Social Media Hacks: Tips to Increase Your Followers

Social Media Hacks: Tips to Increase Your Followers

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the effect of social media platforms increased by approximately 75%. Each platform and business are aware of the huge growth. People started to spend most of their time on social media platforms. Overall screen time has become excessive all around the world. Businesses thought that it was an opportunity to profit from this situation. They put the majority of their resources on social media platforms and shopping websites.  Social media platforms were also aware of that fact. Hence, they started to enhance their applications, especially by adding shopping sections. These sections enabled users to shop in applications without being directed to another website or platform. Of course, there are various rules and algorithms here too. When competition among businesses starts, different parameters should be considered. It means thinking and following social media hacks that suit your company best.

High-Potential Social Media Platforms

Probably, you are familiar with all social media platforms. Even though you use them regularly, it is important to learn about each of their potentials. Knowing their significance is one of these social media hacks and this also allows you to choose the right platform for the right actions. Thus, let’s check them together: 


Instagram is mostly used to show the lifestyles of users visually. People post about the days and events in which they have participated. Instagram is an excellent potential for businesses to grow in a wider window. You can show your activities and introduce your products. Besides, Instagram is the most used platform for affiliate marketing. You can contact and collaborate with influencers to have your work heard more via your business account.


Facebook became the place for users to share their days, interests, and ideas. Users can share photos, videos, and texts about anything with their friends. Since Facebook has billions of daily users, it is crucial to be aware of its potential. You can create a business account and encourage your clients to follow your company. 


Twitter is more about sharing thoughts differently than Instagram. Rather than interests and habits, the ideas of users talk. Once you become aware of that fact, you can turn Twitter into an efficient tool for your business. Besides, you can contact your clients from there too, which shows your availability for your customers all the time.

LinkedIn Tips


LinkedIn was created with a different purpose than other social media platforms. People using LinkedIn try to show their professional profiles and create formal contacts. Companies also create a page and share their activities. By using LinkedIn Pulse, you can create outstanding posts and show off your presence. Your presence on LinkedIn is significant because most big companies are also on LinkedIn as well as the most qualified candidates. It means that you can share opening positions in your company and find qualified candidates for them. 


After the rise of the influencing sector, YouTube also became one of the most effective opportunities for companies. You can create a channel on YouTube and share videos with people who are interested in your company. You do not have to share advertisement videos all the time. Good content will create much more effective than promotion videos. Moreover, YouTube allows businesses to run their ad campaigns on YouTube. With a strong budget, you can display your ads between videos while users are watching them.

Content Marketing Strategy

Points to Consider For Creating Content

Not only Google but all social media platforms have their own algorithms. These algorithms determine which content should be displayed most and first. Nothing can stop you if you follow these rules and create strong content. 

Each platform may differ in terms of algorithms because they have different themes and purposes at the beginning. Hence, it would be best if you learn each platform’s algorithms separately. 

Regardless of algorithms and rules, SEO is extremely significant when it comes to an online presence. A strong SEO will carry your social media pages to the first rankings, which increases your traffic. You can start learning SEO rules and use them. However, it is a process. It means that the best outcome can be gained by collaborating with a professional.

Moreover, the content you create should be high-quality. Although you take every step right, poor content hurts your traffic and, therefore, engagement rate. The texts should be understandable, not confusing, and not boring. It is because users check their social media feeds to entertain themselves. Long and confusing content may lead low impression rate. 

Lastly, you should consider visuality because social media platforms are mostly about visual content. The images and videos you use should not be low-quality. Use a professional camera and edit them in terms of lightning and shadows. You can add your company’s logo on the corner as well. 

Prepare Your Strategies in Advance

Before producing content for your company’s social media accounts, find your audience and set your goals and strategies. It means that your page should be displayed on the right users’ feeds. You can waste your campaigns and resources if only people who may not be interested in your business see them. 

You can classify social media users by setting specific characteristics. For instance, if you are selling products from popular culture, you can set an age range. Social media platforms are rich in terms of these filters. You can choose marital status, age, location, keywords, and much more parameters that can help these platforms to distinguish your audience. 

After finding your audience, decide on your strategies. Think about what you want in each step. Firstly, you may want to learn your audience’s behavior, learn their shopping habits, then increase sales. If you think you do not know so much about your followers, you can encourage them to show their interest and contact you. Once you believe that you have enough data about your leads, you can focus more on campaigns and content that can increase sales.

Various Social Media Platforms

Social Media Hacks

As mentioned above, each social media platform focuses on different content and purpose. This is why you should examine each of them separately. This is only one of the social media hacks. You should consider each factor that can influence your performance.


Instagram is a place where people show their life and interests. Hence, you should act accordingly. For high performance, open a business account in which you can see insights and impressions that you get. Add a profile picture including your logo, and share photos that reflect your profession and services. 

Your followers should not forget you. It means that you should post regularly to remind yourself. One post for each day is enough. More than one post can bore your followers, which may lead to a low number of followers. 

Moreover, a couple of stories are also efficient for reminding yourself. These stories can contain your services, products, the workplace, surveys to increase engagement, or any other activity. Activities make your followers feel included in the processes of your business. Besides, you can learn about their opinions to develop yourself. 

Images, videos, and stories should be prepared professionally and formally. You can use photoshop and create programs such as Canva. 

On Instagram, affiliate marketing brings engagement and traffic to businesses. You can find influencers who may have interested followers for your work. Another way to increase your traffic is by running ad campaigns on Instagram. Paid promotion is always a good option. Instagram allows you to select a target audience and promote your profile, posts, and stories.

Facebook Social Media Tips


On Facebook, you can have a different approach to your tactics because Facebook is not just a visual world. People also share their opinions about everything. Thus, your posts and ads should contain more content. Users should find something to like, comment on, and share. You can encourage your followers to give impressions with this approach.

Like Instagram, Facebook has paid promotion options. You can promote any content and your profile and analyze the impressions you get. Being able to see impressions can ease your work because you can have more thoughts about your audience’s behaviors. 

Facebook can seem like a more flexible platform. Since you are aiming for more contact with your audience, you can share more posts each day. Besides, you are not just introducing your products. Therefore, boring your followers would be harder on Facebook.


Twitter is a little far from visuality. Most users share their ideas about the world and their interests via real or anonymous accounts. It means that you should aim to appeal to their minds more. A couple of tweets with strong content that can promote your business is a perfect way to use Twitter. 

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Twitter also has promotion options, and you can collaborate with other users as well. Users with a high number of followers collaborate with businesses and promote their work. It has a good influence on marketing because ideas about anything are significant on Twitter.


As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a more professional place where you can show your online presence and find proper candidates for your departments. To show a stronger online presence, your followers on LinkedIn are crucial. The higher number of followers, the more visuality and reliability you get. 

Getting more followers requires a bit of encouragement. You can share your LinkedIn link on your other social media pages to direct people who may be interested. 

YouTube Presence


Having a strong presence on YouTube is harder than on other social media platforms because you should make your followers watch your video for a couple of minutes. It is not similar to showing your posts and stories. You should create full content. 

You need more resources for YouTube, such as proper equipment, camera, editing skills, and promotion. First, you can write a story for your video. Then, find proper places where you will shoot the video and people who will act in the video. After preparing the environment and actors, you can shoot the video. If possible, you can shoot scenes a couple of times to choose the right ones. Of course, you will edit the video afterward and share it on your channel. 

After sharing the video, it is important to announce it via your other social media accounts. Therefore, users who do not subscribe to your channel can be directed to your video.

Lastly, YouTube also has promotion options where you can display your ads between other channels’ videos and suggestions. It is effective to consider this opportunity because it is a perfect way to introduce your business and channel.

Social Media Hacks & Tactics For Business

Showing your presence as a business on social media platforms is a bit struggling because you have goals and concerns different than most personal accounts. You aim to increase your sales and learn more about your audience. Learning about them is possible by encouraging them to show some impressions. That’s why all business accounts ask for likes and comments. 

Knowing your audience will allow you to act accordingly. Once you understand their suggestions and interests, you can demonstrate that you have what they want.

Additionally, the key point of social media hacks is using all social media platforms properly. Regular posting and fresh content on each platform can make your place permanent. If you think that you understand each platform’s requirements, you can prepare your actions. If you have already prepared your moves, you are ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is beneficial to think of social media platforms as a whole. It is because each platform has a different goal that can work for your business. If you utilize each of them, your performance can reach its maximum capacity. 

Businesses can share images and videos that introduce their company and services. It would be better if visuality is highlighted on these posts. Long texts can bore readers and prevent them from taking action. Besides, the story feature should be used a couple of times a day, which helps remind users about their businesses. 

Collaboration on social media platforms is not that hard. List the influencers that you want to collaborate with first. Then, reach their agents if they have one. You can argue the terms and conditions with them. If they do not work with an agent company, you can mail them via their profile by asking whether they may be interested. 

Social media hacks and the key to using social media for business is keeping the content fresh and professional. Your professionality would increase your reliability as well. Remaining your account fresh is the way to enhance engagement, conversion rate, and traffic for your website.

Creating a YouTube channel for business requires more effort and resources than other social media platforms because it requires a lot of time. After sharing a powerful and edited video, it is important to appeal to visitors and get likes and comments. You can use any social media account and CRM data you have. 

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