Top Free Ebook Templates

Top Free Ebook Templates

Ebooks are incredibly helpful for various purposes. They provide an in-depth analysis of a topic or a story that others are interested in and can be distributed with minimal effort and cost. While ebooks require lots of time investment on their own, both in terms of content and marketing, publishing and designing aspects are relatively easier. This is primarily thanks to many ebook templates that are available for free. 

In this article, we curated a list containing the top ebook free templates and a couple of design tips that you can use in your next ebook.

The Best Free Ebook Templates

You can find so many platforms where you can design free ebooks. We’ve gathered where you can find the best free ebook templates and listed them for you. Keep reading to find out what they are.

microsoft word template

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Ebook Templates

There are countless ebook templates for conventional ebooks on Microsoft Word and presentation style ebooks on PowerPoint. Any user can download and use these templates for an ebook. However, as these themes are free and widely available, some of them may seem overused or too generic. There are also many free magazine layout templates on Office 365 which can easily be used for an ebook. 

free ebook templates


Canva is an all-around graphic design platform with many excellent tools available for free to users. If you want to find or create a template for your ebook, it is one of the best places to start. There are tons of templates on the platform, including layouts, covers, themes, and mind map templates. It is also quite simple to design the whole outlook of your ebook on Canva. 

hubspot template

Hubspot Ebook Templates

Hubspot is the go-to platform for many digital marketers with various useful content. The platform also offers its users 18 free ebook templates for free. Using these templates on InDesign, PowerPoint, and Google Slides with different appealing themes is possible. 

visme template

Visme Ebook Templates

Visme is a cloud-based content creation platform that offers free ebook templates to its users. There are various ebook templates on the platform to choose from, including specially designed for multiple purposes such as graphic design, WordPress, fitness, cooking, and more. 

google slides

Google Slides

Although Google Slides is an online presentation tool, you can use it to create PDF ebooks. It is possible to add images, texts, and links to the ebook by using the app. What you need to remember when using Google Slides are as follows:

  • Use a custom page size such as 8.5×11 to create your ebook in a vertical format.
  • Create a page with built-in visual elements, then use it as a template for your ebook by duplicating it.
  • Once you’ve completed your ebook, download it in PDF format. 

Great Ebook Design Tips

Adding ebooks to your marketing strategy will change a lot. Ebooks are the best way to increase engagement on your website. As ebooks are the best content for your marketing campaigns, it is highly crucial to create them using the right format. There are specific points you need to pay attention to while designing ebooks. Here are some tips that will take you from zero to hero on ebook design.

Pick the Format

The first thing you should be thinking about is the ebook format which concerns the size and the file type. You can pick the size keeping your readers in mind. If your readers are mostly using their mobile phones, it’d be best to design your ebook in a vertical shape. If your audience is using an e-reader, you can save your file as EPUB.

Design an Eye-Catching Cover

An engaging cover means more viewers. The first thing your audience will observe about your ebook will be its cover. So, create a cover that includes an interesting title and an intriguing image to get more audience.

Make Use of Visual Stories

Don’t create a solely text-based ebook. You should include creative visuals in your ebook, which can tell stories and contain valuable information.

Always Look For High-Quality Images

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Images, such as photos or infographics, are there to capture the attention of readers and convey important information. So their quality, both in terms of content and resolution, must be excellent.

add call to action to free ebook templates

Add Call to Action (CTA)

Create a CTA that is relatable to your audience. Your call-to-action sentence may include subscribing to a channel or registering for an email newsletter. Depending on your audience, choose a clear, engaging, and intriguing call-to-action sentence.

Keep It Simple

No matter what subject your ebook covers, it should have an all-around minimalistic design. It is crucial for readers to easily follow its content. Besides this, too many elements on a page will create frustration and look quite unprofessional. So you should have a minimalistic approach for your ebook design with fewer yet meaningful elements. 

Design With Contrast in Mind

Contrast basically occurs when multiple visuals in a composition are different. While using contrasting elements is an ages-old practice, it is still relevant and sometimes necessary. You should go for contrasting elements to highlight texts or important visuals for your ebook design. You should keep these standard practices in mind to give your ebook design a contrasting edge:

  • Using dark and light colors, different color temperatures, or hues. 
  • Using different shapes such as geometric vs. natural, sharp vs. rounded, or bold vs. light. 
  • Creating contrast with textures and scale & size. 

Top Ebook Free Templates In Short

There might be tons of reasons for you to create an ebook. To make one, you’ll need an ebook template to streamline the process. So there are many ebook templates available over the internet, both free and paid. In this article, we covered the best free tools that can help you create your ebook. Besides these tools, you can find a couple of fantastic design tips for your ebook in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ebook template immensely helps the writer when it comes to designing the visual part of the ebook. It often contains a color theme, design structure, typography, and overall layout. Most free and paid templates are editable for specific purposes. 

Microsoft Word is one of the most frequently used and suitable platforms for creating an ebook. It is also possible to easily convert a Word file to epub and pdf formats. However, it is important to note that the app has limitations regarding fonts, sizes, and adding images.

There are many formats that you can use to publish your ebook. They all have their pros and cons, such as device compatibility or outside links. Nevertheless, the most common format for ebooks is epub, which stands for “Electronic Publication.”

If your only intention is to make money from an ebook, it is most likely that you can’t. Most ebooks are published to promote a business, individual, or marketing strategies. 

No, you should still copy & paste texts, add visuals, images, and specific information related to you and the book. That being said, it can surely make your job much easier.

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