What Is Public Relations?

What Is Public Relations?

Public relations, in short PR, consist of activities designed to create good relations with a company’s targeted audience. In other words, PR is used to promote goods, services, people, activities, ideas, organizations, and even countries. Businesses use PR to build good relationships with their customers, suppliers, stakeholders, media channels, and communities.

Many companies seek to improve their PR strategies in order to further their reach and influence more people. These PR strategies may often be long-term. However, in some cases companies may run brief PR campaigns in order to influence the public in case of a recent event that would have a negative impact.

The Role and Impact of PR

PR research can be described as any research that collects data for use in analyzing and evaluating PR efforts. At this point, public relations departments or specialists try to create a strong brand image for their companies or organizations to increase awareness. As you guess, PR has a strong impact on public awareness. When using PR, the company can gain the same effect as advertising which could cost thousands of dollars. Also, PR can engage consumers and then make them a part of their business story.

Major Public Relations Tools and Activities

Companies hire PR specialists to position themselves in the minds of their target customers, their investors, and stakeholders strongly. Well, PR specialist creates awareness and market their goods/services to different media sources, such as TV, the internet, or newspapers. Public relations uses multiple tools to achieve its goals. Here are some tools used in media relations:


News is one of the major PR tools. PR specialists can find or create favorable news about both the company and its products. Additionally, they can engage with reporters and provide them information about their brand. Also, PR specialists can help to make their brand’s transparency more publicly available and can make it more known by providing journalists with interviews.

Major Public Relations Tools and Activities

Special Events

To attract public attention, PR experts use special public events, such as conferences, speeches, grand openings, or press tours. Such events are perfect opportunities for companies to directly reach a much larger audience and promote their products and services.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest let you bypass the media and directly reach your target customers. These platforms provide new methods to obtain and engage the public, consumers, investors, stakeholders, and other target groups.

Written Materials

Another common public relations tool is written materials to attract their target markets’ attention. These written materials contain annual reports, brochures and catalogs, articles, and newsletters. 


Newsletters are a great way to promote your products and services and communicate with your target customers. This way, you can easily keep the customers informed of recent developments. When you regularly use newsletters, you will build a strong personal connection with the customers. Note that a well-written newsletter provides perfect information to your customers.

Written materials for PR

Brochures and Catalogues

Brochures and catalogs help you position in your customers’ minds, and your customers can think about your brand. Besides, catalogs and brochures can give your target customers confidence in your product and services. 



Partnerships and sponsorships help the organizations build feelings of goodwill. When the companies support non-profit organizations, they will gain loyalty and trust towards their businesses and increase their business reputations.

Employee Relations

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Any company cannot exist without its employees because they are ambassadors for your brand. Many companies focus on creating their business cultures and team relationships. It increases the productivity of the employees and then improves team spirit. All of them help the companies represent their businesses consistently and with the right pictures.

The Role and Impact of PR

What Should PR Not Do?

What should public relations not do? Some mistakes in your PR strategy are bound to happen. But, you should derive lessons from mistakes. Here are some tips to help you avoid these mistakes;

  • Always be prepared to catch opportunities. If you don’t, you will not get what you wish. 
  • PR is a long-term approach to business life. Because of this, you shouldn’t start PR activity too late if you want to succeed.
  • Take inspiration from other companies’ PR strategies, but you shouldn’t copy them one-to-one.
  • Don’t ignore your employees. Note that your employees are ambassadors for your products and services. 
  • Never ignore social media platforms. Nowadays, everything is shaped by Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.
  • If you want to work with a PR expert, the person needs to be professional and related to your business goals; otherwise, he/she will do more harm than good.

Public Relations in Short

Public relations offer perfect opportunities for every organization. It is a strategic communication process between organizations and their audience. PR’s primary role is to gain favorable publicity. It also seeks to build a favorable company image in business life. Also, it helps companies increase their awareness. However, the PR process includes setting its objectives, selecting its messages and communication channels, implementing the plan, and evaluating the final results. If these interest you, then you might want to try out our article on Developing a Digital Content Marketing Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every company wants to survive in the competitive business world. At this point, PR plays a vital role. You can increase your credibility, profits, and sales. Besides, you can change the way people think about your brand, products, and services, thanks to PR.

There are several methods you can follow. For example, the most frequently preferred way is to receive support from PR professionals and PR agencies. Alternatively, you can determine your target audience clearly and engage with them using communication channels, such as TV, radio, and newsletters. Then define your purpose clearly and build strong relationships with your employees.

To gauge your success, analyze your sales data, social media reach, engagement rate on social media platforms, website traffic, and social shares on various social media. Also, you can conduct a survey and monitor brand mentions. After all of these efforts, you will be able to reach your PR effectiveness.

Human relations, communication, dialogue, and empathy are the key factors to obtaining a successful PR strategy. However, before starting, you must appropriately define your goals and objectives, determine your target audience, and identify what you want to achieve.

No, some businesses carry out their public relations strategies outsourced. Especially the small ones are likely to do that.


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