Image Hosting Sites That Are The Best

Image Hosting Sites That Are The Best

It does not matter if you are in the social media business or not. It is because everybody can need an app to back up their images. You may have worked for hours or spent a lot of time creating your gallery. However, you may encounter a problem suddenly, and it may lead you to lose all of your efforts. Therefore, you can utilize external services to save your images securely. All image hosting sites will give you different kinds of services. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Benefits of Image Hosting Sites

Image hosting sites may seem effortful to use, but it is worth it. Firstly, your computer or phone needs some space to work faster and better. Single images do not affect your device’s speed because their size is too small. Nevertheless, when they come together, your gallery starts to affect processes. When you use image hosting sites, you can delete them on your computer’s or phone’s gallery since they all will be available.

When it comes to availability, most image hosting sites are compatible with both desktop devices and computers. It means that you can reach and share them with your clients anytime and from any device. Besides, these image hosting sites usually allow you to edit and make adjustments. Hence, you will be able to make any changes before you share them.

Best Image Hosting Sites

There are many image hosting sites out there. At times, it can get confusing to pick one for storing your valuable photos. So, we handpicked the best just for your convenience. Here is the list of the best image hosting sites. Read on!

  • Google Photos
  • Wix
  • 500px
  • SmugMug
  • Dropbox
  • Imageshack
  • Flickr
  • Imgur
google photos

Google Photos

Google Photos gives you free 15GB storage for your images. Even though it is not a huge capacity, the app offers such beneficial opportunities. Firstly, it syncs with all of your other Google accounts, such as Drive. Therefore, you can save a lot of time.

Secondly, when you upload more images, algorithms increase. Google Photos manage your images according to time, location, and people who appear in images. With this feature, you can save time while searching for particular photos.

Lastly, Google Photos allows you to make personalized animations and collages. It means that you can share your images with special designs that will be more appealing.



Wix is one of the perfect places if you want to have an online showcase and back up your images high-quality. When your career depends on your photos and creations, the most important thing is your visibility. Your partners and people who want to work with you will “Google” your name. If they see your high-quality showcase when they search for you, it would be perfect for your image.

Rather than showing your professionality, it is such a good chance to have a limitless capacity for your work. You can upload photos as much as you want and make private albums at no cost. Since it is an online platform, your computer does not have to contain all images. You can delete them from your devices to save more storage. You can retrieve the backups anytime you want.



If you are interested in photography professionally, you should know 500px, which is a perfect platform for you. There are over 10 million users that are enthusiastic about engaging with other photographers. Users can share their experiences, tips, or comments on other users’ works. Besides, photographers, designers, and creators in the platform can like, comment, and share their colleagues’ work as well.

Other than being an inspiration source, it is a social media platform for the photography community. It means that while you can find new clients in your sector, you can get networks and maybe mentors. It is a valuable opportunity for both professionals and amateurs.



SmugMug is a platform that was created for professional photographers and designers. It has a $55 price per year. When the price is considered, it is a useful place that is worth its price. It is because you will have unlimited and high-quality storage. Besides, for people who consider photography as a serious career, online platforms are crucial. Here is another article on how to sell photos online.

Photographers engage with their clients via online platforms mostly instead of traditional marketing. With SmugMug, you can create your own professional website. Therefore, you can have a place to manage your image depending on your style by creating a prestigious atmosphere.



Dropbox is a cloud app that you can save all your images. The perfect thing is that the app is well-compatible with all devices. When you open an account from your desktop device, you can actually drop your photos in a box. You can access all your images, videos, and texts at any time from anywhere and on any device.

When it comes to its smartphone version, the app syncs with your gallery once you download it. The app also syncs with your contacts so that you can easily share your images without downloading them to your phone again. However, be aware of the small limitation of it. Dropbox only offers 2GB of storage for free, which means you should eventually buy some more storage.



ImageShack was a free platform until 2015. Then, they started to offer only paid plans with a 30-days free trial. Paid plans start from $4 per month. If you are a beginner photographer or just want to save your storage, it may not be the best place for you. It is because the app is mostly designed for professionals.

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With any plan, you can have limitless storage and much more excellent features. For instance, you can create private albums to share with your clients or just as a draft. Besides, there is a rich menu to manage and edit your images.



Flickr has a storage per account for only 1000 photos. However, the influence and engagement that you can get are huge. It is because Flickr is not only one of the oldest platforms but also has millions of users. It works in two ways. Firstly, you can be exposed to different styles and numberless inspiration sources. Since there is no age for learning, you can get new ideas and learn from people in your sector.

Secondly, photographers in Flickr use the platform very actively. There are different groups and new viral photos every day. Hence, when you are an active user, too, you can search for the right group to post. Then, you can get a lot of impressions and show your name to your colleagues.



Imgur is one of the free image hosting sites, and it has a lot more to offer. Contrary to other platforms above, Imgur is a more comfortable place. You can meet with people that you share an interest for free while you can use the platform as a free image hosting site.

The good part is that you can keep your images privately or share them with communities. There are a lot of GIFs, funny memes, and cute pictures that you can enjoy.

Image Hosting Sites Shortly

Image hosting sites can be necessary for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you may struggle with your phone’s or computer’s storage limits. When you use image hosting sites, you upload your photos in the gallery to an online platform. Therefore, you can reach them from anywhere that has an internet connection. Since they will be backed up, you can clear your gallery.

Secondly, having a photography career requires visibility and a prestigious image. With well-designed image hosting sites, you can create a strong showcase that will appeal to your potential clients. In addition, you can be a part of photographer communities and benefit from the experiences of your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Images can affect your device’s speed or working process. Therefore, users can utilize image hosting sites. Thanks to them, you can upload your images to an online platform and retrieve them at any time and from anywhere.

You may be a professional photographer who is seeking image hosting and engagement with a professional showcase. If that is the case, Wix, ImageShack, and 500px can be the best ones for you.

Google Photos allows its users to storage 15GB of photos when it comes to image hosting. If you want to increase your storage limit, you should buy extra GBs.

Photographers show their work while sharing ideas with colleagues. Besides, it is one of the perfect places that you can find clients.

When you upload your photos to Drive or any other online platform, you can clear your smartphone’s gallery and download them whenever you want.

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