How to Insert a Line in Microsoft Word Documents

How to Insert a Line in Microsoft Word Documents

In Word documents, you may be introducing various terms, thoughts, or data. It is not always possible to express the needed information with words and sentences. Or maybe, you may want to impress your readers by using visual tools. Then, you should get acquainted with how to insert a line in Word. It is not a poor idea because numerous studies demonstrated that visual tools increase efficiency in text formats.

Microsoft Word has a rich menu where you can find the best ideas both for your articles and writings. You can show collected data with graphs and tables with customizable features. You can change the font you use depending on the theme of your website and article. Besides, you can add lines and symbols if you like. Below, you can find new ideas to make your Word documents more impressive and how to insert a line in Word.

Making Words Visually More Impressive

There are different ways to customize your articles. You can make fonts, titles, graphs, and the overall paper unique and special. Now, it is time to explain some tools on Word with which you can improve your writings visually.


Lines can easily and effortlessly make your paper unique. You can then separate paragraphs or sections with them, which makes the writing easily readable. The lines do not have to be single and normal lines all the time. You can customize their shape, color as well as length.

Word insert a line


When you want to show some comparison or collected data, you can utilize graphs to make visualization easier for your readers. Depending on your content, you can choose the type of graphs, such as pie, line, and bar graphs.


Word has a rich menu of symbols that can help you to visualize the terms that you are talking about. It is a good way to be more understandable to your readers. The menu includes geometric, mathematical in addition to entertaining symbols.


Regardless of the font you use, you can use various styles from the “Home” tab when you want to emphasize some parts of your writing. It is mostly used for titles and important parts, but you are free to emphasize anything that you find important.


Another tab that can help you make your writing more special is the “Design” tab. By clicking the tab, you can find an overall page design that Word prepared in advance.
These tools introduced above are not the only features of Word for developing your document. There are various excellent fonts, models, charts, comments, page number options, and more. With a little examination and diving a bit, you can explore more features too.

How to Insert a Line in Word

How to Insert a Line in Word

There are three different ways of inserting a line on a Word document. The first one is called AutoFormat, and the second one is done manually. AutoFormat has specific shortcuts that can help you. If you want to use a unique and different line, you can do it manually from the top menu. Manual lines are also divided into two versions horizontal lines and shapes.


Via AutoFormat, you can insert a line by just tapping four buttons on your keyword. First, you should carry the cursor to the space where you want to add a line. Then, you click three buttons as below, and then the “enter” button.

  • Single Line: Dashes (—)
  • Dotted Line: Asterisks (***)
  • Wavy Line: Tildes (~~~)
  • Double Line: Equal signs (===)
  • Bold Line: Underline symbols (_)
  • Triple Line: Number signs (###)
Word Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines

If you do not want to use one of the AutoFormat lines, you can create a horizontal line via the top menu. There is the “Home” section on the top menu, which is the default option of Word. Now, you will see the clipboard, font, and paragraph sections on the left part.

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The paragraph section includes the borders submenu on the right corner, which shows the horizontal line option on the dropdown menu. Once you add the horizontal line, you can double-click and customize the line as you like. The thickness, length, and colors are adjustable.


The last way to add unique lines is using the shapes and illustrations menu. Normally, users do not need this menu if they want to draw classic horizontal lines. However, if you want to add vertical or inclined lines, go to the “Insert” tab right near the “Home” tab. Again, you will encounter different subcategories such as pages, tables, and illustrations. On the “Illustrations” section, find the “Shapes” option and choose one of the numerous lines according to your needs.

Conclusions of How to Insert a Line In Word

Microsoft Word has been offered for decades, and it is developing with each update. Improvements enable writers to make their products more powerful, and the process becomes easier too. After starting or completing an article, it is effective to start customizing them. You can use various fonts depending on your content, symbols, images, lines as well as styles. 

Each tool that you use makes your writing more special. However, try not to tire your readers with a lot of visuality. These visual tools are meant to make your writings impressive and efficient. If you overuse them, reading would not be easy but tiring. You can use them when it seems better to emphasize or divide some parts. For instance, horizontal and vertical lines can be used to separate paragraphs from each other. Or you may underlie some parts or examples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, they are. Long and spaceless articles may tire the reader and be hard to differentiate all the information. Especially when it comes to numbers and comparison of some data, sentences are not the best way. Bar, line, dot, or pie graphs are the ways to visualize the data in your writings in a way more effective way.

The best way to make your article unique starts with the content. Try to create an article that has unique and supported ideas with credible references. Then, you can add some visuality to emphasize your ideas with graphs and symbols.

The first one is assumably Times New Roman because it is used in some formal formats as well. Additionally, Garamond, Calibri, Helvetica, Georgia, and Helvetica fonts are highly preferred and used in formal writings and designs.

It is practical to add an image or picture to your Word document. First, go to the “Insert” tab, which is placed on the top menu. Then, on the “Illustrations” section, there is an option named “Pictures”, where you can browse or upload images.

On the top menu, go to the “Insert” tab and click the tables option. From there, you can use templates of Word, or you can create by yourself. Once you create and fill the spaces on your table, you can customize or adjust it according to various formats by clicking the “Borders” option.

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