Best Podcast Recording Software You Should Try

Best Podcast Recording Software You Should Try

Do you want to find ways to express yourself? Reaching out to many audiences from different places is fairly easy with podcasts now. You do not need many things to start for a podcast. All you need to have is just a laptop, microphone, podcast recording software, and a platform to share your podcast. Finding the best recording software will be a different journey for each user as their experience and skills in editing may vary.

Why Are The Podcasts Great?

The podcast has been gaining a lot of attention from many people in recent years. Moreover, all kinds of people are sharing their thoughts and expressing themselves on a variety of subjects. But what makes podcasts great for all? It seems like any subject can emerge and be talked over in a podcast, which is the best way to do that. The podcast would create a voice for ideas, education, entertainment, etc. Some can even earn money through podcasting.

Reason For Using Recording Software

The podcast is an audio recording, and it can record video and lectures or broadcasts of television. Podcast listeners benefit from appealing content all around the world. Especially for podcasts, audio is a vital issue for creating audiences. Because of that, great content requires to be delivered in high quality. Consequently, to create great podcasts, you should look and try some of the most used podcast recording software mentioned below

Here you can find some of the best podcast recording software options:

Audacity Podcast Recorder


Audacity is a free and easy-to-use nature that makes it enjoyable for creating podcasts for you.

  • It is a multi-track audio editor and recorder for different operating systems (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, etc.).
  • Audacity can record audio via a microphone or digitize recording from other media.
  • Export recordings in different file formats and import, edit the podcast recordings.
  • Editing is easy to customize with cut, copy, paste, and unlimited undo in a session.
  • Spectrogram view mode is for visualizing and selecting frequency analysis. It supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, and it converts podcasts in high quality.
Adobe Audition Podcast

2.Adobe Audition

Another podcast recording software is Adobe audition. Thanks to this program, recording your podcast has become much easier.

  • You can choose one of the podcast templates and manipulate voices from the sets up of a multitrack recording.
  • Create your podcast with a digital audio workstation and export high-quality audio to the audience.
  • You can remove unwanted noises and edit audio with the Essential Sound Panel.
  • It has a royalty-free sound effects library for creating a personalized podcast. If you want to make sure about your podcast, try to work with Waveform or Multitrack editors for more detailed podcast editing.
Ringr Podcast Recording Software


If you are worried about the quality of audio with different guests in each podcast, try Ringr.

  • It can record conversations even in different places, but makes it sound like you are in the same room.
  • It is an essential tool and convenient podcast software for creators that are in different locations. Then you can host with anyone anywhere with good quality recording software.
  • Deliver clear podcast interviews on any device and ensure excellent audio quality.
Zencastr Recording Postcads


Zencastr offers you a podcast in studio quality and records podcasts wherever you are with a browser. You can try Zencastr for free.

  • You do not need to worry about the poor internet connection affecting your audio quality with Zencastr.
  • Regardless of internet connection, it allows you to record 16-bit 48k WAV audio tracks.
  • By sending a link, you can invite guests. In addition, you can have high-quality audio, creating separate tracks for each guest.
  • The Soundboard feature would allow you to add as many as ten audio clips and still play them while still recording.
  • After you record your podcast, Zencastr automatically mixes your audios.
  • Save your podcasts in dropbox or google drive automatically.
Podcast Recording Software


Try descriptive as a podcast recording tool if you have started creating podcasts and do not want to deal with complicated audio software.

  • It has practical features and it creates content easily.
  • Descript is a professional multitrack production engine with creative podcasts. Remove unwanted voices with a single click.
  • Descripts’ AI transforms audio from lousy to studio quality, and you choose to create a clone of your voice and add words to audio.
  • Accurate transcripts and the fastest transcript-error correction are possible with this tool. Export your podcast for built-in custom controls and analytics.
Reaper Digital Audio Recording


Reaper is a digital audio production, which supports a range of hardware and digital formats, application for computers.

  • Reaper records your audio with supported audio formats, record multiple layers overdubs, punch in and out, or record a loop.
  • It records live audio, has a mixing console, and has editing instruments.
  • With multichannel support, Reaper creates powerful audio and MIDI routing. 64-bit internal audio processing, you can import, record into many media formats.
  • You can only use Reaper with a PC or Mac.
  • You need to practise using this recording software and give yourself time to use it.
Hindenburg Software for Podcasts


Hindenburg provides uncompressed sound to improve quality for audiences. It is also multitrack audio for podcasters, audio producers, and radio journals. Hindenburg emphasizes the significance of storytelling, so its features are tailored for spoken-word-productions.

  • With Hindenburg and a microphone, you can start recording your podcast. You can adjust the environment of the podcast background by adding extra sounds.
  • While recording the interview, you can add or highlight the significant parts. Then drag files into Hindenburg to start working on the audio.
  • Save time by automatic audio levels and use the unique clipboard to organize your podcast.
Software for Podcast Recording


Cleanfeed is a studio for live audio and recording, and it is easy to use for creating podcasts. It focuses on high-quality audio without unwanted processing. It is also a free offer and an option with no limit time.

  • You do not need to know all about technical knowledge to use Cleanfeed. It is easy to start live sessions or record podcasts only with go-live or record options.
  • Invite guests around the world with a link and create content without worrying about synchronizing records later. It also records podcasts with a bunch of people in one session and records them separately.
Podcast Recorder


You can create a podcast without the tedious and technical parts of podcasting. Consequently, it becomes much easy to focus on the more entertaining parts of creating content for your podcasts. Besides all features, Alitu offers you free courses and videos, live events for growing your podcast.

  • Alitu makes it possible for podcasters to only consider creating appealing content and reaching out to people. Moreover, it includes a very simple design with diverse editing tools
  • Alitu automatically adjusts your podcast from unwanted sounds.
  • Once you create your intro and outro, you do not need to add in every session.
Online Recording for Podcast


Riverside produces studio-like quality. As a result, it is easy to record your podcast or videos from anywhere. Record or edit your podcasts on any browser.

  • A significant offer that Riverside has about internet connection is that it still records podcasts in high quality, however, the internet connection quality may be.
  • You can only invite guests through the Chrome browser on a laptop, and It records 48kHz WAV audio for guests. For you to save time uploading audio while you are still recording, Riverside automatically saves the podcasts and converts them with automatic transcription into text.

Final Thoughts on Podcast Recording Software Options

In this article, we have covered the best podcast recording software you should try for your podcast. As podcasts deliver the messages with audio forms, you should make sure to have the best recording options for your podcast. In conclusion, we hope this article will give you insight into recording software options you can try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways for you to record your podcast. You can try some recording software and choose one of them that suits you the best among others. Podcast recording software manages to create anything you would need in the process of recording a podcast.

Many audio recording software offer free options for you to try their services for some time and give them a try. For example, Audacity is all free an option you can use.

Some of the recording software offers free recording for an hour, such as Riverside, and you can try to reach out to it. Also, there is recording software that is free such as Audacity.

You can try out any audio recording software and follow the instructions they facilitate for you. If you do not want to do anything about editing some of the services, absolutely take care of the editing process for your podcast.

Your experience and editing skills will help you to find the best recording software that is suited for you. Accordingly, you can try many of the best podcast recording software that is most convenient for you.

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