Best Free Forum Software: 10 Free Platforms for Softwares

Best Free Forum Software: 10 Free Platforms for Softwares

Forum sites have been around since the beginning of the Internet. The primary goal of this is to allow users to comment and provide feedback. Users interact with one another about the product or service. People can discuss technology, sports, food, and a variety of other topics can discuss in forums. Furthermore, it assists businesses in marketing and retailing their products based on feedback. Companies can use the forum to reach their target audience and build a community. It makes use of specific software to create a website forum, and this software. Companies can use both paid and free forum software to have this software, but we will focus on the free forum software in this article. Thanks to this article, you will be able to find answers to questions such as where and how to get the best free forum software, as well as how to use it.

What Is a Forum Site?

Forum sites have existed since the advent of the internet. The goal of its creation is for people to share their thoughts on a specific product or subject. Users can discuss their experiences with both products and the service. They publish them as posts, and then other users can comment on their experiences and opinions. Furthermore, users can share their ideas by privately communicating with one another via the internet forum’s online message board. People who do business on the internet are drawn to the forums, which are still active today.

Forums are extremely beneficial to businesses or institutions that move their marketing legs to the internet. For starters, they have easy access to user feedback and the ability to reshape whatever they sell based on their ideas. Furthermore, forums are extremely beneficial in terms of advertising. For these reasons, the running forum has a significant website.

Forum Softwares

We discussed what forums are and why they are preferred for certain purposes. Let’s take a look at how these forum sites came to be. Creating a website necessitates the use of specific software and processes, which not everyone possesses. As a result, it is possible to create a website tailored to your preferences using other companies or tools. However, what is known as forum software is a more complicated process in this case. They require certain patterns and spaces for users to discuss in forums. This necessitates the use of forum software. Some forum software requires a fee, while others are free. There are some distinctions between paid and free software. The most obvious distinction is that the paid ones are more specifically prepared in response to special requests. On the other hand, free forum software is mostly prepared in accordance with common patterns and needs.

Best 10 Free Forum Softwares

We’ve compiled a list of useful and well-rated forum tools to help you find free forum software. Thanks to these, you will be able to create online forums without any difficulty.

phpBB free forum software


Because of these features, most still use phpBB in the free forum software. This forum tool, which first appeared in our lives in 2000, has steadily improved over the years. When applications began to enter our lives, they occupied a market position with the forum app feature. It enables a company or individual who wants to have a website forum to set up an internet forum without having to understand the technical aspects of the software. phpBB includes all of the necessary features for users, security, and notifications. There are numerous free extension tools available because it is free forum software. The fact that free forum software is open source is its most notable feature. As a result, you can use the forum tool for free and reach as many people as you want.

myBB free forum software


The word “my” in its name gives an option to users to personalize the website forum. There are numerous themes available in the free forum software that can assist users in creating their own designs. It is a free forum app because it is free with open-source code. This forum software includes all of the basic features as well as several extensions that differentiate the site’s features. As an example, consider using the anti-spam attachment tool or the CDN capabilities. It has a very good place in the field of the best free forum software because of many examples like this and its ease of use.

Wix Forum Community

Wix Forum

Wix Forum, unlike the other two software, operates on a drag-and-drop basis. It has this feature because there isn’t a single line of code in it. You can either create your own site or use one of the pre-made themes to create a website forum. In either case, you can make changes to the forum and gain access to additional extensions. Wix Forum is primarily concerned with users interacting with one another. To accomplish this, it provides personal social media pages, follow-unfollow, and online message board options. In this case, it would not be incorrect to refer to Wix Forum as a social media forum. Wix Forum, unlike the other two examples of the free forum software, does not have forum hosters and thus requires outside assistance for forum hosting. The others are doing it on their own, and they reserve the right to keep their own information.

Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum

People use SMF as the abbreviation in the market. It is free and open-source software for the online forum community. It does not have as many fancy and unique themes as other websites. Serious businesses and individuals, on the other hand, prefer it because of its simple and clear design. Furthermore, thanks to improved code documentation, it still offers a plethora of additional extensions. You will be able to customize the website forum in this manner, albeit simply. Developers frequently develop and update it to ensure peak performance. Serving large audiences, for example, is difficult and may necessitate writing lines of code, but SMF eliminates this hassle. Thanks to its high and powerful performance, it does this in seconds and ensures that all changes reach every user.

Discourse community


Discourse provides both free and paid forum software. The free one lets you do everything, while the paid one charges you money in exchange for some correct referrals. You can get this software for free if you know a little bit about websites or online forums. Looking at its interface, it is clear that its open-source software has little in common with the traditional forum structure; additionally, when combined with the forum application, a fantastic free forum software emerges. One of the most important features that set it apart from other software is that it provides different improvements based on the level of experience of its users. For example, it allows the development of a self-governing forum community by encouraging user movements, participation, and collaborations. If you still have hesitations, Discourse may be a good option with this feature.

Flarum Forums


Despite the fact that it is a new venture in Flarum free forum software, users frequently use it. The primary reason for this is that it is quick, easy, and modern. The installation of new generation software is faster and simpler than that of older generations. Its sole purpose is to provide an elegant, simple, and quick user experience on both the front and the interface. As a result, it gives a professional appearance and raises the rate of preference. Furthermore, having a two-pane interface is critical because it allows the user to participate in multiple discussions without opening multiple tabs. It also provides live chat, well-organized notifications, and user mentions.

Codoform free forum


Codoform is a free forum application. One of the software’s key features is the user experience. As a result, the forum provides simple and modern software as well as basic features for the community. One of the most significant advantages is that it works with PHP and MySQL. Any server that allows them will suffice. Furthermore, all of the information you require is available in the form of user-friendly documentation. Codoform’s ability to automatically adjust screen size puts it one step ahead of its competitors. It employs a method that no one else employs, namely user and single sign-on visitor login. Aside from these, it displays weekly event summaries and sends out e-mail notifications.

Joomla! software


Joomla! It is the ideal CMS for creating almost any type of website on online forums. It, like Discourse or Flarum, has a plethora of additional extensions and themes, allowing you to fully customize it. Furthermore, it gives the user more control over the online forum. It is always aimed at users who have more web development experience. If you want to use this high-quality and powerful CMS for your online forum, you must select the appropriate additional extensions. It could be EasyDiscuss or Kunena, for example.



There are times when using a platform with hundreds of functions is unnecessary. FluxBB, for example, is dedicated to providing a successful, compact alternative to the current forum software. This is not to say that FluxBB lacks functionality. It includes all of the tools needed to build a community forum similar to message boards, as well as numerous moderator options. Theme and plugin processes are available since there are no distinct options in each. All in all, FluxBB is an excellent option if you want basic and useful free forum software. FluxBB provides all of the required items for developing a qualified forum. This is a fantastic alternative if you don’t want to struggle with difficult software and want to do something quickly.

Drupal Content Management System


Drupal is one of the popular CMS in terms of standard properties.  In terms of capability, Drupal is one of the most capable CMS platforms available. Even so, due to the enhanced capabilities, there is a steep learning curve. Attempting to use Drupal without prior coding experience can be intimidating. However, the platform includes a plethora of modules and themes that you can use to further personalize your experience. Moreover, no extensions are required to create a forum with Drupal. This capability is built into the platform’s core features. Some modules, such as the Advanced Forum, also allow you to change the settings. As a whole, Drupal is a great option if you’re looking for enterprise-grade capabilities and scalability. If you’re a web developer, you should have no trouble setting up your first forum on this platform.

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On the internet, there are numerous options for free forum software. Some of them are listed above. Some are simple to use, while others are more complicated. However, it was designed with the goal of allowing you to create your own online forum site without having to know any software. That is why we believe that not knowing software is a plus rather than a disadvantage. Instead of spending hours writing code and dealing with the interface and frontend, we can choose a design and have your forum site up and running in minutes. It’s also completely free!

How to Make an Excellent Software?

You can leave comments on certain themes, share content, and connect with other users in online forums. Aside from the basics, there are a few things to think about when selecting forum software. Profile personalization or customization is the first of these options. Allow them to design and modify special profile pages in order to attract users to your forum. The user-friendly text editor is another feature. Users will be able to modify and amend their posts and profiles using a user-friendly text editor. Another option is to use an internet message board. It enables your forum members to communicate with one another outside of the forum. Furthermore, the comment section is crucial. It adds a unique and amusing element by allowing the entire forum community to comment and exchange ideas beneath the posts.

Another subject to consider is the level system. Certain elements in the forum become active as a result of the members’ experiences. This will encourage more usage. Choosing free forum software that includes some, if not all, of these characteristics, can assist you in creating a successful and fantastic online forum. By continually updating itself, most forum software tries to keep up with new and updated trends. They provide good service in this way. As a result, keeping up with the times and selecting free software based on user requests and needs is critical. You may make your forum site incredibly successful this way.


We provided information about what a forum is, what online forums are used for, how they are used, and what software is required as a result of this article. Furthermore, as stated in the title, we provided information on the best free forum software and the features it offers. Based on this information, you can select the best free forum software for you and create your own forum. We’ve also included information on what you need to pay attention to in order to have a successful online forum, as well as what features you need to pay attention to in order to maintain that success. As a result, the online forum you’ve created will retain its status as an interesting one on the internet. If you want to create your own forum site, we hope this article will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When making a decision, it is critical to consider a variety of useful features. Choosing any of the top ten titles will guarantee you a lot of success.

Forums are online platforms that have come to life as a result of the internet. Applications and internet use have taken on a new dimension as technology advances. As a result, many forum sites have introduced application updates as well as desktop access to their forums.

If you want to join a forum site or learn about a service/user product’s experience, you must first enter the question you’re looking for an answer to into a search engine. If you are still unable to access a forum site after this, you can leave forum comments or visit the forum site next to it. You’ll be able to access the forums this way.

Having forum software is the best option. Depending on your level of experience and knowledge, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can create a special forum by looking at the contents and basic features of the features you want from here.

Having a forum can have a number of benefits. It is also important to understand why you created this forum for your own benefit. For example, if you made it for a business, sharing your experiences with others can help you improve the service or product. You can do online marketing if you have a forum, such as a social media forum, because of collaborations and human interaction.

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