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Web acceleration services consist of optimizations done to increase the site speed. PageSpeed is a direct ranking factor of Google. It is also important for users as well. No one would want to wait for a website to open for a long time. That is why accelerating your site speed is important for providing a good user experience. In fact, your website's speed is the first impression that your visitors get. However, that is the case if you have a slow opening website. Users usually don't notice how fast your site opens. Yet, they surely notice how slow it opens. 

When users click on a webpage, they request a web page to load, and the servers try to show the cached content as soon as possible. Yet, if it takes more than 10 seconds to open a page, users would likely give up and close the page. This causes the bounce rates to rise, which is something you don't want. That is why it is important to pay attention to PageSpeed.

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How Do We Take Action?

There are several factors affecting PageSpeed. We analyze your website and determine these factors. Then, we bring out a workflow to eliminate the problems. During our practices, your website keeps its security. If you think that there are some factors affecting your site speed, but you don't know where to look, you can get an SEO report from us to determine the errors and the parts to be improved. 

With the web acceleration optimizations we make on your website, it will have a greater chance to get better rankings. When you have a good site speed, you can offer a better user experience, which can provide you more organic traffic. If you want our professional SEO consultants to help you with your organic traffic, you can check out our SEO consultancy service.

What Are the Factors Affecting Site Speed?

Site Speed is one of the most important elements of SEO and website performance. There are many factors that affect website speed. These factors mainly consist of technical details. However, some images and videos used in your content to improve it can directly affect site speed. We can list the factors affecting site speed as follows;

image size

Image Sizes

The images and videos in the website content directly affect the page load speed. Larger image files may cause visitors to wait for a longer time for to page to be opened. That is why you shouldn't use too large image files.


HTML, CSS, and JS Files

HTML, CSS, and JS files located in the background of websites directly affect the browser bots to scan the site and present it to the user fully. For this reason, it is recommended to use clean code and compress CSS and JavaScript files. 

HTTP Request

HTTP Request

HTTP requests are the requests that users create to reach websites. They consist of the files that servers need to download to reach websites. If these files are too many, it can cause the opening speed to be affected by 80%. 

server response time

Server Response Time

Web servers keep your website on the internet. Yet, you should select a server that is compatible with an SEO structure. Choosing inefficient servers will cause browsers to receive a late response to DNS requests and negatively affect site speed. 

web site themes

Web Site Themes

Site themes embedded in the code structure in the website's background affect the opening speed and user experience. It is important that the themes have a responsive structure and that they are chosen in accordance with SEO. 

database size

Database Size

The database is a section where all transactions made on the website are imaged and stored. Drafts, spam comments, media files in your trash can that you create and delete on your site are in the database. 

Not Sure Where To Start?

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How increase your site speed?

How to Increase Your Site Speed

It's possible to use many methods to increase your site's speed. If we determine the causes, it will be a lot easier to provide solutions. Let's take a look at the possible optimizations we can make. If your website has a slow loading speed, one of the first things that come to mind the large media files. We can use compression to overcome this issue. Caching your content is a great solution for site speed issues. If you are using WordPress, installing cache plugins will help your site to work faster. Another way to increase site speed is using a load balancer or a reverse proxy server. These methods are used for optimizing the HTTP traffic. 

Using SSL and TLS can improve your website's speed as well. It will also offer a safer user experience for your visitors and can deliver your content faster. So, it is a win-win for all sides. 

Using a content delivery network can help you offer a faster site speed too. By using a CDN, you can get your content globally distributed through cloud software. It is a logical option if you have web applications that work on a detailed infrastructure. 

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Web Acceleration F.A.Q.

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The only thing necessary is to share the URL of your website. Then, our SEO experts will analyze your website and get in touch with you with reports. 

Site speed can be affected by various factors. One of the main factors is the code structure of the website. Another important factor is the image file sizes and the use of iFrame. These are the most common factors.

It is possible to measure site speed with various tools. As Dopinger, we use professional SEO tools such as GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. 

Of course, site speed directly affects the ranking algorithm. In fact, according to Core Web Vitals, site speed is presented as a direct ranking factor.

You can use an SSL certificate on your website. It can protect the information on the website, including the visitors' and can fasten up your site's loading time.

Website caching is very useful in terms of speeding up your website. So, it is recommended to do it.

A Secure Web Accelerator is a system that accelerates websites by providing automatic DDoS protection.

It is a type of server that reduces the website's access time. It can be hardware or software and can be installed on any kind of device.