What Is HTML? A Comprehensive Answer

What Is HTML? A Comprehensive Answer

HTML, HyperText Markup Language, as the name suggests, is a kind of markup language. You can create designs and templates with this language; You can use this language to create a website.HTML is a text-based language. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a programming language. The main reason why HTML cannot be a programming language is that it is text-based. In other words, you cannot create loops or sequences by processing numeric values with it. Also, unlike other software languages, you cannot write a program that works on its own with HTML. To use and interpret this language, you need a web browser. It is the most basic building block of a website. We can summarize HTML’s like this: the task of transforming a blank web page into a website by creating designs and templates, giving certain shapes and formats.

When you look at the web pages, you encounter while surfing the Internet, you will see that they are generally composed of articles, pictures, and videos. The most obvious difference that distinguishes these sites from each other is the layout of the site, namely the template, the template, and the colors used. It is the headstone of a website, but you won’t design a beautiful website using only this type of code.

What Does HTML Do

What Does HTML Do?

Browsers such as Google Chrome transform the markup language’s encodings while creating the web page into a system that the page can reach by the visitors. In short, the encodings used while creating the site are translated into visuals by browsers. What is HTML that cannot be accepted as programming? The system can also be expressed as markup language; It determines the location of videos, articles, and photos on the website. Thus, all written and visual documents prepared can be viewed on the web page without any problems. Marking, which acts as a skeleton for websites, is an indispensable part of a web page.

The markup language also gives browsers important information about the web page. One of the markup language facilities is that an extra program does not have to be installed on the computer while preparing the web page. Those who want to create an HTML page can do their work through a word or notepad application. This will help the coding process to be completed more easily and in a shorter time. The files for which the markup language is prepared should be used with HTML, HTML, or XHTML extensions. It is not possible to create a system that works only using a markup language.

For the used language to work without any errors, a program that can interpret the coding correctly must be used. Thanks to the sign language supported by this program, files such as video or images are transmitted to the browser. Since programs such as CSS and JavaScript are used simultaneously with the markup language, the websites will have a fast and dynamic structure.

What Do You Need Apart From HTML

What Do You Need In The General Operation Of Your Site Apart From HTML?

When creating a website, the website designer first designs the site’s user interface in a program such as Photoshop. Then, the software developer creates the page’s templates by writing these web pages with HTML codes. And that’s exactly where CSS codes come into play. You can apply all kinds of processes from the dimensions, colors, forms, and shapes of the templates you prepare with CSS codes, from the fonts you will use to the mobile-compatible site. If you wish, you can embed these CSS codes in HTML, or you can write them in a separate folder and add a call link in HTML. However, our recommendation would be to keep the HTML and CSS codes in separate files. As a result, it is essential to know CSS and HTML to design a good website, as we mentioned above.

Additionally, if you want to design more advanced websites, you need to learn the Javascript programming language. With Javascript, you can prepare animated images, drop-down menus, games, and animations for your website. We mentioned above that we could interfere with HTML codes with CSS. With Javascript, it is possible to intervene, convert, and edit both HTML and CSS codes. In addition to these, there is a backend part of the site. We will not touch this part much, but it is useful to know that. The backend of a site is where you write the user registration and login panel. And this part is written using PHP, ASP .NET style programming languages.

Required Programs for HTML

Required Programs

You do not need any extra program to write this type of code. You can write and run HTML codes using Notepad. For this, all you have to do is add the HTML codes into notepad and then add .html to the end of the name you gave your file while saving the file. The icon of the file you save in this way will turn into the icon of the browser you are using. However, if you write incorrectly or incompletely while writing code in notepad, Notepad will not give you any warning, or you will not be able to complete the codes you write while writing code in notepad.

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There are many programs where you can find these two features, but we can recommend using Adobe Dreamweaver. Although it is paid, it is a program that will make your job very easy. Apart from that, you can also use programs such as notepad ++ or atom. These two programs can complete the codes, but these programs do not show you the incorrect or missing codes you wrote.

So, What Is HTML?

The best answer to the question of what HTML is is the format language of the internet. It can run natively on all internet browsers and is controlled by the World Wide Web Consortium. Using this language, you can edit the content structures of websites and applications. Functionality using JavaScript is one of the lowest level frontend technologies that can also shape with CSS (hungry for more info on CSS and HTML? Then learn how to link CSS to HTML).

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of using HTML is to provide content such as visual, text, and video for websites.

It is necessary to pay attention to in-site and off-site links for the website to function smoothly in marking.

There is no need to have a high level of coding knowledge to mark that can be done without a high-level computer or graphics card.

People who want to design and code a website should start learning HTML.

Yes, it is possible to create a website using only HTML.

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