Digital Magnet Performance Marketing Succes Story

At Dopinger, our mission is to boost our business partners' digital presence and performance through performance marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). By staying up-to-date with the latest criteria and industry trends, we ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit.  

In this success story, we will deeply dive into the performance marketing efforts that helped our client, Digital Magnet, achieve outstanding results. 

digital magnet case

Digital Magnet is a brand specializing in personalized, design-enabled magnet printing, offering fast delivery and affordable prices to customers all across Turkey. Through our collaboration with Dopinger, we were able to drive tangible results that directly impacted their sales. Through a combination of display advertising and Performance Max campaigns, we achieved the following results:  

dijital magnet dopinger

Through a combination of display advertising and Performance Max campaigns, we achieved the following results: 

  1. Average ROAS value across all campaigns: 17.51  
  2. ROAS value for our brand-based search campaign: 102.22  
  3. Average conversion value of 17.51 TL for every TL allocated to the advertising budget  

How Did We Achieve These Remarkable Results?  

Keyword Analysis  

Through in-depth discussions with Digital Magnet, we gained a comprehensive understanding of their goals and projected their sector's potential. This allowed us to identify the keywords that would best align with their landing pages and target audience. We leveraged types for these keywords to maximize their impact.  

Target Audience Analysis  

We created a persona for Digital Magnet's potential customer base by conducting a thorough keyword analysis. This enabled us to determine a suitable target audience, considering various criteria such as age, income, and parental status.  

dijital magnet roas

Conversion Setups  

Before launching our campaigns, we meticulously implemented conversion setups and performed tests to ensure accurate income, expenses, and performance analysis.  

Campaign-Based Optimizations  

We implemented final optimizations tailored to Digital Magnet's specific requirements to enhance our campaigns' effectiveness further. These optimizations included considerations for country, language, and detailed location targeting.  

Daily Optimizations  

Once our campaigns and advertisements were launched, we closely monitored their performance and optimized them daily to maximize results. We remained proactive in responding to any developments to ensure the success of the Digital Magnet campaign.  

Thanks to the collective efforts outlined above, our partnership with Digital Magnet continues to thrive, resulting in a true success story. If you're looking to achieve similar success in your performance marketing efforts, we invite you to get in touch with us.  

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