1.  Parties will make every notification and correspondence in the context of this Contract to parties’ addresses and e-mail accounts stipulated in 1st article of this Contract by means of registered letter with return receipt or by mail provided that its arrival is confirmed. 

14.2. Parties acknowledge, declare and represent that all notifications and correspondences they make in context of this Contract over e-mail addresses that are mentioned in this Contract  and Contract text and its annexes they sent by signing, printing or photographing are written evidence. 

14.3. Parties accept in advance that postal addresses that they stipulated in 1st article of this Contract are available for notification and that any kind of notification made to this addresses will be deemed to be valid and legal and that they will announce any changes in these addresses within 30 days’ period to other party in written form and that notifications made to the written addresses will bind the parties and deemed to be a legal notification in the opposite case. 


Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Istanbul Anatolian Chambers of Execution are competent in resolving disputes that may arise out of execution of this Contract. Turkish law will be applied in disputes arising from this contract.


This Contract, comprising 16(sixteen) articles and 6(six) pages is drawn up in …./…./2023 and takes effect at the same date. A copy of Contract has been sent to CUSTOMER’s e-mail address that is stipulated in 1st article of this Contract.

JENGAL YAZILIM A.Ş.                                                                           CUSTOMER