Best Grammar Checker Tools You Can Find Online

Best Grammar Checker Tools You Can Find Online

It is part of human nature to make mistakes. However, what concerns us most about making mistakes is that someone will also notice. This fear creeps inside our heads and serves as a motivator in a way we can’t help but try to avoid making them. Whether you are writing for a blog, a school or work project, or just for personal reasons, finding an error in your content might get quite stressful. No matter how hard you try, an error might always slip through. Any grammatical errors you make could damage your reputation as a writer and make you lose many potential readers. These are why we have online grammar checker tools, our digital rescuers.

Online grammar checkers help you check your writing for typos, passive voices, punctuation, overused words, and long sentences. In this article, we will look into the best grammar checkers. We will also explain why they are important to us.

Why Grammar Checkers Are Important

You may think once you finish writing, your job is all done. Here’s why you might be wrong: typos, passive voices, and overused words are there, and they are not going anywhere. At least until you or someone else fixes them.
Because we usually ignore the value of grammar and punctuation in our writing, we usually miss the opportunity to give the best version of our work. For this reason, we need grammar checkers. Now let’s look into why we need them and why they are more important than we think.

It’s Online & Faster!

Whether you are close to the deadline or writing content that you will publish online, you may want to look for a quicker way to correct your writing. Manually proofreading your finished work might take a lot of your time, and you might not even have that much time. That’s why, like a knight in shining armor, online grammar checkers help you check your writing faster.

Online grammar checkers examine your word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and unclear sentences in a few seconds. This way, you don’t have to spend time thinking about the best way to fix the sentence that bothered you from the start.

You Can Improve Your Writing

No matter how good your writing is, there could be some mistakes in your writing. The worst part is that you may not even notice them. Grammatical errors could result in your text being taken out of context, which is why you need grammar checkers.

Online writing checkers help you in more ways than just checking your writing. They show grammatical errors and spelling problems in your content. In addition, they also offer solutions to fix the sentences, which results in well-written content.                         

You can discover all possible sentence paraphrases and noun synonyms when you use a grammar checker. These beneficial features may encourage you to learn more about the ways to improve your writing skills.

It’s a Free Tool

Most of the best grammar checkers are offered free to their users. When you use their free version, you get to check your writing and punctuation, rephrase the sentences, and fix errors in your words and content.

Although the free version is sufficient to have grammatically correct and well-structured writing, you may want to look for more features while editing your content. If you need professional writing assistance, online grammar checkers also provide you with a premium version of their software. You can select which version works best for you based on your requirements.

Best Online Grammar Checkers to Save the Day

When you look online, you can find many grammar checkers. It may become confusing to find the one that will assist you in correcting typographical and grammatical errors in your writing. That’s why, in this article, we summed up the best grammar checkers you can use.

Most of the best grammar checkers offer both free and paid versions of their software. They also have a browser extension and an Office add-in. If what you are looking for is a grammar checker that will help you check your writing and fix the sentences, you might like the options listed below.

Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant


It’s no surprise that Grammarly takes the lead. If we asked “What is the best grammar checker out there?”, seven out of ten would answer with Grammarly. It is the most commonly used grammar software by writers. It is a well-known app that plays the role of a writing checker.

Grammarly allows you to type or paste all your text, and it checks the mistakes in your writing. It reviews the whole content and gives suggestions on how to fix the sentences. If there’s an error in your writing, the logo of Grammarly turns red, whereas if there’s no mistake, the logo stays green.

Grammarly has user-friendly software and offers writers the opportunity to download its app to use it for free. Grammarly also has one of the best grammar extensions for Chrome. You can add Grammarly to your Chrome for free, which is quite helpful while you’re writing an email. The free version of Grammarly allows you to check your writing in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

While the free version for individuals offers basic writing suggestions, Grammarly offers premium and business packages for its professional writers. The Premium and Business versions of the app allow its users to have limitless use of the app. It checks your writing for fluency, formatting, compelling vocabulary, lively sentence variety, and plagiarism detection. If you’re looking for a grammar checker that can help you with your professional work, the Premium and Business versions might be a better use for you.

Even if it processes the content fast and offers accurate results to its users, Grammarly has limited options when you use the free version. If you’re looking for more features but would rather have them free, you might check out the other online grammar checkers in this article.

Ginger grammar checker


Ginger is one of the best grammar checkers that works well with Chrome. It has a desktop app, an Office add-in, a browser (Chrome, Safari, and Edge) extension, and a mobile app that checks your writing for spelling and grammar. Ginger proofreads all your work while providing solutions to your writing mistakes.

Ginger offers a few extra features in addition to those offered by other online grammar correctors. This additional feature checks how the words are arranged in the sentence and whether the sentences are in sync.

Ginger has premium versions for both educational and business purposes. If you’re a student in need of a grammar software program, Ginger offers a discount to both students and teachers to empower them with clear and powerful writing. The software also offers premium features to provide employees with mistake-free writing.

You might find that Ginger is better for you if you are not content with the free features of Grammarly. If you’re a student or a beginner-level writer, Ginger is also a great tool to have. This writing checker also has one of the best grammar extensions for Chrome, which makes this grammar corrector worth checking.

Hemingway Editor


Hemingway is one of the best grammar checkers that helps you write clear and bold content. The name of the app comes from the famous author Ernest Hemingway. This grammar software rates the readability of users’ work.

Hemingway is exclusively concerned with producing content that is understandable to readers. It evaluates your work for unnecessary words, long phrases, passive voice, adverbs, and readability. All of these features are available to users of the website at no cost.

One of the benefits of Hemingway is that it alerts writers whether there are any difficult-to-read sentences. The color of sentences turns yellow or red if the writing is overly dense. This option makes this app compelling to its users.

Like Grammarly and Ginger, Hemingway offers a premium edition of its program. This grammar software includes a premium desktop app that allows users to work from wherever they are. The Desktop app allows writers to work offline and publish their work directly to WordPress and Medium.

Unlike Grammarly’s monthly subscription, you only pay once to get the Hemingway Desktop app. It’s a great app if you want to write clear sentences, and avoid redundant words, and long sentences in your content.

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool


If you’re looking for an online grammar checker, Quillbot is also a good alternative. You can use the grammar checker and paraphrasing tool on its website to double-check your writing. Quillbot, like Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemingway, provides a Chrome extension that you can download for free.

Quilbott also offers monthly and annual payment options for those looking to improve their writing skills. Its premium version comes with a paraphrasing tool that you can use for creative, formal, or everyday purposes. It also includes a plagiarism checker as well as an endless supply of words and phrases.

If you want to paraphrase your phrases for clearer content, Quillbot might be a better option. It’s worth checking if you want to double-check your writing.

LanguageTool Writing Assistant


LanguageTool is one of the best grammar checkers, which you can use to check your writing’s grammar, style, and punctuation. This software goes beyond grammar and spelling, it also analyzes the typography, style, and tonality of your content.

One of the benefits of LanguageTool is that it supports a wide range of languages, including Spanish, German, Arabic, and Portuguese. It supports over 30 languages. This feature makes LanguageTool appealing to international users.

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It has an add-in for Office and Gmail, a browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) extension, and a mobile app that you can use. The Microsoft Office and Google Docs add-ins are only available to Premium subscribers.

The Premium package requires a monthly or annual payment and offers a discount for first-time buyers. It includes suggestions to improve the style and tone of your writing. It also has enhanced grammar and punctuation checking, a dictionary, and an add-in for Microsoft Word.

Linguix Editor


Linguix is a grammar software that aims to connect people to improve their writing. This writing assistant helps people write better and faster. It also claims that it’s for everyone, especially professionals, students, and foreigners.

Linguix, like its competitors, has a Chrome extension that you can add for free. It also has free and premium versions of its software. While the free version has grammar correction, synonyms, and shortcuts for faster typing, the premium version has an unlimited rephrasing feature.

Compared to Grammarly, Linguix takes more time to analyze your content. However, its syntax checker and spelling corrector features make the wait worth it. Linguix is also less expensive than Grammarly.

Linguix might be a better option for organizations and experts because its Premium version focuses on writing a clear message for the target. It’s also worth checking if you’re looking for an online grammar checker that is similar to Grammarly but at a lower cost.

NounPlus Grammar Checker Tool


NounPlus is another writing checker that you can use as a grammar and spelling checker. It stands out from other grammar checkers because it is completely free. It also has a Google PlayStore app that you can install on your device.

The user interface of NounPlus is pretty simple. You can type or paste your text, and it will be checked in a matter of seconds. NounPlus, like Hemingway, uses colors to call attention to grammatical errors. If a word is misspelled, it turns purple. The color red indicates an error, and the brown shows there is uncertainty in your writing. These features make it one of the best grammar checkers.

If you want to check your writing for free, NounPlus might be a good option. However, if you want something more than just a grammar and spelling checker, you can look into other grammar software.

Onlinecorrection Grammar Checker


OnlineCorrection might be a good option if you prefer not to download any plugins to your devices. This online grammar checker alerts users to grammar and spelling errors in English. It also supports dialects of English from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Because there is no need to register to use OnlineCorrection, all you have to do is type or paste your text. OnlineCorrection detects spelling, grammar, and style errors after analyzing your text. It also suggests a few solutions to improve the sentences in your writing.

Although it provides an easy-to-use experience, it’s better to look for other grammar checkers if you need professional proofreading. If you’re looking for a simple grammar corrector, OnlineCorrection will do.


In this article, we focused on the aspects of online grammar checkers and explained why it is necessary to use them. We explained to you the best online grammar checkers so you can focus on your writing and worry less about the mistakes you could make. While Grammarly seems to win the race, there are some alternatives you might experience for yourself. Hemingway, Ginger, LanguageTool, Linguix, and Quillbot are efficient alternatives to Grammarly.

Regardless of which grammar software you choose from the list above, they aim to help you check and improve your writing. We hope this article helped you find the best grammar checker for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it certainly is. You could be a blogger, a web editor, a student, or a freelance writer. If you want to have a smooth and straightforward writing experience, you should proofread your work and correct any grammatical problems you find. Online grammar checkers serve as both writing checkers and grammar correctors. As a result, they may be able to correct any mistakes you make, even in your diary.

Most of the best grammar checkers feature a user-friendly layout. They provide a smooth writing experience. They have an easy-to-use website, a mobile app, and an extension for web browsers. You are required to type or paste your text, and in a matter of seconds, online grammar checkers will analyze your writing. Grammar checkers usually use colors to show you where you’ve made mistakes in your writing and offer suggestions for fixing them.

Most of the best grammar checkers offer a free version. Although a paid version of grammar software is available for professional authors, the free version of grammar checkers is also quite successful. Writers can check their writing for readability and fix sentence problems with a free version of grammar software.

You can use at least two online grammar checkers to double-check your writing. It might point out a mistake you missed. The best grammar checkers we listed in this article offer several features that caught our interest.

If you’re looking for a better tool to paraphrase your sentences, Grammarly, Linguix, and Quillbot are all good options. If you want to check the readability of your writing, you can use both Hemingway and Grammarly. If you are looking for the best grammar extensions, Grammarly, Ginger, and LanguageTool are beneficial options.

If you require a reliable grammar corrector as a professional writer, you might want to look into the paid versions of online grammar checkers. Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker, but it might be pricey because you have to pay for it monthly. That’s why, as a more affordable alternative, you might give Linguix a chance.

You may also look for other online grammar checkers that charge their users a one-time fee for their premium versions. Hemingway and Ginger are two examples of those grammar checkers. They are just as handy as Grammarly.

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